The Brilliant Fighting Master
448 Demon Hands Kill the Immortal
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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448 Demon Hands Kill the Immortal

Before Jiang Chen could shoot the arrow, Green Ghost hurried to say, "Gao Huoling, I gather you know her."

"Gao Huoling?"

Jiang Chen frowned. It took him a good while to recall who that was.

He looked down. Soon, his holy awareness fell on someone.

Gao Huoling froze. Knowing she had been noticed by Jiang Chen, she felt a bit embarrassed. Jiang Chen's strength was amazing, but the two didn't get along well.

She wasn't sure what kind of person he was, or whether he would just let Green Ghost kill her without any interference, since that way, he would effortlessly become the successor to the lord of the Gaos.

"Do you mean you're going to threaten me with her life so that I won't use a magic weapon while you will?"

Putting down the Star Chasing Bow, Jiang Chen asked a question to which there was an obvious answer.

"Ahem, ahem. It's because bows aren't suited for competitions of martial arts techniques. It's not fair," said Green Ghost.

"Okay. I'll give you the fairness you asked for."

Jiang Chen put the Star Chasing Bow back into the mustardseed ring, then he raised the Red Cloud Sword. The endless energy stemming from the doctrine of the sword was being injected into it.

Stimulated, the Redcloud Sword was shaking. The long-lasting chime of it was like instrumental music. All the swordsmen on the spot were deeply attracted.

The unexplainable will of the doctrine of the sword spread out in the world. If any swordsman could focus on it, they would definitely benefit from it.

Soon, a tall red light rose high in the sky. The disturbance it had caused was comparable to what treasure could do.


As if time had travelled backward, the radiance and the light the sword had given off were sucked back into it in a second. The chime also disappeared.

The only difference was that the Red Cloud Sword was shining brilliantly on its own. Jiang Chen hadn't injected any of his energy into it.

"A magic weapon!"

Standing closest to it, Green Ghost felt bitter. He was seriously intimidated by the extraordinary Red Cloud Sword.

"I give up."

Waving his hand, Green Ghost said, "That's it. You can take whoever you want to take with you."

The crowd was still amazed by the change of the Red Cloud Sword when Green Ghost said shockingly that he wasn't going to deal with it.


Jiang Chen was surprised. Brandishing the sword, he looked over sharply, not sure what kind of trick Green Ghost was playing.

"This is a small world. We don't have any conflict of interest. It'll only give others a chance to take advantage of us if we have a life-or-death fight." Green Ghost didn't want to fight at all. He had only come to the small world to seek treasure.

"So, I can take anyone with me?" Jiang Chen nodded. He understood what Green Ghost had meant, though he was still hesitant.


Those down below were quite nervous. They looked at Jiang Chen eagerly, hoping they would be the ones chosen so that they could leave this hellish place.

"All of your slaves are on the Hero Palace's side. I want all of them," Jiang Chen suddenly said, smiling coldly.

Those in the mine were struck dumb. They felt confused instead of pleased.

The definition of being on the Hero Palace's side in the Dragon Field was actually ridiculous. You were on their side as long as you kept the Evil Cloud Palace at a distance.

Green Ghost curled his lips, his eyes icy. He said, "So you insist on fighting me?"

"As a disciple of the Hero Palace, it's my responsibility to kill demons," Jiang Chen said exaggeratedly, although he looked very serious.

"Is this because I intended to kill you?" said Green Ghost.

"No. If I kill you, my fight doctrine will upgrade even more. And those crystals of fire dragon all over here, I want them, too." It looked like he would have this fight anyway.


Green Ghost burst into laughter, as if he had heard the boasting of an ignorant man.

"I don't want to waste my energy. That's all, but you think you're capable of fighting against me!"

When he had stopped laughing, he stepped on the air immediately and decisively. Leaving a shadow behind him, he dashed over like a gale.

While he was making gestures, mysterious runes appeared on his black gloves. The palm print was much stronger than before.

Those down below thought that even if Jiang Chen was able to repeat the previous sword attack, he wouldn't be able to crack the palm attack.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One!"

Exchanges of blows between pure forces would certainly not work. Jiang Chen exerted a magnificent sword movement, confronting Green Ghost with thousands of motions.


Green Ghost sensed how formidable this sword attack was, but his determination wasn't affected. His palm print started to change, too. When the true mingled with the false, it was impossible to see through.

The disturbance caused when the two met was like a burst of thunder. Air currents were tumbling all over the sky.

These two men, Green Ghost and Jiang Chen, were like inhuman creatures, prehistoric giant beasts.

The movement of the sword kept changing. The palm print was untraceable. Both of them were trying their best, so it was difficult to tell who would win.

"Demon Hands and Bloody Palms!"

Green Ghost, having pulled out almost all the stops, showed the unique cruelness and madness the members of the Evil Cloud Palace possessed.

After the dreadful palm attack, the sky was a sea smeared with blood. The scene before everyone's eyes was extremely mysterious.

Like the hand of a ghost, the palm print fell and tried to grip Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen managed to dodge it, but more ghost hands and bloody palms appeared around him. Then more and more, here and there, they were everywhere.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: The First Movement!"

Jiang Chen had to exert his unique movement. As if he was hiding in some invisible slot, he managed to dodge them.

In less than one second, he appeared beside Green Ghost.

And Green Ghost had anticipated this. All of his ghost hands grabbed towards Jiang Chen.

Every time the sword was brandished, one palm print would be broken, but there were still more.

They hadn't completely disappeared, even when the sword had stopped moving, but since Jiang Chen had jumped away, they couldn't hurt him, either.

"Demon Hands Kill the Immortal!"

To his surprise, Green Ghost exerted two consecutive movements. When Jiang Chen was regulating his breath due to the exertion of his unique movement, Green Ghost came up to him as quickly as lightning.

"Armor of thunder!"

Jiang Chen hurried to switch on his protective energy jar. This was exactly one of those circumstances in which the protective energy jar made sense.

But even so, Jiang Chen still got hit like an average man by the iron chariot flying at full speed, thrown into the air like a kite with cut strings.

"That's what you get out of your weaker fight doctrine and state."

Standing where Jiang Chen had been standing, Green Ghost didn't launch another attack, because he wasn't able to. He was gasping for air, but compared to Jiang Chen, he was in a much better situation. He spit up blood.

"I gave you the chance to live, but you refused."

After regulating his breath, Green Ghost stepped on the air, approaching Jiang Chen.

"You think you're great enough that you're able to use your sword after mastering the fight doctrine, don't you? But without the experience of using palms and fists, it'll be like learning to run even before you can walk," Green Ghost went on.

"Yeah? Thanks for the lesson."

Jiang Chen wiped the blood off the corners of his mouth, rolling back his shoulders.

"Unfortunately, you won't be able to escape again," said Green Ghost.

His men had formed a line of defense blocking every way out. Once Jiang Chen intended to run away, he would be stopped. Then Green Ghost launched a fatal attack.

"Did I ever say I would try to escape?"

Jiang Chen raised his left arm. The Red Cloud Sword was lifted to the same height as his shoulders. He closed his right fist and raised it, too, then said, "Try my fist then."

As he spoke, he attacked actively, although he had been badly injured. In others' eyes, it was like he was seeking his own doom.


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