The Brilliant Fighting Master
439 Dragon Rebel Pioneers
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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439 Dragon Rebel Pioneers

Not all men of sacrifice had the same strength. It differed by the state of the person when they were alive.

It was difficult for those in higher states to become men of sacrifice, but once they succeeded, they would be more powerful.

Jiang Chen's scream woke the crowd up, causing them to hurriedly run back. The passages built between the mountain walls were only fifteen feet wide. It was crowded with people, some even almost falling.

When they had finally gone back to the entrance, a Celestial Dragon Gate suddenly appeared and blocked their way. No one could leave.

"Spirits of the brave departed, please revive the supreme authority of the Dragon Dynasty!"

Su Xing opened his arms. With his call, the iron chains fixed on the mountain walls started to shake violently, and the iron handrails of the cages emitted a mysterious red radiance.

Not until then did people notice the handrails were carved with small, tadpole-like characters.

Each character contained a stunning power. The mountain was shaking, as if its narrow interior couldn't handle the power anymore. The wooden passage under people's feet was cracking.

Fortunately, the situation didn't worsen. The mummies in the cages started to move.

There were seven of them, as artificial as wax figures. They didn't even have eye balls, and they were so bony that they looked like skeleton demons.

However, the fragile-looking bodies contained a power impossible for those present to defend against.

Murong Long managed to stay calm. He asked in a low voice, "Su Xing, you planned all of this?"

"Information is more important than anything else. You knew nothing about the secret treasure. You deserved to be schemed against." Su Xing stopped hiding himself anymore. His evilness was impressive, his look cold and emotionless.

"What do you want to do? Kill all of us?" asked Murong Long.

Many people looked towards Su Xing nervously.

Because of their greed, they had put their lives in Su Xing's hands.

"The Evil Cloud Palace only has one enemy—the Hero Palace." Su Xing glanced at the crowd coldly. The two teams from the Hero Palace immediately felt extremely pressured.

Other people tried to stay away from them so that they wouldn't be associated with them.

"And the Hero Palace's allies," Su Xing went on.

It dawned on the people what Su Xing wanted. He wanted them to pledge their loyalty to him.

"We would like to join the Evil Cloud Palace."

"Apprentice Brother Su Xing, please let the innocents go."

"Yeah. We have nothing to do with the Hero Palace."

Many people hurried to air their opinions without any hesitation, afraid they would lag behind the others.

"So, where's your proof of allegiance?" Su Xing said coldly.

These people turned ashen. Looking towards those from the Hero Palace, they were very clear on what "proof of allegiance" meant.

How cruel, Jiang Chen thought to himself. He had sensed that Su Xing wasn't simple when the latter had directed the others to establish the lines of defense, but not until he himself became a victim did he realize how vicious the guy was.

Yet he didn't act on impulse. Even if the sky collapsed, there were taller ones to support it.

Li Nanxing stayed calm, observing the others' reactions.

"We'll remain neutral," said Murong Long.

"You wish. You have to kill Li Nanxing," Su Xing said immediately, as if he had anticipated Murong Long's answer.

"The Evil Cloud Palace is as cruel as expected."

Laughing coldly, Murong Long came up to Li Nanxing. He said, "I'll fight with Li Nanxing to defeat you!"

"Stop being so arrogant. That's silly." Su Xing shook his head sarcastically.

"The seven men in the cages were the seven great pioneers of the Dragon Rebel Army during the Dragon Rebellion. Each of them was at the peak of the Venerable stage. Although as men of sacrifice, their strength has been weakened, they're still Venerables."

As soon as he finished speaking, the cages opened. The seven pioneers stood in the air, regardless of the tactical formation deployed there.

"Any of the men of sacrifice could kill all of you! Murong Long, I'll give you another chance. Choose wisely this time!"

Frowning at his words, Murong Long asked, "Is the Evil Cloud Palace going to start a war?"

"The war has already started outside," Su Xing said, smiling coldly.


This was undoubtedly a shock to everyone. They were all stunned.

Su Xing couldn't have been joking. There was a great chance that this was true.

"All the disciples of the Hero Palace will die!"

"Okay. I'll join your side."

After accepting the reality, Murong Long glanced at Li Nanxing and walked away from him.

"Have you made your decision?"

Li Nanxing, who should have been the most worried, finally reacted. He put his hand on the handle of the sword.

No one answered. Less than one-third of the people were still on the Hero Palace's side, and there were seven men of sacrifice. The situation couldn't have been worse.

"Li Nanxing, surrender. You've lost. You have no chance to turn the tide," Su Xing said complacently.

"This was the whole plan? Bringing us to a temporary imperial palace that you knew about?" asked Li Nanxing.

"You knew about it?"

Each member of the Evil Cloud Palace had been given a key directing them to a location in the small world.

Su Xing's key had directed him to this temporary imperial palace.

"Yep," said Li Nanxing.

"So what are you going to do?" Su Xing was a little nervous, but no one could tell from his expression.

"Above anything else, I feel sorry for your stupidity."

The others gave Li Nanxing a strange look, as did Jiang Chen.

"Well…" Su Xing was about to say something sarcastic, but Li Nanxing didn't give him the chance.

"Samsara Sword, Thousands of Reincarnations!"

Li Nanxing drew his sword out. When the sword that had piqued so many people's interest had been taken out of its sheath, its power shocked the universe, and its radiance surged thousands of miles high, as if the sun had fallen into his hands.

No one was able to see anything, so they couldn't react.

They only heard seven quick and low sounds. Then the radiance of the sword disappeared. Li Nanxing was standing on a chain, his sword already back in his sheath.

People looked around and didn't notice anything different.

Two or three seconds later, they found the seven dead bodies of the men of sacrifice were turning into sand. As the sand kept falling, their bodies were vanishing.

The men of sacrifice that Su Xing had boasted so much about had been eliminated with a single sword attack.

The crisis Su Xing had brought about had been completely resolved. Those who had chosen to stand on his side felt awkward.

"You knew about the men of sacrifice?!" Su Xing screamed after about a minute's silence. He had totally lost his composure.

"Yep," Li Nanxing admitted.

If he hadn't been prepared for it, he wouldn't have had the countermeasure to deal with the men of sacrifice.

"Thank you for leading us here," Li Nanxing said.

Su Xing had thought he had been scheming against others, but in the end, it turned out it was he who had been led by the nose and brought the wolf to the treasure.

By then, he had lost his best chance of winning. It was no more possible for him to have a life-or-death fight against Li Nanxing, so everything in the underground here would be split evenly.

"How come this door is open?!"

Suddenly, someone found something unusual.

It turned out the Celestial Dragon Gate was open, but the opening was so small that it was only large enough for one man to go through.


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