The Brilliant Fighting Master
446 The Battle at the Mine
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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446 The Battle at the Mine

Gao Huoling was in a neat outfit, which made her curvy body look sexier.

She was busty and her waist was slim. Her legs were long and showcased in her knee-high boots. The fair skin between the hem of her skirt and the boots was exposed.

Her good-looking oval face was resolute. The corners of her pretty phoenix eyes curled up, which was extremely sexy.

"Nasty!" Facing Green Ghost, she cursed.

"If I were that nasty, you wouldn't be standing here. It's only an offer. If you don't agree, just go down there," Green Ghost said indifferently.

"The Gaos won't let you get away with this!" Gao Huoling said coldly.

"Unless the strongest Gaos enter here, but to be honest, the Murongs have Murong Long. The Gaos' strongest person is you. Isn't your family too weak?" Instead of being afraid, Green Ghost asked her with interest.

"Don't you dare look down on the Gaos of the phoenix!" Gao Huoling said angrily. The surface of her skin started to shine, like it was burning fire.

But the iron chain binding her suddenly became tighter.

Gao Huoling screamed, and her amazing energy vanished immediately. She turned pale.

"Miss Gao, don't waste your energy."

Green Ghost waved his hand casually, as if he had lost his interest in her. Then his men took Gao Huoling down.

"Apprentice sister, are you all right?"

"Miss Gao, what did that jerk say?"

In the mine, Gao Huoling's team came up to her right away. One of them noticed her pallor, so he tried to give her a hand, but she didn't accept it. She walked to the space farthest away from Green Ghost's men.

"We must fight back. He spilled the beans just now. He's going to kill all of us when this is done," Gao Huoling told those beside her.

"Ah! Why?"

"Didn't he say he would let us go when everything was over?"

"Maybe he was just bluffing so that you would obey him."

These people didn't believe what she had said. It wasn't that they didn't believe Gao Huoling, but Green Ghost's plan didn't make sense to them.

"Are you going to risk your life for that slim chance of survival?"

Gao Huoling couldn't believe these people were such cowards. Even if she ended up dead, she would still fight.

"But if we can't get rid of the holy ghost chain on us, we can't do anything."

However, this remark made Gao Huoling desperate.

"Who allowed you to chitchat? Have you filled today's quota yet?!"

A man from the Evil Cloud Palace waved his whip. A giant rock behind Gao Huoling and the others broke, the broken pieces flying all over and hitting them.

"Damn it!"

The physical pain was more bearable than the humiliation they suffered. Still, Gao Huoling's eyes were full of anger. She hated that she couldn't do anything about it.

An arrogant and casual voice suddenly came from over the mine.

"Why, isn't this Green Ghost?"

Many people looked up. They saw a figure that had been standing there for an indeterminate amount of time.

"Jiang Chen?" Gao Huoling rubbed her eyes, thinking she might be wrong.

"Jiang Chen!!!"

But Green Ghost's angry growl confirmed her thoughts. The mine was full of exclamations, too.

"You're still so furious." Jiang Chen was as calm as always, beaming.

"How dare you appear in front of me again!"

Green Ghost flew into the air. His face was extremely hideous. His killing intent was coming in as strong, dreadful waves that were impossible to defend from.

"Why not?" Jiang Chen asked, shrugging his shoulders.

"You'll die this time!"

Green Ghost was extremely irritated. He had given up on chasing Jiang Chen because of the treasure signal from the Martial Imperial City, but when he had arrived in the city, he found Su Xing was also there, so he had to leave.

However, he was lucky enough. In the end, he found a mine full of crystals of fire dragon.

Short of hands, he made a plan to enslave others, and it worked. The daily output of the mine was enough for him to stop treasure seeking.

But then Jiang Chen had come up to him by himself. He wouldn't let this opportunity slip by again.

"I heard you defeated Zhang Yu in the Martial Imperial City. You've progressed a lot." Green Ghost intended to relish in the process.

"You're well-informed. I'm guessing you went to the Martial Imperial City to look for me, didn't you?"

"Of course. But I didn't know where you were hiding. I found nothing in the end."

While Green Ghost had been in the city, Jiang Chen had been practicing in the secret room.

"So you've come here today. Do you think you're a rival for me just because you've become a fight doctrine master?" said Green Ghost.

It had been him who had pointed out Jiang Chen's weakness in the first place, so he didn't care a lot about the latter's progress.

There was high level and low level in everything. As a beginner, how could Jiang Chen compete with him, someone proficient?

Seeing the fight about to happen, someone in the mine shouted loudly, "Apprentice Brother Green Ghost, let me handle him. I'll resolve this problem."

It was also a slave, tied to the chain. He was actively trying to impress Green Ghost.

"Get away. This is the man I want to kill. You have no say in this," Green Ghost cursed rudely.

"Apprentice Brother Green Ghost, he must have some reason to have the nerve to come here. Someone could be behind him. Maybe he's only been sent here to exhaust you," the guy went on pleading, not angry at all.


Green Ghost was struck dumb. It was actually quite possible. Of course, Jiang Chen knew how great he was.

Could strong men from the Hero Palace be here?

So he waved at the guy.

As if released from his shackles, he flew into the air and came up to Green Ghost.

"What's your name?"

"Apprentice Brother Green Ghost, my name is Kang Qian, ranked thirty-eighth on the Dragon Rise List." He looked so humble that he almost knelt down.

"Shame on you!"

From below, Gao Huoling cursed. She not only knew him, but was close to him. Although they weren't a couple yet, they were only one step away from it.

However, she didn't see the man's true colors until this day.

"What do you want in return?" asked Green Ghost.

"I want to join Apprentice Brother Green Ghost's team," said Kang Qian.

"Okay, but you're the only one who can join. As I recall, you have teammates, don't you?" Green Ghost pretended that it was a difficult decision for him, but already, the corners of his mouth had turned up.

Kang Qian turned pale, but a smile appeared on his face in a second. He said, "They don't matter to me. I'll help Apprentice Brother Green Ghost oversee them."

His teammates began cursing.

"Hahaha, all right. Go ahead. Try your best." Green Ghost patted his shoulder and stepped aside.

Kang Qian nodded. Facing Jiang Chen, he grew serious.

"Don't you see he's teasing you? You'll die anyway," Jiang Chen said, smiling coldly.

Of course, he knew what Greenghost was scheming.

"Are you chickening out? You think such foolish words can save you?"

Kang Qian didn't and wouldn't believe him. He only had one goal, which was to kill Jiang Chen.

"Why are the top fifty of the Dragon Rise List all trash like you? Well, after all, you've climbed up thanks to the resources of your families."

Smiling coldly, Jiang Chen said, "If you want to court death, bring it on."


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