The Brilliant Fighting Master
442 Who He Hated Mos
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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442 Who He Hated Mos

The woman was called Tang Juan. She wasn't biologically related to Yin Shuang, but she called the latter sister because they were close.

According to her, Yin Shuang had been separated from her team since she had entered the small world. She had been alone until they met.

The team who they had asked a favor from was strong. The leader, Cao Lin, was ranked forty-third on List A of the Dragon Rise List.

He was more powerful than Han Siming and Zhang Yu. No wonder Tang Juan was so anxious.

Jiang Chen and Tang Juan flew to the center of the Martial Imperial City. There was a grand mansion, with palaces inside the walls.

By then, the place was fully occupied by Cao Lin's team. Yin Shuang was in a pavilion in the garden.

Under Tang Juan's guidance, Jiang Chen landed in the garden. They were surrounded by a group of people when they were about to walk to the pavilion.

"Miss Tang Juan, Miss Yin Shuang is in the key phase of a breakthrough. Why are you bringing this man here?" the man leading the group said. Jiang Chen found this team didn't have any female members.

He was wondering whether Yin Shuang had noticed this when she had asked for a favor.

"It's exactly because of this that I asked for this apprentice brother's help," said Tang Juan.

Those standing opposite him kept staring at him unkindly. Their hostility was blatant.

"Miss Tang Juan, don't you trust us? Why did you ask for our help first, then ask for this guy's help? That's not so nice," the same guy said.

Jiang Chen was sure he wasn't Cao Lin, since his strength didn't match up. He had a hunch that something bad was going to happen.

"The chaos in the Martial Imperial City was beyond our expectation. We required help from more people." Tang Juan turned pale. She wasn't a match for anyone from the group. She found it difficult to even speak in front of them.

"Now, make way."

Jiang Chen looked towards the pavilion not far away. The windows on the second floor were all closed. Even his holy awareness couldn't enter, so he didn't want to waste time speaking to these people anymore.

"Peh! Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to me like this?"

"A Cloud Six. You're still wet behind the ears."

"You know our leader's rank on the Dragon Rise List?"

These people didn't make way. Instead, they lined up and came up to Jiang Chen, arrogantly and aggressively.

"Meng Lin, why are you doing this? Are you trying to keep Sister Yin Shuang away from us?"

Tang Juan had anticipated that they would stop her, but she hadn't expected them to be so aggressive. They weren't afraid of falling out with her at all.

"Hey, why are you in such a hurry? Miss Yin Shuang will come out soon."

More people opposite them burst out in weird laughter.

"Get away!"

Jiang Chen had almost confirmed his assumptions. Making a stern face, he strode over.

"How impressive," one of them said in a strange voice and bumped against him, but as soon as he approached Jiang Chen, his whole body felt numb, and he started to twitch.

Covered in electricity, Jiang Chen dashed forward without stopping.

"Damn it. Don't let him sabotage our leader's plan!"

"Stop him!"

The others didn't give up. They attacked him at the same time, dashing towards him from all directions.

"Ah!" Tang Juan screamed in fear. She had called Jiang Chen over to rescue Miss Yin Shuang, not to fight against this team.

The average state of the team wasn't lower than Jiang Chen's. In addition, they were all exerting killing movements.

Not knowing what to do, Tang Juan stood there, at a loss.

"Scum, go to hell."

Jiang Chen crossed his arms before him, grasping his sword with one hand and his knife with the other.

He drew them out and brandished them. Their radiances were like two slivers of the moon.

Those who had approached him realized right away that they were courting death. With screams, half of them were either dead or injured.

"So powerful!"

Tang Juan was surprised. Under Jiang Chen's sword and knife, no matter what state these people were in, none of them could survive. Only those standing far away enough survived.

When she looked up, she found Jiang Chen was at the pavilion.

On the second floor of the pavilion was a round room, deteriorating severely as time passed, but it was still possible to tell the decoration there had once been tasteful.

The center of the room was very clean. A rectangular mattress was there, and beside it was a censor.

"Miss Yin Shuang is really different, not losing any taste, even in treasure seeking."

A man with regular features was leaning against the door. His face was clean-cut. Only his eyes were a bit small.

He was looking at the woman sitting on the mattress unscrupulously.

Yin Shuang's hair was messy. She was sitting there weakly. Although she was in danger, she didn't lose her calm.

"You don't even want to wait until I've broken through," said Yin Shuang.

"What can I do? Your friend is too nosy. She overhears us everywhere," said Cao Lin.

"You're shameless."

He looked so righteous. Yin Shuang really had no other word to describe him.

Then her hands, with which she had propped herself up from the mattress, lost power, and she plopped down on the mattress on her back.

At the same time, she was breathing faster and faster. Her face turned very red.

"I'll protect my virginity, even if I die. You won't get a good result from this," Yin Shuang said coldly.

"No, you won't. The pill you've taken is a mind-blower. After we sleep together, you'll never forget about me."

Thinking it was time, Cao Lin walked over.

Hearing his footsteps, Yin Shuang was very anxious, but she was too weak to do anything.

The mere thought of the thing Cao Lin was going to do to her made her want to die.

Cao Lin squatted down beside her and reached for her breasts.

Yin Shuang closed her eyes tightly and gnashed her teeth.

Bang! The door was forced open. It was such a surprise for Cao Lin that he hurried to retract his hand and jump to the window.

He was actually afraid of being found out. He thought a strong man had come to her rescue. After all, Yin Shuang was from an important family.

However, he was struck dumb when he saw Jiang Chen. He retracted his hand from the window.


Jiang Chen was relieved when he saw Yin Shuang was fine. Then his look became extremely sharp.

Cao Lin's behavior was what he hated most.

"Jiang Chen?" Yin Shuang turned her head with effort, unable to believe what she had seen.

"Are you by yourself?" Cao Lin was trying to figure out whether there were more people behind Jiang Chen.

"That's enough to kill you."


Cao Lin went back to the center of the room. Sizing Jiang Chen up, he said, "You want to rescue the beauty, don't you? Jiang Chen? I think I heard your name before. It was you who was chased thousands of miles by Greenghost? You survived. What a miracle."

"Your information needs an update." Jiang Chen felt lucky that Cao Lin didn't know he had defeated Zhang Yu. He was more than happy to see his rivals look down on him.

Cao Lin didn't pay attention to what he had said. He said instead, "It must not have been easy for you to stay alive. You should cherish your life. I'm not any weaker than Greenghost."


They had a gap of ten-odd places. How dare he say he wasn't weaker than Greenghost.

Cao Lin thought Jiang Chen believed him, so he said, "There's a woman called Tang Juan outside. She's pretty, too. I can give her to you, as long as you know what to do."

"What? You're afraid of being found out?" Jiang Chen scorned.

"I won't repeat what I said. Don't lose your chance to live!"


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