The Brilliant Fighting Master
427 Will of Fight Doctrine
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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427 Will of Fight Doctrine

Jiang Chen didn't leave that special space until Green Ghost had been gone for a while.

It was dangerous staying inside there, but as long as one knew the rules and didn't touch anything they shouldn't touch, nothing would go wrong.

Jiang Chen went back to the beach. He started to treat his injuries after having confirmed Green Ghost was gone.

He was severely wounded, but it wasn't a big problem for him.

It only took him half a day to recover, but he wasn't in a good mood. Looking at the tracks from the fight still left on the beach, he started to think.

He had not only achieved Cloud Six, but had also absorbed abundant dragon power before the fight against Green Ghost.

In theory, he shouldn't have suffered such a big loss.

However, Green Ghost had told him the reason. It was because he hadn't been as powerful as the top fifty of List A of the Dragon Rise List.

As for what that meant, he would have to explore it on his own.

Jiang Chen's martial arts techniques could be ranked in the top three of the Dragon Rise List.

His strength was much greater than the other Reaching Heaven States in his state, and he also had extraordinary power, dragon power, and phoenix power.

With all of this combined, my fighting power is dozens of times stronger than second place on the Fighting Power List.

But the flaw of the Fighting Power List was exactly what I lacked just now.

Jiang Chen was smart enough to think this through. It was just a matter of time.

If martial arts techniques can be compared to a cannon, my strength is like a cannonball.

But right now, my cannon can't exert the greatest power for the cannonball, since the force is too small.

Not only were his martial arts techniques beyond compare, it was also uncommon that a Reaching Heaven State possessed all different kinds of powers.

Jiang Chen walked into the sea. Looking ahead, he brandished his Red Cloud Sword. The curved radiance of the sword created a cloud that was hundreds of yards high.

This was the power of his all-out effort.

Jiang Chen pierced the sword into the sand. He closed his fists and jumped to punch a fist out.

When his fist hit the water, the great power started a disturbance in the sea and created a three-thousand-foot-high wave.

This was the power of his all-out efforts, too, mainly composed of the dragon power, aided by wind and thunder, with extraordinary power hidden in it as well.

The different powers he had created confirmed Jiang Chen's assumption.

The sword is short, while the dragon power is too strong. When I inject it into the sword, at least ninety percent of it is wasted.

It's true that extraordinary power is capable of anything, but since the recovery of my Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds, I haven't worked on it yet.

Jiang Chen knew he shouldn't rely on the sword to exert all of his power. He had to split the power.

Although using this logic, the power of the doctrine of the sword would lose ten percent of his dragon power, as long as he used the power wisely, the dragon power could create miracles.

As for the power of the doctrine of the sword, he would have to enhance it through the sword. He shouldn't have injected all kinds of powers into it.

However, even if he didn't use the dragon power, he still couldn't give full play to his martial arts techniques.

He had accomplished the great achievement of the Immortal Doctrine of Sword. It was almost impossible to find a second person that had earned such an achievement.

He forgot about Green Ghost and took Han Siming as an example.

Jiang Chen's martial arts techniques and state were nearly the same as his, but according to Green Ghost, Jiang Chen wouldn't be a match for him.

There must be a way to make martial arts techniques more effective. But what would that be?

Jiang Chen was eager to meet Han Siming. He assumed he could get an answer from the latter.

"Azure Demon."

He was also sure he could think out the answer sooner or later, but he didn't want to waste the time just to prove how smart he was, so he awakened Azure Demon, one of the eight groups of beings.

"Who's the enemy?"

Whenever Azure Demon was awakened from his sleep, there would be a desperate fight, so he thought they'd run into strong enemies again.

When he learned what had made Jiang Chen so distressed, he said, "With your talent, it'll only take you two days to figure it out."

"The secret treasure is only open for a month. Those two days are precious," said Jiang Chen.

"All right. To put it simply, your martial arts techniques and your strength are in a reversed situation."

Once a great Venerable, Azure Demon's knowledge in this regard was comparable to Jiang Chen's attainments in tactical formations and panacea.

Jiang Chen came to understand what the problem was after hearing his explanation.

One's martial arts techniques could maximize one's strength. Jiang Chen had been relying on this to defeat those in a higher state, and he enjoyed doing it.

However, before having entered the secret treasure, his martial arts techniques had barely been able to hold his strength, and that was without his consecutive breakthroughs in his state from the past few days.

"Most people won't ever have your problem, since they'll never be that strong.

"But those who can achieve this level are second-to-none geniuses. With one more step, they can be perfect and flawless."

What Azure Demon had said was exactly what Jiang Chen had been thinking. What he was interested in knowing was how to take this step ahead.

"Since what troubles you only exists in fights, it's called the area of fight doctrine."

"The area of fight doctrine?"

"Yeah. For example, the creation of nature and martial arts techniques is a mix of the great doctrine of martial techniques and martial techniques of conception. The area of fight doctrine is a mix of martial arts techniques and strength.

"You've been relying on martial arts techniques to exert your strength. Your martial arts techniques have been driven by your strength, but in the area of fight doctrine, the two will be combined."

Jiang Chen realized that this was what Green Ghost had been talking about.

"The top fifty of List A of the Dragon Rise List must all be geniuses whose strength is stronger than their martial arts techniques. After working on the area of fight doctrine, they've made more progress."

Jiang Chen's eyes lit up. He looked towards Azure Demon eagerly and asked, "How do I do it?"

"Fight. Keep fighting. That's why it's called the area of fight doctrine," said Azure Demon.

Jiang Chen was dumbstruck, as if he had been drenched with a basin of cold water, because he couldn't find any enemies there!

"After hundreds of fights, one will be enlightened in the area of fight doctrine. With your talent, maybe only seventy or eighty fights will be enough."

Azure Demon suddenly lost interest and said, "In fact, as long as one's strength is stronger than one's martial arts techniques, anyone can achieve the will of fight doctrine. The key is the quality of the fight. To survive in one life-or-death fight is equal to ten trivial fights."

Jiang Chen had thought the will of fight doctrine was simple, but he suddenly realized it wasn't.

It seemed simple, but in fact, what it tested was one's comprehensive level. It required people to fight and survive.

"So, fight!"

Jiang Chen flew into the air and put his mask on. He put on a long black cloak to cover his figure.

If he couldn't enter the area of fight doctrine, even if he enhanced his state to Cloud Eight, he wouldn't be comparable to Green Ghost.

An odd masked guy appeared in the secret treasure.

While others were seeking treasure, he was challenging people.

At first, others thought he was there to rob them, but after the masked man won, he neither robbed nor killed anyone. He just walked away, leaving his rivals confused.

As he defeated stronger and stronger rivals, his fame became greater and greater.

He once fought for eight hours against Liu Canyun, ranked fifty-seventh on List A of the Dragon Rise List, and won.

People started to be curious about his identity.

He had chosen to challenge people in the secret treasure; it was obvious he wanted to become famous. Judging from those he had challenged, he was aiming to get into the top fifty of the Dragon Rise List!

If he could really make it, there would be one more influential man in the Dragon Field.


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