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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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435 Cremation

Murong Yuan experienced the same feeling the two teams had, but she was even more helpless.

The fierce beasts approached her swiftly.

"Jiang Chen?"

Ying Wushuang realized he wasn't bluffing and actually meant it, so she felt pity for Murong Yuan.

She hated Murong Yuan, but they had once been close friends.

However, at the thought of what Murong Yuan had done, she didn't ask Jiang Chen for mercy for her sake.

With harsh screams, Murong Yuan died tragically in the wave of fierce beasts.

Then Jiang Chen and others took position as the first line of defense again to resolve the crisis of the fierce beasts.

"I was supposed to kill her." Zhang Yu overcame his grief. After learning the whole story, Murong Yuan's tragic death didn't seem enough to him.

"She did that because of me," said Jiang Chen.

"Her brother won't leave it at that. You'd better leave as soon as possible. Li Nanxing will take care of the other members of the Holy Sword Society," Zhang Yu said helplessly.

Right or wrong, Murong Yuan was the young lady of the most powerful aristocratic family of inheritance in the Dragon Field. This was far from over.

"That's right. Jiang Chen, you leave first." There was worry in Ying Wushuang's beautiful eyes.

Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen said, "Six men died because of her. She deserved a lot more than death. Why should I leave? The Murongs' team hasn't paid the price yet!"

The others were surprised to hear him. They were wondering whether he had any background to claim this or he simply thought so.

In this world, it wasn't so easy to give everything a perfect explanation, but what Jiang Chen had decided wouldn't change easily.

However, he wasn't foolish. Aware that there would be a desperate fight, he started to deploy a tactical formation while the battle in the center area was still going on.

About an hour later, the battle in the center area had subsided.

The five lines of defense were facing less and less fierce beasts. The meaning of this was obvious.

Soon, seven figures flew into the air from the center area.

"The lines of defense have done their job."

Then the five teams started to move towards them, except those of the first line of defense, who had taken a hint from Jiang Chen and stayed where they were.

It didn't take long for Murong Long to come accompanied by the Murongs' team, wearing a disappointed face, as if he had been punished.

The other people were confused. They didn't know what this meant.

Over the hill, Murong Long, who had never liked Jiang Chen, shouted in a cold voice, "Jiang Chen, give Murong Yuan back to me!" He was arrogant, his stern eyebrows emitting a kind of majesty.

"There," Jiang Chen said calmly, pointing in a direction.

Seeing him like this, Murong Long realized things weren't looking good for him. He flew into a rage. Muffled growls could be heard from the sky.

It was already impossible to tell if this was Murong Yuan by her looks, but he recognized her by her clothes and figure.

"How dare you! I'll kill you and rip your dead body to pieces!"

There was a terrifying killing intent in his raging voice. As one of the top three of the Dragon Rise List, he attacked right away. Roars came from the sky where he was, as horrifying as the roar of a tiger or dragon.

"Wait," someone stopped him.

It was Su Xing, also one of the top three.

"Jiang Chen, why did you kill her?" he asked from the hill before Murong Long could vent his anger.

Zhang Yu told him what had happened immediately. Everyone was scared out of their wits.

"This Murong Yuan didn't care about our lives at all!" someone said immediately. The mere thought of what could have happened struck them with fear.

If the first line of defense had been broken through, it would have created a chain reaction among the fierce beasts all over the mountains.

Although it hadn't actually happened, it was only thanks to Zhang Yu's team, who had paid the price for it.

As Jiang Chen had said, Murong Yuan deserved a lot more than death!

"You want to be my enemy?" Murong Long didn't leave it at that. He also ignored the others' reactions.

He only wanted to take away Jiang Chen's life!

Su Xing didn't try to confront his look burning with hatred. He looked away naturally.

However, the other guy standing behind Su Xing made Murong Long nervous.

Li Nanxing seemed the same, looking down at the ground with slight melancholy.

The only difference was that he had grasped the handle of the sword at his waist.

It was a treasured sword. Although he hadn't drawn it out of its sheath, it was easy to tell.

"If you attack, I'll draw my sword," Li Nanxing said calmly, yet confidently.

Murong Long struggled, but he didn't allow the matter to be dropped there. He said in a low voice, "It's time to decide the rank of the top three of the Dragon Rise List."

The crowd went into uproar. No one had anticipated that the fight that everyone from the Dragon Field had been looking forward to would start this way.

"Apprentice Brother Li, this is a private matter." But Jiang Chen surprised them more, especially Su Xing, who couldn't help frowning.

Gazing at him, Ying Wushuang hurried to say, "Jiang Chen!"

How could he survive Murong Long's attack without Li Nanxing's help?

"I know what I'm doing," said Jiang Chen.

Ying Wushuang calmed down and nodded.

Li Nanxing looked at Jiang Chen. This was the first time they had made eye contact or had a formal conversation.

"Are you sure?" asked Li Nanxing.


Then Li Nanxing's hand moved away from his sword handle.

Murong Long didn't understand what Jiang Chen was up to, but in his opinion, no matter what scheme the latter had planned, it would be less dangerous than Li Nanxing's attack.

"Stupid." This was a comment for Jiang Chen. He landed on the ground, guarding against a sneak attack from Li Nanxing or Su Xing.

"Your foolishness will kill you and harm those with you." As he spoke, Murong Long looked towards Ying Wushuang, Zhang Yu, and the others. His look was so cold that it sent shivers down their spines.

"Go into the air," Jiang Chen told those beside him.

They hesitated. They really wanted to stay with Jiang Chen, but the enemy was too powerful. If they stayed, they could become a burden on him, so they flew into the air reluctantly, including Ying Wushuang.

However, she knew Jiang Chen must have a plan that depended on them not staying with him.

"What a hero."

Murong Long only needed one movement to kill people, so he wasn't anxious at all.

"Better than the Murongs' slyness," said Jiang Chen.

"Hehe." Murong Long smiled, but everyone knew what that smile meant. "Go to hell."

Murong Long knew he wouldn't see fear on Jiang Chen's face anyway, so he didn't bother to speak, intending to launch an attack immediately.

"Bury the Sky!"

But to his surprise, Jiang Chen acted before him, thrusting his spiritual sword into the ground.

The mountain started to shake right away. Heat surged into the clouds and pushed those in the air away.

As if a volcano had erupted, the plants in the mountains started to burn, and the soil under Jiang Chen and Murong Long's feet turned into magma.

The orange flames shrouded the whole mountain. Looking at the sea of fire, the crowd was petrified.

"This Jiang Chen is crazy," someone murmured.

He had refused Li Nanxing's help and intended to die along with Murong Long. What a terrifying man.

Suddenly, a figure dashed out of the sea of flame. It was Murong Long.


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