The Brilliant Fighting Master
438 Men of Sacrifice
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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438 Men of Sacrifice

Murong Long's team had noticed the pillar and the palace, too.

After exclaiming, they ran towards the palace, apparently thinking there had to be extremely valuable treasure inside.

Jiang Chen was hiding behind a giant rock. Here, holy awareness didn't work, so he wasn't afraid of being found.

The spiritual monkey's hair stood on end upon seeing those people approach the palace. It grasped the corner of Jiang Chen's clothes nervously.

No matter what kind of miserable thing would happen, Jiang Chen would be happy to see the Murongs' team suffer.

Under his curious and expectant gaze, the team stopped outside the palace.

They were excited, but not rash. Holding a formation disk, one of them walked around the palace.

"Brother Long, there's no killing formation deployed," he said.

"Good. Keep the battle formation." Murong Long was decisive. He led the team to walk towards the gate after hearing the report.

As these people walked onto the stairs, the spiritual monkey became more jumpy. It wasn't tension anymore, but fear.

"Oh hell, retreat!"

Murong Long, having arrived at the gate, suddenly had a hunch that something bad was going to happen. He ran away as fast as he could.

The gate was automatically opened from the inside. Some figures ran out of it, killing anyone they saw without any mercy.

Jiang Chen took a closer took and saw they were soldiers in armor. They weren't puppets, since everyone had a different appearance, but dull and emotionless, they looked like wax sculptures. There was no change in any of their pupils.

Men of sacrifice!

Something suddenly occurred to Jiang Chen causing him to turn pale.

Through evil or secret methods, people who hadn't been dead for very long could be made into men of sacrifice, similar to puppets.

Compared to puppets, men of sacrifice were more powerful and easier to make.

The twelve men of sacrifice had been guarding the palace for who knew how many years, and they still worked, their fighting power still formidable.

All of them were in Cloud Nine of the Reaching Heaven State.

Since they were men of sacrifice, they didn't have any martial arts techniques. Their movements were very mechanical, but they only made killing moves.

Murong Long's team soon suffered casualties.

"Stay behind!"

Murong Long flew into a rage, a scimitar appearing in his hand. He threw it towards the men of sacrifice.

It was a powerful attack. Emitting a golden radiance, the scimitar was extremely sharp. Wherever it passed, the men of sacrifice were torn open.

How powerful!

Jiang Chen was shocked. The top three on List A of the Dragon Rise List lived up to their reputations. Putting mentality and character aide, this knife attack alone was enough to make him worthy of the title.


Maybe Jiang Chen was concentrating on the fight to such an extent that he had exposed himself unknowingly. Murong Long perceived something unusual and looked over to where he was.

He signalled to his men. Two men walked out of the team and towards where Jiang Chen was, one coming from the left and the other from the right.

Jiang Chen knew the situation wasn't favorable for him, but he couldn't move, since once he moved, he would be discovered.

All of a sudden, the spiritual monkey jumped onto the rock and grimaced, then jumped onto the mountain wall rapidly.

Their attention was caught by the monkey right away. They kept staring at it.

"Brother Long?"

"Ignore it. It's only a low-level spiritual animal that frequently shows up where valuable treasure is kept."

Murong Long glanced at it, showing no interest.

Then the team walked into the palace.

Unwilling to see the treasure taken by Murong Long, Jiang Chen was no longer able to remain still outside the palace.

He was about to take the risk to follow them inside when he heard consecutive explosions from different parts of the pit.

Various teams arrived at almost the same time. They dashed into the palace as quickly as possible.

In this way, Jiang Chen had no scruples about entering the palace. He snuck into the crowd.

Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!

The spiritual monkey chirped anxiously in the air, but it was too late. It could do nothing but watch Jiang Chen walk into that place.

Inside the palace was a totally different world. There were more than four walls. Opposite of the gate was a long passage.

Jiang Chen walked through it and found himself in the interior of a mountain.

The passage was built in a hollowed-out mountain. Arm-width iron chains were connected to each other, forming a giant net.

Inside the iron net were many iron cages. The people imprisoned in them had become mummies.

This is a prison!

Jiang Chen finally realized what the underground palace was for.

He was curious why the Dragon Dynasty had been willing to make such a big effort to build such a grand palace to contain these people.

"They were the rebel army fighting in the Dragon Rebellion!"

"Gosh. It's the royal family of the Dragon Dynasty that's kept here."

"Well, is this only a prison?"

Those familiar with the history of the Dragon Field solved Jiang Chen's puzzle.

These prisoners had been members of the royal family. Even though they had been doing their time here, the cells had to live up to their identities.

No wonder the palace looked so grand from the outside, while the inside was so desolate.

There couldn't have been any valuable treasure hidden in a prison, but these people were reluctant to accept the reality. They turned the place upside down. In the end, they looked to the cages hanging in the air.

Obsessed with the treasure, they cast eyes on the mummies.

"Don't you dare offend the ancestors of the Dragon Dynasty!"

Suddenly, a growl pushed these people back. Su Xing was standing on an iron chain, full of anger.

"These people were members of the royal family of the Dragon Dynasty. They're the ancestors of the Evil Cloud Palace," said Su Xing.

People began a heated discussion.

The Evil Cloud Palace had been founded by the remaining supporters of the Dragon Dynasty, as known by most people from the Dragon Field, but it was just hearsay that had never been confirmed. The Evil Cloud Palace had never talked about it, either.

However, Su Xing finally admitted it and deemed himself a descendant of the Dragon Dynasty.

"Su Xing, why are you so nervous? Are there any secrets hidden in these mummies?" Murong Long questioned him, not intimidated.

"What kind of treasure could be hidden in mummies?" Su Xing said disapprovingly.

"Let's search." Murong Long was aggressive, unwilling to take a single step back.

Su Xing had a cutting look on his face as he looked over sharply.

"I won't be scared off." Murong Long let out an odd laugh, as frightening as Su Xing.

Then Li Nanxing spoke. "There's no treasure hidden in these mummies, but each mummy itself is a piece of valuable treasure."

What he said was shocking. It started an uproar. Su Xing paled.

"They haven't decayed, even though 1,000 years have passed. It's unusual indeed."

It dawned on the crowd. They cheered up and felt less frightened of Su Xing. Besides, Murong Long and Li Nanxing were there. As long as they moved fast enough, they could get as much as they could carry.

"Hahaha." Su Xing burst into laughter all of a sudden. He didn't try to cover his aggressive evil energy at all. It gushed out, shaking all of the iron chains and creating a great disturbance.

"You're about to die, but you're still so greedy. I don't feel any pity for you," said Su Xing.

"Su Xing, what did you mean?" said Murong Long coldly.

"This is bad."

Something occurred to Jiang Chen. He looked towards the cages again. When he had confirmed his assumption, he shouted loudly, "These mummies have been turned into men of sacrifice!"

They only needed the order to come alive.

Different from the men of sacrifice that had functioned as guards, these imprisoned ones were exponentially stronger.

"This is an Evil Cloud Palace conspiracy!"

The small world wasn't accessible to Venerables, but what if there had been Venerables here before the restriction was imposed?

They would be able to kill lots of people, essentially invincible.


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