The Brilliant Fighting Master
445 Green Ghost’s Crisis
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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445 Green Ghost’s Crisis

Yin Shuang was tall and slim, her hair tickling Jiang Chen's chin. She was so soft that it was as if she didn't have any bones, and her body was curvy.

Out of instinct, Jiang Chen was about to hug her around the waist, but then something occurred to him, and his hand stopped halfway there.

Excitedly, Yin Shuang realized what she had done. Nervous and expectant, she flushed and her heart pounded rapidly, but Jiang Chen didn't hug her.

Yin Shuang looked up. She looked like she blamed him. She said, "You've seen my body. You should be responsible for me."

Any other man from the Dragon Field would be excited to hear that and wouldn't hesitate to answer.

"Miss Yin Shuang, it was only the benevolence of a medical professional. I wasn't thinking of anything else," Jiang Chen tried to explain.

No woman wanted reason and calmness at such a moment. Yin Shuang's pretty eyes were full of tears. She looked as if she had been wronged. She said, "But what will the others think?"

"No one will know…"

As he spoke, he suddenly froze up. Not until then did he detect there were many people in the air, watching what was happening in the garden.

"Great. How great you are."

They were petrified when they recognized Yin Shuang. They couldn't help but give Jiang Chen a thumb up.

"Miss Yin Shuang, let go of me. There are many people watching." Jiang Chen got anxious. Nothing would happen to him if the rumors spread, but he was afraid that Yin Shuang would be affected.

"No!" Yin Shuang pouted. There was a sort of cunning in her eyes. In her opinion, Jiang Chen was strong enough to force her to let go of him, but he didn't. This could only mean one thing—he felt something for her.

"Miss Yin Shuang, I've found the woman I want to marry." Jiang Chen had to tell her the truth.

In one second, all of her stubbornness and firmness were gone. She released her arms that had been holding Jiang Chen tightly.

Lowering her head, she stepped back.

Five or six seconds later, Yin Shuang looked up at him, smiling. She said, "I was only joking. The hug was my reward to you."

Jiang Chen thought it was only an excuse to cover her embarrassment, but he didn't see any traces that gave her away on her face when he took a closer look.

Somehow, he felt disappointed.

"Is the woman you want to marry the girl on your team?" Yin Shuang asked curiously. She meant Ying Wushuang.

Shaking his head slightly, Jiang Chen said, "She's a good friend of mine. The woman I'm going to marry is my apprentice sister."

"Is she waiting for you in the Fire Field?" said Yin Shuang.

Jiang Chen sighed and looked up, but then he looked down immediately. He said, "She's in the Three Middle Realms."

Yin Shuang surely knew what the Three Middle Realms referred to.

She even doubted that Jiang Chen knew what he meant. She figured maybe he had been talking about a place called the Three Middle Realms in the Nine Heavens Continent.

When she had confirmed they were talking about the same place, she said calmly, "She must be an excellent woman."

It was extraordinary enough to be born in the Three Middle Realms.


Jiang Chen smiled when he thought about his apprentice sister. He was already not far from the top of the Dragon Rise List. His strength had been enhanced so much that he felt extremely hopeful.

Seeing Jiang Chen's beaming face, Yin Shuang felt bitter. She knew it would be nearly impossible for her to replace that apprentice sister in Jiang Chen's heart, but she found herself attracted to Jiang Chen even more.

Cao Lin had risked his life to be related to the Bank of the Sacred City, but Jiang Chen had refused her resolutely. Such a loyal man was difficult to find.

Then Jiang Chen had protected Yin Shuang so that she could break through.

The process had been rather smooth; Yin Shuang hadn't been impacted by Cao Lin. Her state had broken through and her strength had improved further.

Since Jiang Chen was alone, of course she suggested they work together.

"No," Jiang Chen said.

"How many times are you going to refuse me today?" Yin Shuang reprimanded him gently, looking at him and smiling.

"I'm going to challenge Green Ghost. I don't want to get you into trouble."

"Green Ghost!"

Both Yin Shuang and Tang Juan were shocked when they heard the name.

"Is it true that you were chased by Green Ghost for thousands of miles?"

"Yes, it's true," said Jiang Chen.

"He's ranked thirty-first on the Dragon Rise List. You've achieved forty-third by defeating Cao Lin. Will it be all right if you challenge a guy whose rank is more than ten places higher than yours?" Yin Shuang couldn't help but ask.

"Take it easy. I'm confident."

During his practice in the secret room, his state had achieved Cloud Seven thanks to the two sources of crystals, and his strength had been greatly improved.

His Dragon and Elephant Method had also achieved the fourth layer through the holy dragon balls. Now, he was able to exert the dragons' martial arts techniques.

That was exactly the movement he had used to kill Cao Lin.

Kalpa of Reincarnation!

There were four variations in this movement. It was mainly because he still couldn't exert its whole power.

The four variations were Kalpa of Reincarnation—Break the Universe, Kalpa of Reincarnation—Smash the Sky, Kalpa of Complete Reincarnation—Extermination, and Kalpa of Complete Reincarnation—Smash the Sky.

But his fight doctrine was lagging behind again after such a great improvement. He needed a fight.

"I know where Green Ghost is."

Seeing Jiang Chen make up his mind, Yin Shuang didn't try to talk him out of it. She wasn't a foolish or sentimental woman. She started to think of what kind of help she could offer him.


"He's in a mine, forcing many people to exploit crystals of fire dragon for him." Tang Juan knew his updated information, too. It seemed like the two had met.

Yin Shuang nodded at him. She said, "We met some people fleeing the place. Any people weaker than him could be caught there."

"If so many people rebelled together, I assume he wouldn't be able to suppress them. Why would they agree to work for him?" Jiang Chen didn't understand.

"No idea. But guys from the Evil Cloud Palace always have their ways."

It was true. Jiang Chen asked where the mine was located, then he was ready to set off.

"Take care," Yin Shuang said.

"You, too. Don't just trust any person so easily again."

Yin Shuang was embarrassed. Terrible things had almost happened due to that.

Jiang Chen and the two women left the Martial Imperial City together, then they split up.

"Successful young swordsmen are always popular. Even Miss Yin Shuang fell in love with him."

"If the news spreads, the whole Dragon Field will be shocked. There will be many people looking to skin Jiang Chen alive."

"Of course. That's Miss Yin Shuang, one of the Four Beauties, the young lady of the Bank of the Sacred City."

Many people in the Martial Imperial City had seen Yin Shuang hug Jiang Chen. They were not as foolish as him. Of course they wouldn't really think Yin Shuang was only joking.

As Yin Shuang had said, in the mine where Green Ghost was, many people were harnessing crystals. Neither their clothing nor their temperaments matched those of miners.

If there was anything that made them look like miners, it was the iron chain connecting them.

Sitting at the peak, Green Ghost was gazing at the people below calmly.

"Apprentice brother, I've brought her here." A guy from the Evil Cloud Palace walked over, grasping a woman's fair arm.

"Miss Gao, have you thought about it? As long as you agree, you won't have to suffer like that."


"I don't like to force others. I'll give you more time to think, so think it through. When time is up, the people down there will die. Would you like to stay down there or up here with me?" asked Green Ghost.


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