The Brilliant Fighting Master
432 Five Lines of Defense
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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432 Five Lines of Defense

The most precious treasures in the Martial Imperial City had been divided among extremely strong people.

Some lucky early birds had made gains, too.

Others had felt extremely jealous when they had learned about the treasure by hearsay, but they could only blame themselves, for they hadn't arrived there fast enough.

Murong Long's announcement caught everyone's attention immediately.

Yet some people were puzzled. If this was true, why would Murong Long have told them with good intentions?

They got their answer soon.

"It's a blessed land, but it's also the nest of all the fierce beasts in the secret treasure.

"Su Xing, Li Nanxing, and I, our teams tried to collaborate, but it was still too risky for us.

"Now I'm telling everyone about this so that all teams willing to go can act together. You can take whatever you find if you're strong enough.

"If you want to go, come into the air."

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone in the city flew into the air.

"Line up in teams," said Murong Long again.

Soon, hundreds of people were split into teams of around ten people.

Jiang Chen's Holy Sword Society was among them, too.

"I suppose your elders told you before you came here, that the most dangerous thing in the secret treasure was human beings."

Su Xing raised his head and threw back his shoulders. He looked fearsome, more natural than Murong Long and without any trace of affectation, as if it was an integrated part of him.

"But now, we have one common enemy, which are the fierce beasts that stop us from getting the treasure.

"As long as we can get rid of the fierce beasts there, the infinite treasure there will be ours."

Some people thought only strong teams would get the meat, while others wouldn't even get the chance to drink the broth.

But of course, those strong teams would also be those who dealt with the toughest beasts, and the information had come from a strong group, so no one had any second opinions.

"So let's go."

As soon as Li Nanxing got to his feet, hundreds of people flew out of the Martial Imperial City.

Ying Wushuang pointed in one direction and asked, "Jiang Chen, shall we go there?"

There was another team from the Hero Palace in the Martial Imperial City, the Holy Martial Arts Association, which was led by Li Nanxing.

It was formed by around twenty people, all elites from the Hero Palace. They were very powerful people with sharp looks.

"If we go with them, we'll only get the broth," said Jiang Chen.

Strength, risk, and gain.

The three followed certain rules.

Those who chose to seek shelter from others and join other teams were actually sacrificing their gains to lower the risks.

Jiang Chen wasn't such a conservative person, but he chose to discuss it with the other members of the Holy Sword Society.

"President, you're the boss," these people answered in one voice. They all chose to trust Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen realized his question had been unnecessary. As the team leader in the secret treasure, it was his responsibility to make decisions and lead the team.

"Great! I have a sword formation here that I'll impart to you."

Jiang Chen imparted a tactical formation to his men through holy awareness.

Ying Wushuang was about to say that they didn't have enough time for that, but when she received the information about the sword formation, she swallowed her words and was more than convinced by Jiang Chen.

There was no unnecessary introduction included in the information Jiang Chen had transmitted to them, like the name of the formation, its characteristics, or its power.

He had only told each person the information they needed, corresponding to their positions and movements in the sword formation.

The members of the Holy Sword Society had become some parts of a whole. They could form an effective and lethal tactical formation at anytime.

Only masters who were extremely skilled at tactical formations could assign tasks so perfectly.

They didn't say anything on the way, busy digesting the contents of the tactical formation they'd just learned.

They had no idea how powerful the tactical formation could be, but they trusted Jiang Chen.

After two hours of flying at moderate speed, they arrived at the place Murong Long had mentioned.

People confirmed what Murong Long had said was true after seeing it with their own eyes.

It was a rolling sierra, grand and magnificent.

If one took a closer look, one would find palaces with red walls and green tiles in the mountains.

Overlooking it from a high altitude, it was easy to tell that these buildings had all belonged to a temporary imperial palace, but as the years had passed, nature had split it into many independent parts.

Looking at all the eager people, Murong Long shouted loudly to stop them, "Don't land for now. The fierce beasts will be disturbed!"

As he spoke, there were many fierce animals visible below.

Jiang Chen saw a ten-yard-long black centipede on a roof.

It looked like it was made of iron, its black surface shining like metal. When it wriggled, it created a great disturbance with great power.

A giant colorful snake was lying on a tower, obviously difficult to deal with.

These were all fierce beasts, much more terrifying than normal beasts and monsters. They were aggressive, holding a natural hostility to people, which was why they were called fierce beasts.

"Let's divide our tasks." Su Xing from the Evil Cloud Palace acted as a leader.

Murong Long had only told the others not to act on impulse. As for what to do next, he had no idea.

"Fierce beasts are classified into soldier level, general level, king level, spirit level, and holy level.

"According to my investigation, there were several soldier-level and general-level fierce beasts down there and five king-level."

As Su Xing spoke, he drew the distribution of the fierce beasts to show people.

"I suppose you know what that means, with so many fierce animals gathered here." He made everyone nervous. The crowd was breathing rapidly.

So many fierce animals had been attracted there. There must have been practicing treasure in the temporary imperial palace.

This was what attracted martial arts practitioners most.

"Each of the five king-level fierce beasts is terrible, but this isn't the trickiest thing.

"During the fight, the swarming of low-level fierce beasts will be a great disturbance for us.

"We'll take care of the king-level fierce beasts, but we need you to form five lines of defense to keep the low-level fierce beasts away from us."

That was why they had shared the information about the temporary imperial palace with so many people.

"These five lines of defense will be deployed at these places." Su Xing pointed at different places in the mountains and said, "The five lines of defense need to be built in three minutes. Otherwise, we'll be put at high risk."

"Now, who wants this task?"

No one answered. No one wanted to risk it, since each team would fight their own battle.

"Without the lines of defense, we won't be able to kill the king-level fierce beasts. If we don't get rid of the fierce beasts, none of us will get any treasure," Murong Long said unhappily.

People looked at each other. They knew it was true.

"To build the defense lines, someone has to take the lead to distract the fierce beasts so that the weaker ones can form tactical formations." Li Nanxing went straight to the point. He continued, "Everyone will have to work. It's only fair."

Soon, these people were divided into five teams and went to where they were going to build their defense lines.

Their leaders had all prepared for the upcoming fight, awaiting orders to set off.

"Jiang Chen, watch out." Ying Wushuang was worried. A mere glance at the hideous fierce beasts down there froze her blood.

"It'll be fine."

Ranked fiftieth, Jiang Chen, of course, would be the first one to act. The one collaborating with him was Zhang Yu, whom he had just defeated.


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