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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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424 Green Ghos

Cheng Qing couldn't bear the atmosphere anymore. She shouted loudly, "What do you want?!"

"Give us all of your treasure and leave the three dead bodies," the man said.

The mention of the three dead bodies called people's attention. They didn't understand what exactly he meant.

"It's a game. The more corpses there are in the square, the more fun. You have ten minutes to decide who should die," the man said, smiling.

Those trapped in the tactical formation glanced at each other. One of them asked, "Will you really let the others go?"

"Of course," the man gave them an affirmative answer.

In this situation, Jiang Chen saw the people look towards the three weakest men with much hesitation.

"He's making fun of us. Do you really think he'll let us go alive?" said Jiang Chen.

What he had said alerted his teammates, who had almost been talked into it by the man. They gave up the crazy idea.

"Do you think you're that smart?" The man raised his eyebrows. He seemed unhappy.

"Green Ghost, ranked third on the Slay Demon List, blows hot and cold, keen on torturing his enemies to death, not only physically, but also spiritually," Jiang Chen exposed his identity.

The enemies who were spreading out were shocked to hear about him.

Green Ghost looked down. The corners of his mouth slid upwards coldly.

"How boring you people from the Hero Palace are," said Green Ghost. Then a striking power gushed out of his body.

Seeing Green Ghost about to release his power through martial arts techniques that would put the people below at risk, Jiang Chen suddenly jumped.

Those from the Evil Cloud Palace in the air didn't think it was a big deal. They all had cold smiles, but they soon found that Jiang Chen wasn't trying to run out of the tactical formation. He was actually reversing the tactical formation with his dazzling movements.

When Green Ghost threw his palm down, the power of his palm was warded off by the tactical formation.

"What's going on?" Green Ghost was unhappy with the result.

"Apprentice Brother Green Ghost, he changed the tactical formation!" one of his companions said as he walked out with a formation disk.


"The tactical formation is supposed to restrict enemies so that their attacks can't go farther than the range of the tactical formation, and as a result, they can't do anything to resist the attacks, but now it's been reversed," the man said in fear. Sweat dripped down his cheeks.

"You're the one who deployed the tactical formation. You can't do anything about it?" When Green Ghost said this in an unhappy tone, the companions of the tactical formation master felt pity for him.

"I… I have no idea how he did it—"

"Does that mean if I want to kill him I'll have to crack the tactical formation on my own?" Green Ghost interrupted and came up to him.

"Yes." The tactical formation master's voice was shaking, as was he.

"Great. Good job." Green Ghost tapped him on the shoulder. On the third tap, he exerted his power through his palm and shook the whole skeleton of the tactical formation master to pieces.

The tactical formation master screamed and fell out of the air. He fell on the outer square, dead.

After doing all this, Green Ghost, beaming, said, "Jiang Chen, as you can see, I need a tactical formation master on my team."

"You should know I'm from the Hero Palace," said Jiang Chen.

"So? We're in the secret treasure's world. There's no difference between the Hero Palace and the Evil Cloud Palace here."

Jiang Chen asked him, "So you want me to remove the tactical formation and join you?"


"You wish," Jiang Chen laughed.

No matter whether Green Ghost meant it or not, he wouldn't allow him to avoid the consequences of his actions.

"You think the tactical formation will protect you?" Green Ghost said with a cruel smile.

Jiang Chen ignored him. He went up to Han Siming and asked him while helping him heal, "Will we have a chance if we fight together?"

If he stayed confident no matter what situation he was in or who he was facing, he would have been arrogant. Jiang Chen had the confidence to deal with Yuchi Tian, but Green Ghost wasn't an average guy.

He was almost as great as Li Nanxing or Lin Jingyu, who had led the teams from the Hero Palace.

"Green Ghost, ranked thirty-first on List A of the Dragon Rise List. The chances are low, even if we fight together." Han Siming recognized Green Ghost, too. He said helplessly, "I'm only around ten places lower than him, but the gaps are huge among the top fifty."

"So let's break out of the encirclement."

It wasn't always necessary to fight until the end. It was also an option to run away. Otherwise, Green Ghost and his companions wouldn't have had to deploy the tactical formation.

"Sure," Han Siming agreed with him. Jiang Chen changed the tactical formation to improve their chances of escaping.

"When the tactical formation disappears, we'll run away separately. Don't look back!"

Then he took out the Star Chasing Bow again.

Green Ghost was deploying his men to circle them when he saw the bow. He was seriously surprised.

"How do you have this bow?"

Jiang Chen didn't answer. He strung an arrow on the bow, but aimed it at the gates of the underground palace.

"What are you doing?!"

Clear of the Star Chasing Bow's power, Green Ghost had a hunch that something bad was going to happen, yet he could do nothing to stop Jiang Chen. He watched as the Star Chasing Bow shot into the gate, and then the underground palace collapsed. The whole stone wall was damaged.

"You're courting death!" Green Ghost flew into a rage. Jiang Chen had destroyed his plan and stopped him from getting the treasure. More importantly, the disturbance would bring even more people there.

Although it had been precisely his plan to stay there and hunt, he wouldn't be able to deal with all those people if they came at the same time.

Before Green Ghost could do anything, Jiang Chen aimed at him, too.

Green Ghost took a deep breath and felt his hair standing on end.

The Star Chasing Bow didn't give him any time to prepare. It whooshed across the sky, but by then, Green Ghost managed to relax. He said, "It's such a waste that you're the one who has the Star Chasing Bow."

He raised his hands as high as his chest and started to make gestures with both hands. He used both of his thumbs and index fingers to form a triangular. A scarlet light mark appeared there.

"Ghost Gesture!"

When the light mark and the Star Chasing Arrow met each other, the whole gorge was affected. It was abruptly widened by dozens of feet.

The azure flagstone road was smashed, too. The whole gorge was shaking as if there was an earthquake.

"What?" Green Ghost didn't see any dead bodies, so he knew Jiang Chen and the others were still alive. That meant they had run away!

"Go! Anyone who doesn't bring a dead body back will be punished severely!"

Green Ghost wouldn't allow himself to suffer losses because of Jiang Chen. He was going to eliminate Jiang Chen's whole team.

After sending his men out, he chased after them personally. His target was Jiang Chen.

Soon, he saw Jiang Chen just over three miles away. He shouted loudly, "If you think you can outrun me, you're mistaken."

"Catch me if you can."

"You're interesting prey. I'll torture you until I lose interest, then I'll kill you." Green Ghost curled his lip. He was flying at full speed. When he accelerated, he left long white streaks behind him as his body zoomed across the sky.

The distance between them became less and less.

One mile, 300 feet, thirty feet…

They were so close that Jiang Chen could almost feel Green Ghost's breath on his back.

When Green Ghost was close enough to launch an attack, Jiang Chen suddenly charged downward.


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