The Brilliant Fighting Master
443 Who Is the Idiot?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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443 Who Is the Idiot?

"It makes me sick to even talk to you."

Jiang Chen didn't even want to take another glance at that arrogant face.

"You're courting death!" Cao Lin couldn't put up with him anymore. He thought himself merciful enough, but in the end, this was the response he received. His energy changed, as if a giant beast was tumbling around him. The whole building was shaking violently.

With a whoosh, Cao Lin moved like a sharp arrow and threw his fists over heavily.

Accumulating dragon power in his palms, Jiang Chen tried to take the fists.

When the two hit each other, they crashed through the wall of the room like two comets. They flew off the ground and through the hall, finally stopping on the street.

Two walls of the palace were completely ruined due to the crash. The dust raised by their collapse flew high enough to be seen from any part of the city.

"How did you manage to take my attack?" Cao Lin looked up, completely surprised.

Jiang Chen had not only managed to take his attack, but his arms hadn't moved at all, and he looked terribly calm.

That meant there wasn't a huge gap between the two.

Cao Lin couldn't believe it. He was a man who had mastered the fight doctrine. People outside the top fifty of the Dragon Rise List were like ants to him.

"Told you. Your information needs an update."

Jiang Chen shook off his arms, then hit him on the jaw, which sent him up into the air.

After, he dashed over holding the Red Cloud Sword.

In the air, Cao Lin steadied himself. A hideous expression appeared on his face. He opened his right hand and a spear appeared and flew out from there, piercing towards Jiang Chen.

It was neither an average spear nor a spiritual weapon, but a magic weapon!

Although he didn't know what it was made of, its body didn't look as cold and hard as metal usually did. Instead, it looked like jade with a shining luster.

The long, thin spearhead looked extremely threatening. When it pierced out, the body of the spear started to radiate. A flame gushed out of the spearhead.

Whirling down, the hot flame shrouded Jiang Chen.

"The fire god spear. That's Cao Lin, ranked forty-third!"

Some of those who had witnessed how Jiang Chen had defeated Zhang Yu were still in the Martial Imperial City. They were shocked when they found who his new rival was.

"This guy is a freak."

Others usually increased their rankings little by little, but Jiang Chen had managed to realize such a big jump, which was unbelievable to most people.

As for what they were fighting for, people didn't really care.

Jiang Chen didn't try to catch the flame. He leaned to one side to dodge it and then advanced using a roundabout route.

"Hurry up if you want to save the beauty. If Yin Shuang doesn't sleep with any man by a certain time, the pill she took will turn her into an idiot."

Seeing him moving so fast, Cao Lin finally realized he wouldn't be easy to deal with, so he started to make malicious remarks.

He was experienced enough in fighting to know there would be wonderful effects if he could disturb his rival psychologically.


Jiang Chen knew what he was planning, but still, he couldn't help but lose his cool.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: The Second Movement!"

Jiang Chen exerted his unique movement directly. He drew the sword back and then thrust it out again. When the whole world was holding its breath, he threw his sword out.

But Cao Lin had prepared for the coming attack before Jiang Chen had thrust the sword out. He kept brandishing the long spear with both hands. Longer than him, the spear moved swiftly in his hands, always changing.

Without doing anything, he let the endless fire cover his body to protect him.

When Jiang Chen's sword had come up to him, he was like a giant furnace.

Jiang Chen struck him, but only managed to make the flames move. Infinite black smoke raised. That was all.

When the sword stopped moving, all of the flames were sucked back into the spear. The spear gave off a bright red light and hit Jiang Chen's back. The latter flew away from the force.

"What happened?"

The crowd on the ground was confused, not by the result, but by the process.

Even average practitioners could see it wasn't a matter of martial arts technique level. Rather, Jiang Chen had made a huge mistake.

He had exerted his unique movement without getting a clear picture of his rival's level. Unless he was far above his rival, it would be extremely dangerous.

"Judging from Jiang Chen's past performances, he shouldn't have been so rash."

"Maybe he just got so proud that he wanted to kill his rival in one attack."

"I've got a hunch that something terrible is going to happen."

The crowd was in heated discussion. Many were worried about Jiang Chen. This young swordsman had won many supporters in the Dragon Field with his great performance in past fights.

By turning on the armor of thunder in time, Jiang Chen wasn't really injured.

"Well, was that your most powerful unique movement? It was powerful, but you're on defense now. What a pity," Cao Lin said slowly. He wasn't in a hurry at all. As time went on, the situation would become more favorable for him. He didn't care what would happen to Yin Shuang.

It was Jiang Chen who had to race against time.

"You're such a despicable person. You've brought shame to the Dragon Rise List."

Jiang Chen had suffered a great loss, but he didn't panic. He glanced below him and attacked again.


Cao Lin was more than happy to see him so angry. He brandished the spear again with several times more power.

"What's going on? Does Jiang Chen want to die?"

"One loss wasn't enough, he wants a second?"

Seeing Jiang Chen's movements, people were puzzled.

In the garden, Tang Juan was worried as well.

"B*tch! Let's wait and see. I'll make you suffer to such an extent that you'd rather die!" shouted someone from Cao Lin's team who was still alive, smug and excited.

His words reminded Tang Juan of one thing. She hurried to run onto the second floor of the pavilion, trying to take Yin Shuang with her, but she was petrified as soon as she pushed the door open. Yin Shuang had undressed herself. She was rolling painfully back and forth on the mattress.

Tang Juan didn't know what to do. She had expected Jiang Chen to create a miracle.

In the air, a dragon of fire, as big as the legends described, flew out from Cao Lin's spearhead.

Holding the sword, Jiang Chen didn't back off. It seemed he had forgotten all common sense during the fight, such as taking light attacks and evading heavy ones.

He had even put his spiritual sword back into its sheath and ran into the dragon of fire.

"What an idiot." Even Cao Lin couldn't help but laugh.

"Kalpa of Reincarnation, Break the Universe!"

All of a sudden, the whole dragon of fire vibrated from the inside. The energy it created rippled over the sky.

"No way!"

Cao Lin couldn't understand what had happened. He knew how high the temperature of his fire was. That was why he had burst out in laughter.

It was like seeing an average man jump into a volcano and be melted by lava.

However, Jiang Chen wasn't affected at all. Instead, he exerted a stunning killing move.

That's not good. I fell into his trap!

He could feel this movement of Jiang Chen was different from the previous ones, and the latter wasn't afraid of fire. He had been misled since the beginning.

This was the moment Jiang Chen had been waiting for.

Not until then did he exert the second movement.

Totally freaked out, Cao Lin failed to resist. The terrible power that came from the spearhead was too much for the spear to take, so the spear started to whirl.

He saw a crack form on the spear.

"Gosh. This is a magic weapon!"

What kind of power could damage a magic weapon?

Cao Lin knew what it was very quickly, since it was transmitted to his body from the spear.

In a second, Cao Lin froze up, then started to quiver like the spear.

But not as firm as the spear, his body fell apart with a pah.

"My gosh!" someone from below couldn't help but scream.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》