The Brilliant Fighting Master
426 A Crushing Defea
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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426 A Crushing Defea

Green Ghost, ranked thirty-first on List A of the Dragon Rise List, was in Cloud Eight of the Reaching Heaven State.

This was his fighting power as it was known to the world. However, everyone knew people who could make it into the top fifty couldn't simply be evaluated by their state.

Jiang Chen had narrowed their state gap down to two clouds. According to past experiences, he had a good chance of winning, but somehow, when Green Ghost looked over, the enhancement in state didn't make Jiang Chen feel more confident.

He even got goosebumps when they were close enough.

Green Ghost seized the chance that he had been waiting for in the past days and launched an attack first. His hands were still making gestures rapidly.

In this process, the silver sand around him floated up and a strong magnetic field took shape around him.

"Thousand Hand Gesture!"

As his hands moved, the shadows of his palm formed what looked like thousands of clouds. They crashed into Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen immediately injected the power of the doctrine of sword and the power of thunder into the Red Cloud Sword and manipulated the power of the holy pulse and the power of dragon.

He, already in Cloud Six, looked extraordinary.

However, under the attacks of the palms' shadows, he was still in a rush. He couldn't help but keep stepping back.

"Your fighting experience is practically at zero." Green Ghost smiled coldly and approached him. The movement of his palms had many variations. His palm attacks were swift and violent.

"You've gotten used to relying on external forces. In addition, you made all your achievements in such a short time. You're doomed to fight as immaturely as a child."

Green Ghost started his verbal attack again, intending to make fun of Jiang Chen and shatter the latter's spirit through words.

It would be extremely satisfying for him if his words could affect his rival. In addition, it would make the four days of pursuing him worthwhile.

"Creation of nature and martial arts techniques!"

Jiang Chen hadn't anticipated his inferiority, and he was indeed affected by that. He had no idea what the problem was.

Green Ghost stayed calm in the face of Jiang Chen's unique sword attack. He said sarcastically, "Is this your trump card? Not quite up to snuff."

The sublime power of the doctrine of the sword could smash almost everything in the world, but Green Ghost had managed to ward it off as a man of flesh and blood.

"Idiot, you don't know what the problem is, do you?" Green Ghost suddenly shouted, "The lethality of your sword attack isn't as powerful as your strength!"

He wasn't giving Jiang Chen pointers with good intentions, though what he had said was true.

He smiled coldly upon seeing Jiang Chen's surprised face.

"Ghost Palm's Final Hit!"

That was what Green Ghost had intended to do, to exert his final hit when his rival had finally realized the problem so that the latter wouldn't have any chance to correct himself and would instead die with regret.

Thousands of palm shadows spread along the beach, then overlapped to form a ghost palm of a normal size.

The whole beach had been turned upside down. Whirling sand was blown all over the sky.

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth. It wouldn't work, even if he exerted the Sword Method of Ksana. It was less than possible for him to escape.

"Armor of thunder! Fire barrier!"

He had to use every defense he had. Besides the armor of thunder, he covered himself with fire, but when the ghost palm hit him, he was still hit off the ground. He flew hundreds of yards, and both of the armor of thunder and the fire disappeared.

"Martial arts techniques are extremely profound, but they're worth nothing if they're disconnected from one's strength.

"I assume you've been relying on your extraordinary martial arts techniques to challenge people in higher states, but those who you defeated were only mediocre.

"With your level, you can't defeat anyone ranked in the top fifty of List A of the Dragon Rise List.

"For as long as you haven't achieved what I told you, you'll never be able to make it.

"It's a pity that you won't have the chance to achieve it."

Green Ghost kept approaching him. The fight against Jiang Chen hadn't exhausted him. Rather, he had recovered.

Jiang Chen got to his feet. The armor of thunder and the fire weren't completely useless. He could still do something besides wait for his death.

"Green Ghost, nothing I want to do is unachievable. No one I want to kill can stay alive."

Green Ghost said with pride, "Do you want to kneel down and let me kill you or struggle for the last time?"

"I choose to live." As he spoke, Jiang Chen flew up again. However, this time he flew to the sea.

Green Ghost had never seen a person with such a strong will. They weren't very far away from each other, so before Jiang Chen could fly high enough, he threw another palm out and hit Jiang Chen on the back.

Jiang Chen spit up blood, but he didn't have any time to wipe it away. He kept flying forward.

"What a pest."

Green Ghost shook his head and followed him. He wanted to see Jiang Chen die with his own eyes.

However, he slowed down soon, since at the end of his sights, an abnormal scene had appeared.

They had come to the end of the small world. There were no more roads ahead.

At the end, numerous mirrors of different sizes formed a barrier.

Green Ghost stopped in the end. The laws of that space were beyond his reach.

If he was careless, he would be smashed into pieces, not knowing how or why, but Jiang Chen was way more audacious than him. He went into the zone and kept pacing back and forth.

He really does have balls.

Green Ghost wanted to pull him out of there, but he didn't dare.

He was wondering whether Jiang Chen knew where he was.

"Why did you stop chasing me?"

While he was hesitating, Jiang Chen's voice came from inside. "Didn't you just tell me that no one you wanted to kill could stay alive?"

Green Ghost burst into laughter due to his extreme anger. He said, "Do you know that you could be smashed to death in there?"

"I know. But take it easy. It won't happen." He sounded pretty sure of himself.

"I'll wait here. You've been severely wounded. Let's see what you can do," said Green Ghost.

What Green Ghost had said caused Jiang Chen to fret, since he had seen how persistent this guy could be.


A golden air current suddenly surged into the clouds on the beach behind them.

It was very far away, so the light column looked pretty slim, but if distance was taken into account, it must have been a great disturbance.

"It must be a priceless treasure. We can even see it from so far away."

Jiang Chen had noticed it, too. He said, "It's a pity that someone doesn't have the luck to take it, since he can do nothing but stay here watching me."

"Don't try to play tricks on me. I won't let you go. I can kill you whenever I want." Green Ghost wasn't affected, but he looked back several times in less than a minute.

"So it's a great disturbance. Could it be more valuable than magic weapons? Maybe it's panaceas that could help you become a Venerable or a hill of fire dragon crystals? What do you think?" Jiang Chen said slowly.

"Damn it." Green Ghost couldn't sit still anymore. He gave Jiang Chen an angry stare and said, "Even if you survive now, I'll kill you one day in the end."

Then he hurried to fly towards the light column.

Jiang Chen was relieved. He felt so lucky. That guy would have stayed there forever if there hadn't been any priceless treasure.

The crisis had been resolved. However, the heavy injuries he had suffered brought him pain.

I should have escaped.

It was the first time that Jiang Chen had suffered such a loss, and he finally understood the saying "after joy comes sadness." He also realized he had severely underestimated the top fifty of List A of the Dragon Rise List.


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