The Brilliant Fighting Master
434 Peed Herself
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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434 Peed Herself

The Holy Sword Society was fearless and resolute. Under Jiang Chen's lead, they met the large amount of fierce beasts head on.

"Don't they want to live anymore?"

Zhang Yu's team was stunned. They didn't see any chance for ten-odd people to fight against hundreds of fierce beasts and survive, but those of the Holy Sword Society didn't seem to feel the same.

"What?" Zhang Yu found there were subtle connections among those people.

There seemed to be a thread connecting them all together. Their strengths gathered and swept far and wide, like waves.

As soon as they went up to the flock of the fierce beasts, a holy sword took shape and threw itself at them.

The fierce beasts hit it and fell in flocks. Under the holy power, their dead bodies weren't even left.

Impacted by the holy sword, the fierce beasts fell apart.

Zhang Yu came to himself and shouted loudly, "Attack!" He led his team to kill the fierce beasts that had survived from the attack of the holy sword.

Other people were inspired, their fear gone. They were emitting strong killing intent.

This was a bloody battle.

At the third line of defense, hearing the disturbance coming from the first line of defense, Murong Yuan showed a cruel smile.

"Young lady…" In a moral dilemma, the acting leader said, "Shall we notify the leader?"

If the first line of defense was broken through, the fierce beasts would charge to the center area without any obstructions.

"That will be unnecessary. There aren't many of them. Brother Long will be fine." Murong Yuan didn't take the situation seriously.

"But in that case, the plan that we've been preparing for over nearly ten days will fail," the acting leader murmured reluctantly, lowering his head.

To his surprise, Murong Yuan heard him. She looked towards him.

"Young lady!" Not until then did the acting leader realize how terrifying Murong Yuan was. He turned pale.

"Are you short of money?" asked Murong Yuan.


"So it'll be fine, won't it? If we don't get anything, other people won't get anything, either. The Murongs will still be the richest family," said Murong Yuan.

The Murongs will fall sooner or later if she keeps thinking this way, the acting leader complained to himself, but of course, he wouldn't say it out loud.

"Young lady, fierce beasts don't fly. Jiang Chen could still survive," he hurried to shift the topic.

"As long as it's dangerous enough, he'll be the one at the greatest risk." Murong Yuan's smile became bigger and bigger. She said coldly, "Jiang Chen likes to show off. He'll absolutely let the others run away first."


The acting leader didn't know what to say. This was supposed to be something to admire. Why did it sound so foolish and ridiculous coming out of Murong Yuan's mouth?

"The disturbance has stopped!"

Murong Yuan hurried to look up. She beamed when she didn't see anyone flying into the air.

"They must be dead. All of them!" She felt proud of her scheme.

The battle on the hill of the first defense line had ended. Corpses were everywhere.

Jiang Chen exhaled deeply and asked loudly, "Is everyone okay?"

He only got scarce replies in weak voices. The members of the Holy Sword Society were exhausted and covered with blood.

"Jiang Chen." Ying Wushuang came up to him and wiped his cheek with her silk handkerchief.

Not until then did he feel his skin was sticky. It was covered with beast blood.

"Look there," Ying Wushuang said in a low voice.

Jiang Chen heard some grieved screams before he could look back.

It was Zhang Yu. Only three men in his team had survived. The others were all dead.

Without any tactical formation, although they had only been helping at the rear, they'd paid a big price.

They could have flown away, but they had been reluctant to abandon their companions.

Both Jiang Chen and Zhang Yu knew that if the first line of defense failed, those from the other lines of defense would be put at risk, too. Then more people would die.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen looked towards the third line of defense.

His expression scared Ying Wushuang so much that she continuously stepped back. She had never seen his face look so horrifying.

"I'll take a look over there." Jiang Chen then flew there rapidly.

"Let's get ready."

Murong Yuan was extremely happy. She took out a peach after the order.

The Murongs' team kept sighing to themselves when she wasn't paying any attention. They were heading for the center area to join Murong Long.

"Look out!"

At this moment, the acting leader saw a dark figure.

Moving as quickly as a ghost, the dark figure had broken through the defense line as soon as the acting leader finished speaking. He went up to Murong Yuan.

"Young lady!"

They were given a scare, worried for Murong Yuan's safety.

However, when they saw who it was, they couldn't help but stop advancing.

Covered with blood, full of killing intent, the figure was too aggressive to be approached.

"Jiang Chen?" Murong Yuan recognized him. Her complacency was gone as she opened her eyes wide.


Jiang Chen attacked fast. He struck her neck hard, forcing her lower to the ground.

"Jiang Chen, don't act on impulse!" Shocked, the acting leader tried to stop him.

"Get away!"

Jiang Chen looked askance at him and the acting leader froze.

"He looks so terrifying!"

The acting leader felt as if he had been struck by lightning. Jiang Chen's cold look was more terrifying than any king-level fierce beast he had seen.

"You… why are you still alive!" Murong Yuan tried very hard to say.

"What did you do?" Jiang Chen forced more strength into his voice, intending to drown out her annoying voice.

The acting leader and the others all felt ashamed.

The lines of defense functioned as water-gates. They were supposed to control the number and movement of the fierce beasts.

Each line of defense was responsible for splitting the flock of beasts and killing half of them, but they hadn't done their job. Instead, they had followed Murong Yuan's order to block huge amounts of fierce beasts and force them to go to the first line of defense.

"Great! Great!"

Jiang Chen kept smiling coldly. No matter how perfect a plan was, humans were always the most unexpected factor.

"You really want me to die, don't you?"

Seeing Murong Yuan's face go extremely red, Jiang Chen made a decision.

"I should kill all of you! Now, you keep on defending your line. Otherwise, she won't survive."

Jiang Chen took Murong Yuan away. No one was able to stop him.

The Murongs' team wanted to chase him, but they were afraid of Jiang Chen's strength and worried for Murong Yuan's safety, so they had to follow his instructions.

Back on the hill, Jiang Chen put Murong Yuan on the ground, letting her see the dead bodies all over the ground, including Zhang Yu's dead teammates.


Touching her neck, Murong Yuan said indifferently, "A few people died. So what? What's the big deal?"

"Yeah. So it'll be no big deal if you die, either," Jiang Chen said coldly.

"Huh, do you dare kill me? Brother Long is in the center area, and my family's team is upstream. Do you want what happened before to occur again?"

Not realizing how dangerous the situation was for her, Murong Yuan was still shouting aggressively.

"Why do you think I've taken you here?" Jiang Chen asked.

Murong Yuan was dumbstruck. She froze up, and a look of horror crossed her face.

Those in the center area wouldn't know it if she was killed!


Murong Yuan wanted to ask for help, but Jiang Chen covered her mouth and disabled her Qihai roughly.

In the end, Jiang Chen left Murong Yuan in the corpses.

"You wretch! You disabled me! How dare you disable me!" Murong Yuan shouted like a crazy woman, but she soon stopped shouting.

She could hear fierce beasts running over from the third line of defense.

"Don't… don't do this to me…"

Having realized what Jiang Chen doing, Murong Yuan was scared out of her wits. She felt warmth between her legs. A yellow liquid flew from between her legs.

She had peed herself!


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