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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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447 Heinous

"I don't like your tone. If I'm not wrong, you're only ranked fiftieth on the Dragon Rise List," Kang Qian said furiously.

"So? You're ranked thirty-ninth, only eight places lower than Green Ghost, but you're acting so humble before him. I'm eleven places lower than you, so should I kneel?" Jiang Chen said, smiling coldly.

"Even if you kneel, you'll still die!"

Kang Qian found he couldn't outspeak Jiang Chen, so he was going to attack the latter directly.

"Let me tell you one thing," said Jiang Chen.

"What?!" Kang Qian was impatient. His strong energy was emitting from his body.

"I killed Cao Lin yesterday. As a result, the gap between us is only four places!"

Then Jiang Chen launched his attack first. He and his sword became one, tearing the sky apart. The far-reaching red light given off by his sword flashed by.


Kang Qian was given a scare. He kept stepping back, afraid to make contact with the dreadful radiance.

"You think you can dodge my sword attack?" Jiang Chen kept smiling coldly. The guy was really reckless.

With the energy of the doctrine of the sword emitted, the Red Cloud Sword was powerful enough to break the sky.

Not until then did Kang Qian realize how strong Jiang Chen was. He found he had no way to retreat, as if he was stuck at a dead-end.

When he came to himself and wanted to fight back, it was already too late. Any resistance would crumble under the radiance of that sword.

The Red Cloud Sword was thrust into his chest. The fight between them ended as soon as it had started.

It wasn't a wonderful fight at all, but it was shocking enough.

No matter how humble Kang Qian had been, he was still strong, yet he had been killed by Jiang Chen with one sword attack.

"How can you reach the peak of the spirit of martial arts with your mentality? Let me help you end all this, so that you don't have to live in pain."

Jiang Chen drew his sword back and stepped hundreds of feet back.

"I… I…"

Kang Qian intended to say something, but he was unable to. People could find no clues in his expression, either, but they did see regret on his face.

"Green Ghost, do you have other men for me to kill?"

Jiang Chen turned to repent again. This time, people sensed his aggression. They knew he wasn't there to die.

"He's powerful!"

Among all of them, Gao Huoling had the most disbelief. Not long before, she had been laughing at Jiang Chen, since he hadn't made it onto List A of the the Dragon Rise List.

Not much time had passed, and not only had Jiang Chen entered List A, but he had such a high rank, much higher than her own.

If she could make it back alive, she wouldn't oppose the decision to make him the lord of the Gaos anymore.

"Blood of phoenix, great," she murmured.

Green Ghost was a bit shocked, too. He found Jiang Chen's fight doctrine level wasn't just beginner, but almost as high as his level.

What is he? A monster?! Green Ghost thought to himself. He had made great progress as well during the twenty days in the secret treasure, but compared to Jiang Chen, it was as if he hadn't made any gains.

"He wasn't my man. He actually supported you in the Hero Palace."

Green Ghost suddenly felt lucky. Jiang Chen didn't know how powerful he was. That was why he had come as soon as he had made some progress. Otherwise, sometime in the future, he might be unqualified to fight against the latter.

Kill him at any cost.

Green Ghost stepped forward with this idea. He said, "Last time, you were an underdog. Will you flee again this time?"

"You're more eager than a dog chasing bones. You must be a good dog," Jiang Chen cursed.

Green Ghost, having intended to irritate Jiang Chen with his words, was struck dumb. It was he who became irritated instead.

Shaking his head, he stopped arguing. His hands were making swift gestures.

A mysterious strong energy gathered between his hands. The bloody palm appeared again.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Rainbow Penetrates the Sun!"

Jiang Chen didn't wait for Green Ghost's attack without trying to fight back. He attacked again, full of confidence.

The rainbow flew out like a burning sun. While flying over the mine, numerous giant rocks flew off as a result of the storm created.

"You're asking for it!"

Seeing the guy who had once fled under his attacks launch an attack before him, Green Ghost was seized by a fit of fury.

He was going to teach Jiang Chen a lesson so that the latter would recognize the reality.

He threw his palms out towards Jiang Chen and his sword, as if he was holding up a mountain. The power was devastating.

But where the tip of the sword was pointed, the energy of the palm was defused.

It wasn't a comparison of force at all. Instead, the radiance of the sword pierced through the energy of the palms.

Although this was normal when swords and palms met, if the power of Green Ghost's palm attack was taken into consideration, Jiang Chen's sword must have been extremely sharp!

"His sword!"

Green Ghost also noticed something unusual about his sword. He had fought against many swordsmen. He even had witnessed Li Nanxing's sword attack, but Jiang Chen was different.

It wasn't a matter of high or low level. The distinction was intrinsic.

This was a holy sword. Even if it was one of the lowest level, it was still a holy sword.

Jiang Chen hadn't yet learned fight doctrine last time. As a result, he hadn't been able to exert his strength.

Green Ghost was caught unprepared, but he was ranked thirty-first anyway, and his mentality was far stronger than Kang Qian's. He changed his movements in time, conquering the sharpness through endless palm power. At the same time, he was waiting for his chance.

But soon, he couldn't take it anymore, so he pushed and ended this round as quickly as possible.

"What? Are you afraid?" Jiang Chen said, smiling coldly.

"Ridiculous. You think you're that great? I'm merely flesh and blood, and you're holding a class-nine spiritual sword. You think you should be proud of yourself?"

"It's because your fight doctrine is crappy, so you still can't use weapons," Jiang Chen scorned.

"Huh," Green Ghost snorted, then smiled coldly, his fingers interlocking. There were rings on both of his index fingers.

After he had pressed them, the rings became black iron, spreading rapidly along the outline of his palms.

They soon became a pair of iron gloves, shining like metal, yet as soft and as light as cotton.

His fingers could bend so freely that he could make any gesture he wanted.

"A magic weapon? Then how could you blame others for using a class-nine spiritual sword?" Gao Huoling said unhappily from below.

"He's holding a class-nine spiritual sword because he only deserves that, but I have no other choice than gloves of a magic level. I don't have gloves of a lower level," said Green Ghost.


Jiang Chen took out the Star Chasing Bow and put on his last Star Chasing Arrow. He said, "I have a magic weapon, too."


Green Ghost hurried to stop him. He said, "This is a life-or-death fight, a fight to decide our ranks on the Dragon Rise List. This is cheating."

"No, no, no. Your state is higher than mine, and you have a magic weapon. I'm not a match for you at all. All I want is to kill you," Jiang Chen said in a falsely modest tone, shaking his head.

Green Ghost flew into a rage. He had managed to catch a Star Chasing Arrow before, but back then, Jiang Chen hadn't been as strong as he was now.

By that time, the power of the Star Chasing Arrow was far more.

Seeing Jiang Chen about to pull the string, he clapped his hands. The mine was filled with screams in a second.

All those enslaved by him were tumbling on the ground. The iron chains on them were becoming tighter and tighter, almost embedding into their flesh.

"Are you threatening me?"


"It has nothing to do with me. If they die, it's you who killed them. You're the heinous one. That'll give me a justifiable excuse to kill you." Jiang Chen shook his head, not giving a damn about Green Ghost at all. He carried on pulling the string.

"Are you really a disciple of the Hero Palace?" Greenghost burst out cursing.

"Think of your last words."

"Wait. There's someone down there who you care about. Don't do something you'll regret!"


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