The Brilliant Fighting Master
437 Pit and Palace
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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437 Pit and Palace

Jiang Chen was located in a giant pit.

He thought it was a pit because he could see minerals everywhere, and they were the crystals of fire dragon.

In the center, there was a giant pillar made of crystals of fire dragon in the form of a crystal cluster that would require several men to hold it from end to end.

The fireball became unnecessary, since the pillar was giving off a dazzlingly bright light.

Jiang Chen forgot about the spiritual monkey and went up to the pillar. Then he found what he had seen was only the tip of the iceberg. There were more crystals buried under the stone walls.

"Why are the crystals above the ground?"

Jiang Chen looked towards the passage while feeling pleasantly surprised.

This was obviously not a pit from any normal excavation. He felt more puzzled at the thought of how he had come here.

He started to walk around the pillar, trying to figure out its mystery and made some findings quickly.

"So the Dragon Dynasty also had a way of using the crystals as practice resources."

There was a very special crystal inside of the pillar. Emitting a lily-white radiance, it was the source of the pillar's light.

"This is the source of the crystals of fire dragon!" Jiang Chen held his breath, feeling fanatical. This was the biggest breakthrough he had made in the secret treasure.

If he could obtain it, he would be able to enhance his state by three clouds, because, he would be able to absorb the pure energy from it, not needing to deploy any tactical formation.

"This was a back room used for practicing. The owner of the palace must have been very noble. Could have even been the emperor of the dynasty!" Jiang Chen assumed.

For such people, such a room for practicing was a standard resource, and the source of the crystals was only used to improve the environment, but to Jiang Chen, it was the most valuable treasure.

He didn't want to save it for future use at all. He intended to dig it out right at that moment.

Before starting, he looked around warily.

The spiritual monkey was gone. There was no trace of life in the passage, so he used the black knife as a shovel and started to dig.

He had to be careful with his digging, since the crystals of fire dragon had a powerful energy.

If he dug with too much effort, an explosion could happen. Judging from the size of the pillar, Jiang Chen could be blown sky-high from underground.

When there was finally a hole, he reached in for the source of the crystals.

The crystal point felt warm and long. The light was so brilliant that it looked as if it was about to gush out.

Jiang Chen wished he could absorb it right then and there, but he wouldn't allow such a good thing to be used improperly.

He was about to put it into the mustardseed ring when a hairy hand grabbed it.

Of course, it was the spiritual monkey. It had been hiding behind him once again. When it had the source of the crystals, it ran away quickly.

Jiang Chen wouldn't let it go so easily this time. He released lightning as he chased it, but the spiritual monkey was extremely agile. It kept hiding from him. The two of them were whirling around the pillar.

"It's useless to you," Jiang Chen said anxiously.

He knew that spiritual animals wouldn't need such things to strengthen themselves.

"It's useless to you," the spiritual monkey repeated in a teasing voice, maybe as revenge for the electric shocks it had received from him.

Jiang Chen was irritated and sped up.

Suddenly, the spiritual monkey stopped running around the pillar, instead running towards the darkness.

Not until then did he notice the back room wasn't closed. There was an exit, illuminated by the source of the crystals the spiritual monkey was carrying.

He followed it. He had to slow down inside there, since the terrain was extremely complicated. If he was careless, he could crash into a wall.

Several minutes later, when Jiang Chen felt like he had run underneath half of the mountain, he finally arrived at the end.

To his surprise, it was still a pit, but many times bigger than the previous one.

There was another giant pillar with the source of crystals, as well.

In the spacious area, it would have been very difficult for him to find the spiritual monkey, but as the source of crystals it was carrying was like a lamp that lit up his path, he found it hiding on the wall above him right away.

But what he saw out of the corner of his eye petrified him immediately. He left the spiritual monkey behind.

On the other side of the pit, there was a complete palace.

Not the underground palaces that had mountain walls as its walls, but with formal red walls and yellow tiles, seeming solemn and majestic.

Under the pillar's illumination, it seemed there were people living in there, for there were lights on.

"So many palaces were built up there. Why is there another palace down here?"

Jiang Chen couldn't figure it out. He took a few steps ahead and found the pit was extremely huge, almost as big as a valley.

The pillar was located in the center, while the palace was on the other side.

It would take him at least half an hour to walk there, so he jumped up, intending to fly over.


But he failed to fly, falling and continuously tumbling.

He managed to stop on his butt, then realized it was impossible to fly in here.

Some tactical formation must have been deployed, and it was still working although so many years had passed.

Fortunately, Reaching Heaven States couldn't fall to their deaths. Otherwise, it would be a silly way to die.

However, the tumbling brought him there faster.

Patting his clothes to get the dust off, he found he was in the middle of the pillar and the palace.

He suddenly couldn't decide whether he should go for the source of crystals or approach the palace.

For the ancient people of the Dragon Dynasty, the source of crystals was only used as a building material to construct the back rooms, but here's a palace. There must be some extremely valuable treasure in there.

Besides, there was a monkey overhead. Jiang Chen didn't want to be tricked again.

He suddenly had an idea. He walked towards the pillar and repeated what he had done to dig towards the source of crystals.

In a moment, he switched his core of thunder on to the fullest. Covered by electricity, he heard the spiritual monkey receiving electric shocks once again, and this time, it had been paralyzed, thus it couldn't run away.

"Wanted to fight against me. Huh."

Jiang Chen turned around to grasp the spiritual monkey and switched off the electricity.

By then, the monkey's hair had been burned black, smoking. The source of crystal in its hand fell onto the ground.

Squeak. Squeak.

The monkey squeaked in a weak voice while he put the two sources of crystals into the jade bracelet.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. Spiritual animals were fragile, although they had special abilities.

The electric shocks had nearly killed the monkey.

It looked intelligent. Its big eyes, especially, reminded him of Whitty.

"Alas. Why did you have to bother me?"

Jiang Chen didn't have the heart to see it like this. He injected some gentle energy into its body and gave it a pill.


He put the spiritual monkey on the ground and patted its little head. The monkey stood there, still at a loss. It raised its arms like a shy girl.

Jiang Chen ignored it and walked towards the palace, but the monkey bared its teeth and kept running back and forth in front of him.

"Something wrong?" Jiang Chen understood the monkey wanted to stop him. His curiosity was piqued.

The spiritual monkey apparently knew the underground world better than him.

It had tried to warn him with good intention. It meant the palace was dangerous.


Right at this moment, a loud sound came from the other side of the pit. Someone had broken the mountain wall with brute force.

A team strode over in the flying dust.

What a bloody coincidence.

Jiang Chen recognized it as the Murongs' team. He hurried to hide with the monkey.


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