The Brilliant Fighting Master
441 To Be a Guard
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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441 To Be a Guard

Jiang Chen left the secret room five days later.

Those in the pit were long gone, so it was completely dark. All of the crystals of fire dragon had been exploited.

He didn't see the spiritual monkey, either. Jiang Chen took the same way back and called for it along the way.

When he had gone back to the passage he had come from, the spiritual monkey still hadn't shown up. Jiang Chen couldn't help but feel worried.

He was unable to release his holy awareness here, and the underground world was too complicated for him to find the monkey.

He could do nothing but wish it good luck. Then he went back aboveground.

The end of the passage was the pit where Jiang Chen had taken his first source of crystal. Others had discovered it, too. Nothing was left there.

I've used up all of the crystals of fire dragon on me and I'm out of strategic resources. What would the Hero Palace think?

He felt puzzled, but then he suddenly cheered up. He said to himself, So I'll just kill a few more people ranked on the Slay Demon List.

Greenghost, who had chased him thousands of miles, would have to pay the price!

After walking out of the hall, he flew into the air at his fastest speed, since the mountain range had been occupied by fierce beasts once again.

The others must have left at least two days before me.

That meant the valuable treasure in the temporary imperial palace had all been taken.

Jiang Chen made an inventory of his gains and found they were actually a lot. He had two sources of crystals, a bodhi leaf, and the dragons' martial arts techniques.

Among them, the bodhi leaf was especially valuable.

Suddenly, he found something at his waist ringing. He took it out and found it was a spell.

This was the spell the powerful people from various groups had given to Reaching Heaven States before they entered the small world.

It was used to inform them of the time of the exit's opening, since the small world was actually spacious, and the exit wasn't in a fixed location, and as a result, people could miss it easily.

It was ringing at this moment to remind the people in the small world that there were only ten days to go until the secret treasure was closed.

Twenty days have passed? I didn't even notice.

Jiang Chen was surprised, but pleasantly. He had improved a lot in this short period. His rank had shot up to fiftieth from below ninety.

I'll get into the top thirty before leaving.

Jiang Chen set a goal for himself. Greenghost, ranked thirty-first, would be the one he was going to defeat.

Then he changed his appearance again and went back to the Martial Imperial City.

He didn't want to hide his looks so frequently, but he had to be careful around Murong Long, who was a big threat to him.

However, when he went into the Martial Imperial City, he found it was less crowded. Anyone could enter the city, and it was empty.

It turned out that after Li Nanxing, Su Xing, and Murong Long's departure, the order in the city broke down, so the city had lost its charm as a shelter.

Jiang Chen came to the base of the Holy Sword Society, but met no one. Ying Wushuang and the others weren't there.

He was surprised. In theory, these people should have been waiting for him there.

Could something be wrong? No way. As long as Li Nanxing is here, members of the Hero Palace will be safe. Yeah, they must have left with Li Nanxing.

If they had waited for him here, they could have been harmed by Murong Long as a form of revenge against him.

Fine. That's safer than staying with me.

He didn't see any sense in staying in the Martial Imperial City, either, so he left.

But when he flew into the air again, a person came up to him as if they had been expecting his arrival for a long time.

Jiang Chen looked at the person warily. It was a woman in her best years, with good skin and black eyes. She had long black hair, which provided a contrast to her fair skin.

"Apprentice brother, I hope you don't mind if I'm being too brusque," the woman said gently.

"Do you need something from me?" Jiang Chen asked.

"My sister's state was about to break through when she entered the secret treasure. Now she's at a bottleneck, but she's going to give it one more try."

"She wants to break through here?"

Jiang Chen pretended he was surprised. He had actually broken through many times in the secret treasure, but apparently the woman didn't know that. She nodded embarrassedly.

"So what can I do?" Jiang Chen asked again.

"I want to ask apprentice brother to be her guard for half a day. I can assure you that you'll receive a handsome reward after leaving here," the woman told him what she wanted.

Jiang Chen looked down. What she had said sounded reasonable, but it was dubious, too.

"Well, you don't know me at all. Aren't you afraid you're asking for a favor from the wrong person and that I could do you harm?" said Jiang Chen.

The woman was worried about it, indeed. To her surprise, he had mentioned it himself.

That was how he won her trust.

"To be honest, I wouldn't take such a risk if it weren't urgent."

"Tell me everything. I'll see what I can do." Jiang Chen was curious to know what had pushed her to the point that she had to ask a favor from a stranger.

"My sister is Yin Shuang…"

"Yin Shuang?!" Jiang Chen was shocked to hear the name.

"Do you know her, apprentice brother?" The woman looked at him in surprise.

Jiang Chen nodded and showed her his real face. He said, "I'm a good friend of your sister's."

"You're Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen? That's great. Great. Then everything will be fine!" The woman was so pleasantly surprised that she couldn't help but jump.

"What happened?" Jiang Chen said worriedly.

The woman calmed down and told him everything.

Yin Shuang had to break through her state at that point. Otherwise, the consequences would be severe. The thing was, no place in the small world was safe.

Jiang Chen was about to say that the world was so big that they could do it in any cave, but the young lady of the Bank of the Sacred City was fastidious. She wanted to do it in the Martial Imperial City.

However, after the departure of the top three of the Dragon Rise List, the city was in chaos. Bloodshed occurred from time to time.

This wasn't the most important thing. When Yin Shuang was stumped, she ran into a team whose leader was ranked in the top fifty of List A of the Dragon Rise List and someone that she happened to know.

So she asked for their help, hoping they could protect her.

"Is something wrong?"

Jiang Chen didn't get what the problem was. Why was she so anxious if she had the protection of a team?

"It was good, but yesterday, I overheard their conversation. Their leader has malicious intention towards my sister!" the woman said.

"How dare he! Isn't he afraid of the Bank of the Sacred City?" Jiang Chen was surprised and irritated. That was something unexpected to him, because Yin Shuang had a great background.

Even the Murongs, one of the richest forces in the Dragon Field, owed a lot of money to the Bank of the Sacred City.

It even had influence on the Evil Cloud Palace.

If they really did this in the Martial Imperial City, the news would definitely spread. By then, not only they would be killed, but their families would also be endangered.

"It's not as simple as that. They only want to do… that to my sister. Their leader actually wants to be related to the bank by violating her."

Jiang Chen thought the idea was foolish, but if he took a second thought, they could succeed.

If Yin Shuang got pregnant here, the Bank of the Sacred City probably would submit to the guy.

Otherwise, Yin Shuang, one of the Four Beauties, would become the joke of the Dragon Field and suffer the most vicious gossip.

"This guy wants to threaten her with her virginity."
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