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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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430 Top Fifty

The battle started in the air. The encounter of the fist and the palm created such a strong energy that it started to thunder.

Zhang Yu's palm force was formidable, while Jiang Chen's fist power was devastating. The two kept fighting hand to hand. Each exchange of blows was both extremely threatening and extremely exciting. The bystanders down on the ground couldn't help but exclaim.

"Why isn't he any worse than Zhang Yu?"

Most people were dazzled, but in the eyes of the three men sitting on the bell tower, each movement in the amazing fight could be broken down into smaller movements. They could see through the secret and intention of each movement.

In terms of technique, the fist attack and the palm attack were equal, so they didn't understand how the masked man could be comparable to Zhang Yu, a master of fight doctrine.

"Zhang Yu is in Cloud Seven, while he's in Cloud Six. It could be due to the gap in the development of their extraordinary meridians."

Murong Long's interest was finally piqued. He started to analyze, but then he corrected himself immediately, "No, not only the gap of their extraordinary meridians. It's far more than that."

"He has dragon power," Su Xing said suddenly.

Even Li Nanxing tilted his head slightly. A light flashed in his eyes.

"He's from the Evil Cloud Palace?" Murong Long said curiously.

The Evil Cloud Palace had been founded by the supporters of the Dragon Dynasty. It was said the founder had been a prince.

Only those who had royal blood could master dragon power.

"I didn't know there was such a guy." Su Xing shook his head slightly. He wasn't too sure.

"I'm so curious. Let me take his mask off to see who he is." Murong Long wasn't a patient man, and he didn't take the masked man seriously at all. He was about to put his plan into action, but Li Nanxing said suddenly, "If you go, I'll draw my sword out."

He said it in such a casual way that he wasn't even looking at Murong Long. Instead, he was gazing at his own sword.

Murong Long was surprised. He looked towards Su Xing, who was also perplexed.

"You know him?" Murong Long asked directly.


"So why did you stop me?" Murong Long said unhappily.

"I want to see whether he'll succeed or not." Li Nanxing's answer made Murong Long speechless. It had nothing to do with his interests. He just wanted to see it. That was all.

Murong Long raised his arm and then put it down. He said helplessly, "Fine. Fine. Fine. I'll give him a chance."

On the other side, Zhang Yu and the masked man's fight had become intense. They'd never stopped for a break and the fight was only getting fiercer and fiercer.

However, when they had reached a certain altitude, the gap started to show.

The palm force and the fist power were like two sealed water tanks, into which Zhang Yu and Jiang Chen were pouring water at the same time.

Jiang Chen's tank was always full. No matter how hard he tried, it wouldn't work.

On the contrary, Zhang Yu was stilling pouring water into his tank, since he was a master of fight doctrine.

The bystanders in the Martial Imperial City also realized that what people had always said was right.

"Number fifty on List A of the Dragon Rise List is many times stronger than number fifty-one."

Zhang Yu and the masked man were the best example.

"I won't give you any time to rest during this fight."

This was the moment that Zhang Yu had been waiting for. He stopped holding back and exerted his unique movement.

"Pure Yang Holy Palm!"

His palm was as hot as a burning sun. It pressed down towards the masked man.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and released all of his eight extraordinary meridians. Wind and thunder gathered along his arms. He threw them towards the golden giant palm.


A deafening blare sounded, shocking everyone. The energy created from the two attacks covered the sky over the Martial Imperial City.

The crowd felt like it was like the end of the world.

The fist had failed to hit through the golden palm, but it hadn't backed off, either. They were in a stalemate, but Jiang Chen was obviously at a disadvantage. He kept faltering under the pressure, on the verge of being swallowed by the golden light.

"If you land on the territory of the Martial Imperial City, you'll be breaking my rule," Murong Long shouted loudly, afraid the mess wasn't messy enough.

Jiang Chen's faltering suddenly stopped, maybe due to what Murong Long had said.

"It's not going to work." Zhang Yu pressed his arm down from above and the golden palm exerted a formidable power once again.

Jiang Chen's face behind the mask started to distort. Under this pressure, his body was about to turn into a fragile vase. If he didn't have a countermeasure for that, he would be crushed.

However, he could do nothing but keep exerting his force, flinging caution to the wind. Right at this moment, his genuine phoenix blood started to burn. His body suddenly burst into flames.


Abruptly, another blare came, sounding like the masked man's body had been crushed.

Zhang Yu thought the same, but he immediately paled. He felt as if a giant mountain was surging up from under his palm that he had no way to stop. He was pushed into the sky instead.


A fierce, angry growl came from behind the mask. His arms were covered with golden light. The dragon power in his body erupted in torrents.

"No way."

Murong Long, who had been making jokes, couldn't help but stand up. Something occurred to him.

"He did it," Su Xing also said.

They were the first to realize that the masked man had mastered the fight doctrine. His martial arts techniques could take much more power and his fighting power had soared.

In the end, the palm force and the fist power erupting into the sky. All the clouds for miles were driven away. The blue sky became clear.

Zhang Yu retreated to the far end. He hadn't lost yet, but his face was really disappointed.

He had never thought others could take advantage of him to break through. It made him really annoyed.

"Even though you did it, you'll still lose." Zhang Yu wasn't anxious, because he knew his rival wasn't a fist master.

They were both masters of the fight doctrine by that point. He just had to try his best to fight and defeat his rival with his martial arts techniques.

"We can stop here," the masked man said.

"What?" Zhang Yu was surprised. He had become a master of the fight doctrine, so he didn't want to continue?

He was extremely angry. What did this guy take him for?!

"You're not a match for me anymore," said the masked man.

"How ridiculous!" Zhang Yu wouldn't believe it.

"Because I'm actually a swordsman. My fist attacks are weak." Jiang Chen took his mask off as he spoke.

He didn't have to be afraid of Green Ghost anymore. Although he still wasn't comparable to the latter, it would be impossible for the latter to kill him.

He threw the mask away. While others were gazing at his face, the Red Cloud Sword appeared in his left hand.

"Jiang Chen!"

Ying Wushuang was very emotional and turned red. Since she had entered the secret treasure, she had never lost her composure like this.

"What…" Murong Yuan's reaction was the opposite of hers. Her face was entirely indescribable.

She thought of what she had said at the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce before coming here.

She had said her fiancé Mo Jianfei would catch up with him under her supervision, but it had taken Jiang Chen less than two weeks to prove with his actions how ridiculous she had sounded.

She was afraid that even if she used up all of the Murongs' resources, Mo Jianfei wouldn't be able to catch up with him.

"No. He hasn't made it into the top fifty yet. This fight isn't over yet!" Murong Yuan was still struggling. She was cheering for Zhang Yu silently, hoping he could kill Jiang Chen.

In that case, the gap would be eliminated all the same.


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