The Brilliant Fighting Master
428 Martial Imperial City
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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428 Martial Imperial City

In the Martial Imperial City in the small world of the secret treasure…

This was the largest building complex found in the small world by far.

Unlike the palaces built into mountains or underground, the Martial Imperial City was built on a plain.

All of the palaces there were grand and majestic.

This was the place where a tall air column had appeared.

Almost ten days had passed, and the whole Martial Imperial City had been plundered. Nothing was left, but many people still stayed there.

Due to the landmark that the air column provided, many separated teams managed to reunite there.

There had been killings on the first day due to fights for treasure, but these days, it was quite peaceful. It had become many people's base camp in the small world.

Not only humans were threatening in the secret treasure, but also numerous fierce beasts.

However, when there were lots of people, things went wrong even more easily.

Various teams from different forces in the Dragon Field were gathered in the Martial Imperial City, including both those in favor of the Hero Palace and those in support of the Evil Cloud Palace.

Hatred and the temptation of the treasure coexisted in the city. It was supposed to be a chaotic place, but everything was surprisingly orderly there.

This was because the top three of List A of the Dragon Rise List were in the city and had forbidden anyone from fighting.

In this way, this place had become a harbor for refugees in the small world. Many of those who had made gains in the secret treasure went there to digest them.

Not only was it safe in the Martial Imperial City, but there was a lode of crystals of fire dragon underneath the city.

As a result, the temperature there was always very high, and the place was full of the spirits of the universe, thanks to which practicing was easier.

The only drawback was that the Martial Imperial City was small. It could only hold a few hundred people. Many more people had to stay outside of the city.

At the edge of the city, a conflict was in process. One team was being driven away so that the place they were occupying would be available.

"Why?!" The leader of the team of course didn't agree. It was a pretty woman with waist-length black hair and fair skin.

Under her slim eyebrows was a pair of gentle, almond-shaped eyes. She was gazing at the people in front of her severely.

"The question isn't why we're driving you away. It's why you deserve to stay." The guy who was driving them away was aggressive. His tone was so compelling that it sounded like there was no room left for negotiation.

"The old rule is that those who arrive at the Martial Imperial City in the first three days are allowed to live in the city, but the new rule is that only teams whose leaders are ranked in the top 100 of the Dragon Rise List are allowed to stay in the city." The woman didn't budge an inch as she mentioned the rule.

"Are you ranked in the top 100 of the Dragon Rise List?"

"Our leader is!"

A guy behind the woman came forward and said in anger, "Besides, we're from the Hero Palace. You're a supporter of the Evil Cloud Palace. How dare you act so aggressively toward us?"

He was a large guy with a resolute and steadfast face. It was easy to tell he was hot-tempered.

The supporter of the Evil Cloud Palace that the guy had called out glanced at him, then moved like the wind and launched an attack without any warning.

He slapped the large guy a few times and the latter's face became swollen.

"Let strength speak for itself in the secret treasure."

The aggressive man focused back on the female leader and said arrogantly, "Sleep with me if you want to stay."

That was what he had been planning on in the first place. There was no shame or embarrassment on his face. Instead, he looked as if what he had proposed was totally justifiable.

"Ying Wushuang, it'll be an honor to sleep with Young Master Feiyu. Why are you still hesitating?!"

There were some pretty women behind him. He was standing in the middle of them as if he was the center of the world.

Ying Wushuang gave them a cold smile in response. She didn't bother to speak.

When entering the secret treasure, only Jiang Chen had separated from the team. Ying Wushuang and the other members had stuck together.

They had managed to survive thanks to Jiang Chen's preparations. He had prepared the best panaceas for them.

"You don't want to?" Han Feiyu's look became pretty sharp.

"You have no right to drive us away. If you want to make a scene, I'll fight you until the end. Us disciples of the Hero Palace aren't afraid of trouble," Ying Wushuang said coldly.

"Disciples of the Hero Palace should adhere to the rules, too. Even if Li Nanxing is in the city, you still can't stay there." Someone else intervened in the stalemate. It was the last person Ying Wushuang wanted to see.

"Miss Murong." Han Feiyu's attitude changed, his arrogance gone.

Murong Yuan didn't have much strength, but she was a member of the Murongs, which was one of the strongest teams at that moment.

"If the team leader isn't ranked in the top 100, the team can't enter the city. That's the rule."

Murong Yuan ignored Han Feiyu. Staring at Ying Wushuang, she said, "I suggest you join his team, like those women. Anyway, you always liked men the best, didn't you?"

"Not as much as you. You're even spending your family's resources to keep a stylish guy around," said Ying Wushuang.

Murong Yuan turned ashen, then she laughed it off and put on an elegant face. She said, "I'm glad to."

"You don't get to decide whether you stay with me or not."

Han Feiyu strode over aggressively. He said, "Now, get out of the Martial Imperial City!"

"Our leader is ranked ninety-eighth on List A of the Dragon Rise List!" someone from the Holy Sword Society said.

Smiling slyly, Han Feiyu said, "You mean Jiang Chen? Apprentice Brother Green Ghost killed him. Didn't you hear that yet?"

Everyone in the secret treasure had heard about the long pursuit.

"No one has seen the corpse!" Ying Wushuang didn't believe Jiang Chen could have died so easily.

Han Feiyu shook his head with disdain. He said, "You have no idea how formidable Apprentice Brother Green Ghost is. If he wants to kill someone, he'll kill that someone no matter what!"

Green Ghost was famous in the Dragon Field, especially among those from the Evil Cloud Palace, who knew him well.

"Even if he's still alive, you can't come in until he's here. Now, get out!"

Ying Wushuang pulled a long face. The others from the Holy Sword Society behind her were also reluctant.

At this moment, the Martial Imperial City went into uproar. Ying Wushuang, Han Feiyu, and the others looked up in curiosity.

They saw a long rainbow approaching. Gazing at it, they saw at the end of it was a man wearing a black coat and a mask.

His arrival had caused such a disturbance that he must have been an influential man.

"It's that madman!" Han Feiyu cheered up. He realized something and was excited. He said, "He came to move into the top fifty!"

He ran towards the masked man, leaving everything else behind.

It had occurred to Ying Wushuang as well that the man ranked exactly fiftieth was inside the city. A big fight would begin soon.

She ran over like the others, unwilling to miss a good show.

In the center of the city, there was a yard with tasteful decoration. A man was sitting on the ground with his legs crossed.

Someone hurried up to him, shouting excitedly, "Apprentice Brother Zhang Yu, that guy has come, as expected."

During this period, the madman who had challenged so many people had garnered a lot of attention.

It seemed he was aiming for a place in the top fifty.

Zhang Yu, ranked fiftieth, of course would be the first one to be challenged.

"It's time to stop this farce," Zhang Yu murmured, looking up into the sky.


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