The Brilliant Fighting Master
440 A Bodhi Leaf
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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440 A Bodhi Leaf

Jiang Chen left without being noticed. Since the crisis with the men of sacrifice had been resolved, there was nothing to worry about.

Even if there was, with his current strength, he could do very little.

In addition, since he had spoken, Murong Long could have recognized him.

He was better off leaving before anyone else to see whether there was treasure in other places.

He saw the spiritual monkey coming up to him as soon as he walked out of the palace. It jumped onto his shoulder.

"Take me somewhere else," Jiang Chen tentatively said after a burst of inspiration.

To his surprise, the monkey understood him. It jumped from his shoulder and landed ten-odd yards away. Then, gesturing for Jiang Chen to follow it, it started to run.

Jiang Chen hurried to follow. He felt pity when passing by the pillar. There were dozens times more crystals of fire dragon here than what he had, but he didn't have the time to take them.

Led by the monkey, he found another secret passage hidden in the dark, much narrower than the one he had just walked through.

He had to crawl through the narrowest part.

The end of the secret passage was not a spacious pit, but a closed stone chamber. Jiang Chen couldn't help but feel worried.

He would have no way out if someone stood at the door to block his way, but then it occurred to him that without the guidance of the spiritual monkey, it would be impossible for others to find such a secret place.

So he started to observe the room under the light of his fireball.

He didn't see any treasure, but he found a bookcase and a table.

This place looked more like a study whose existence no one knew about.

He walked to the bookcase first. There were all kinds of books, their number in the thousands, and on extensive subjects.

Could this be the collection of the Dragon Dynasty?

The continuity of a dynasty was dependant on annals and all kinds of secret histories that were worth writing down.

Jiang Chen didn't have the time to read these things, although he had always liked books.

He walked to the desk and found a brochure that was open. His eyes lit up when he took it and read it out of curiosity.

From the brochure, he knew that this secret room had been left by a guard of the palace, who might have been one of the men of sacrifice that Murong Long had killed.

Most importantly, there were seven kinds of martial arts techniques recorded in this brochure.

The guard had taken them from the seven dragon rebel pioneers through interrogation.

Those pioneers had all been generals with royal blood. Their martial arts techniques were great enough to attract the greed of these guards. In the end, they fell into Jiang Chen's hands.

To exert these martial arts techniques of the dragons, people had to either have royal blood or have mastered dragon power.

Jiang Chen didn't have royal blood, but he had dragon power.

He was worried about how to exert his dragon power to the maximum, and then he had found these seven martial arts techniques of the dragons. This could be nothing else but God's will.

And these martial arts techniques didn't require much practice to master. It wasn't a step-by-step process. They were all extremely powerful and unique movements that could be exerted independently.

If Jiang Chen could master them, he would have more trump cards, like the Sword Method of Ksana.

He found the guard was also a talented guy when he had finished reading the whole book, since the latter had completely mastered the seven martial arts techniques and combined them into one movement.

This movement was so powerful that Jiang Chen's current dragon power still wasn't strong enough for him to exert it. He would have to achieve four dragons and four elephants, the fourth layer of the Dragon and Elephant Method.

"It's good."

Jiang Chen put the book with his things carefully, then took a glance at the other books, but he felt sorry that he would have to leave them underground forever.

The spiritual monkey suddenly grabbed a book and waved it in front of Jiang Chen, then threw the book to him.

Jiang Chen caught the book and opened it. Soon, he frowned. This was just a book of average travel notes, introducing scenery spots in the Dragon Field.

But when he turned to certain page, a leaf fell out of the book.

It was a yellow leaf, seemingly lacking life, but Jiang Chen knew it wasn't that simple.

He gazed at the leaf's veins, where numerous secrets were hidden. It had totally caught his attention, and he started to swim in the sea of knowledge.

Though he hadn't been prepared for it, he soon recovered from his daze.

"This is…"

He couldn't believe it as he took the leaf closer and gazed at it carefully. He felt pleasantly surprised.

He was sure this was a bodhi leaf.

It was said that Buddha became enlightened under the bodhi tree, then founded Buddhism.

The bodhi tree recorded in the scripture became a symbol of enlightenment. Countless people wanted to find it, but all of them had failed.

However, there were mysterious bodhi leaves spread throughout the world. Whoever got them would achieve great things.

This was an extremely valuable treasure that could only be found with luck. Even the Over Cloud Palace didn't have it. Jiang Chen had always been wondering what effects bodhi leaves had.

Then he had found one and was able to see the tip of the iceberg.

The so-called leaf of enlightenment was actually treasure that could enhance one's talent.

It was precisely thanks to the bodhi leaf that the guard had managed to combine the seven martial arts techniques into one.

Of course. A man with such great talent couldn't simply be a guard.

Jiang Chen thought to himself, He must have had a great opportunity. If the Dragon Dynasty hadn't been eliminated and had given him the chance to develop further, he would definitely be a man second-to-none.

While exclaiming in his head, he put the leaf away quickly.

"Thank you, monkey." Jiang Chen touched the spiritual monkey's head and gave it a peach.

The monkey was very happy. It bounced up and down for a while holding the peach before it bit a piece off.

"You're as voracious as Whitty," Jiang Chen smiled. He left after confirming there was no more treasure in the room, but he found some people were exploiting the crystals of fire dragon outside when he was halfway through the secret passage.

"Someone took the source of the crystals away. It must have been Jiang Chen."

"That guy does have skill. He survived Brother Long's attack."

"More than that. He's also audacious enough to seek treasure. Brother Long said that he'll kill him and smash his dead body into pieces when he sees him again."

The guys outside were from the Murongs. Jiang Chen wondered how Murong Long figured he had the right to exploit the crystals of fire dragon in this place.

Besides, Jiang Chen had exposed himself in the prison when he spoke. Murong Long must have detected his presence.

He really wanted to go out and teach these guys a lesson, but he gave up the idea at the thought of Murong Long's knife attack.

I've still got a long way to go to catch up with the top three. Be patient.

He went back to the secret room and suddenly had an idea. He thought to himself, This place is not only difficult to find, but also cut off from holy awareness. I have the bodhi leaf, as well as the source of the crystals. I don't have to leave.

So he started to deploy a practice tactical formation. After finishing it, he plugged the exit of the secret passage with the books in the room so that the heat wave wouldn't be sensed.

"Monkey, go. Otherwise, you'll be boiled."

The spiritual monkey left reluctantly. Before leaving, it extended its hairy paw to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen gave it a fruit, but it didn't draw back its paw.

"How greedy you are."

In the end, the monkey left with a pile of fruits. It was wobbling and staggering while walking, but the fruits didn't fall.

Smiling helplessly, Jiang Chen started to practice.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》