The Brilliant Fighting Master
429 Hero and Truth
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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429 Hero and Truth

Chapter 430 - Master of Fight Doctrine

The highest building in the Martial Imperial City was a bell tower. From any viewpoint, it required people to look up to see the top.

The bell tower was not only high, but its foundation was very deep. As a result, it was influenced by the crystals of fire dragon it was built on.

Three men were sitting on the bell tower. They were Li Nanxing from the Hero Palace, Su Xing from the Evil Cloud Palace, and Murong Long from the Murongs, one of the eight aristocratic families of inheritance.

The three had been the top three of List A of the Dragon Rise List for years.

However, there wasn't a number one or number two.

Because the three had never fought against each other. There had never been a fight result to decide their ranks.

They had noticed the arrival of the masked man. Li Nanxing was pretty calm, his eyes as melancholic as usual.

Su Xing raised his eyebrows and looked over with interest.

"What a bluffer." Murong Long felt disdain for him. His black eyes were pretty cold.

Although they had different reactions, none of them intended to stop the masked guy.

Staying in the air, he hadn't really broken the rule they'd made, since he hadn't entered the city.

If the guy he was going to challenge didn't want to go out, he couldn't enter the city to challenge him, either. Otherwise, any one of the three would kill him easily.

However, competitive practitioners with a strong intention to win definitely wouldn't admit they were a wuss in a place full of geniuses from the Dragon Field.

Zhang Yu went into the air, staying at the same altitude as the masked man.

No opening speech would be necessary, since there was already an awfully tense atmosphere between the two.

"You are?" the masked man said in the end.

"Zhang Yu, ranked fiftieth on List A of the Dragon Rise List."

Seeing the masked man hadn't recognized him, he curled his lip unhappily.

"I'm not here for you." The masked man put people at a loss. Although everyone had assumed that he had come to challenge someone, did he really have other things to do except challenge him?

"Is Han Siming in town?" the masked man shouted, ignoring Zhang Yu's long face.

"He's arrogant," Su Xing commented from the bell tower.

He had said to Zhang Yu's face that he hadn't come for the latter, and then he had mentioned Han Siming, who was ranked even higher.

Zhang Yu's expression told everyone how angry he was.

"If you did that intentionally to irritate me, you've done it. And you'll pay the price for it," said Zhang Yu.

"You got me wrong. I'm not here to challenge you or Han Siming."

The person behind the mask, of course, was Jiang Chen. After being separated from Han Siming, he had been worried about the latter.

He had learned of the existence of the Martial Imperial City from the guy he had defeated the day before, so he had come here.

"You insulted me. I'll need your blood to wash the shame away."

But Zhang Yu wouldn't let go of him. Other people in the city couldn't accept it, either.

"Hey, you! Are you frightened?" someone shouted from the ground, afraid the fight wouldn't happen.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. He did want to have this fight, but he wanted to summarize what he had gained from the past couple of days' fights first.

"If that's what you want, let's fight," he said.

The whole city raised their arms in exclamation. They opened their eyes wide, trying to see every detail clearly.

"Why are you wearing a mask? Are you old?" Mu Ronglong shouted loudly from the bell tower before they started the fight.

It reminded the others that the masked man wouldn't be qualified for the top fifty or to be on the Dragon Rise List at all if that was the case.

Zhang Yu managed to control his anger for that moment. He said, "Take your mask off so that you'll have your dignity even if you lose."

"There's a psycho that wants to kill me. I'll take it off when I step into the world of fight doctrine." Jiang Chen didn't agree.

"That's why you've been challenging people. Does that mean you'll take the mask off once you've defeated me?"

Zhang Yu understood why he was doing that. Although surprised, he thought the masked man had a good excuse.

"Exactly," Jiang Chen nodded. His rival was a master of fight doctrine. He had to step into the world of fight doctrine to win this fight.

"What a pity. People will only see your dead face," said Zhang Yu.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. Reluctant to admit his inferiority, he said, "I won't kill you, a rival that helps me master the fight doctrine."

Neither of them had said anything especially arrogant, but their confidence was striking. Only strong people would be that confident.

"That's why he's been challenging people."

"He didn't want to have this fight because he wanted to wait until he had mastered the fight doctrine."

"But now he has to do it. I don't think he has any chance of winning."

"Didn't you hear what he said? He's going to make a breakthrough during the fight to become a master of the fight doctrine."

"That's impossible, unless he's a really impressive genius."

The people in the Martial Imperial City were in a heated discussion. They tumbled to the realization that the masked man had decided to fight. His resolution to fight against Zhang Yu for his own dignity made them look forward to the result.

"Is he just foolish enough or too foolish?" Murong Long scorned disdainfully when he understood the masked man's intentions.

It would be extremely effective if one fought against a rival that was in the world of fight doctrine. Actually, he himself had succeeded in this way.

However, his rival had been a teacher whom his family had offered a rich reward. The teacher had pressured him on the premises of not hurting him, and left him enough time to be enlightened.

Zhang Yu would absolutely not do the same to a guy who had tarnished his reputation. He would definitely try his best.

It was true. Zhang Yu's long hair was flying madly in the wind, his energy like an angry dragon dashing around. And he was just accumulating his power.

When he exerted his movement, the sky changed considerably. Energy in the shape of a water ball appeared between his palms.

"Rakshasa Palm!"

Another rival who was good at palm methods. It couldn't just be a coincidence, since palms and fists were more suitable for a fight doctrine than knives and swords.

Many people would give up using weapons in the time before their fight doctrine level became high enough.

For example, Jiang Chen had put his knife and sword into his mustardseed ring. He was going to use only his fists to fight.

"Furious Dragon Holy Palm!" Jiang Chen shouted. His fists hit everything around him with massive force.

Ying Wushuang sighed at this scene.

She had thought the masked man was familiar when she had laid her eyes on him. Although the robe had covered his figure perfectly, she could still tell who he was from the view of his back.

If he had held a sword in his left hand, even if it wasn't the Red Cloud Sword, Ying Wushuang would be able to confirm it was him, but it didn't seem possible to her that the Jiang Chen she knew could exert such an aggressive fist method.

Standing not too far away from her, Murong Yuan scorned, "What? Did you think he was Jiang Chen?"

When the masked man had mentioned he was being chased by someone, she had also thought of Jiang Chen, who had been chased thousands of miles by Green Ghost.

But of course, she didn't want to believe it. Her fiancé hadn't yet made it onto List A of the Dragon Rise List, while Jiang Chen was working on fiftieth place?

What a joke!

When she saw the masked man use his fists, she was sure it couldn't be Jiang Chen, but unlike Ying Wushuang, she felt relieved.

Her first thought was, Thank god it isn't him.

"She thought it was that guy called Jiang Chen? How ridiculous. How would that be possible?" Han Feiyu laughed at Ying Wushuang.

It had never occurred to him that the guy could be Jiang Chen, since he thought those who were chased by Green Ghost would have no chance to survive.


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