The Brilliant Fighting Master
421 Water Can Overcome Fire
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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421 Water Can Overcome Fire

"You're fake and disgusting. The three disciples of the Hero Palace didn't even draw their weapons out of their sheaths. They knelt down to beg for mercy, but you killed them anyway, for no reason."

Jiang Chen wasn't intimidated at all. Instead, he was giving off a more and more aggressive energy.

Yuchi Tian, unmasked by Jiang Chen, felt a little awkward. A cold smile belied his embarrassment.

"Watch out!" Han Siming hurried to warn Jiang Chen from behind.

Yuchi Tian opened and raised his palms. The waterfall was changing, becoming fiercer. The water was starting to flow in reverse when he pressed his palms together with a loud clap. The flowing water formed two water dragons that swept towards Jiang Chen.

"This isn't good!"

Han Siming saw how extreme the force and the lethality of the water dragons were. He turned very pale.

The strength Yuchi Tian had shown in this attack was comparable to his.

"Be prepared. If anything goes wrong, let's rush forward together!" Han Siming ordered through holy awareness.

However, Cheng Qing and the others had no confidence at all. They were full of fear, as Yuchi Tian had intimidated all of them.

The water dragons travelled across the sky and flew up and down. The water gave off a silver luster.

"Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack!"

Jiang Chen brandished his sword before the water dragons could swallow him and struck the Red Cloud Sword in the middle of the two dragons.

The rainbow-like light of the sword looked as if it was plowing through the sky.

When the light touched them, the dragons roared and water splashed. The energy spread out, wreaking havoc in the sky.

Cheng Qing and the others, staying very close together, felt suffocated. They turned ashen.

Under Han Siming's orders, they kept stepping back.

"So powerful," Cheng Qing couldn't help exclaiming after they were out of the range of danger.

She didn't just mean Yuchi Tian, but also Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was the main goal. He was bearing much more pressure than the rest of them, who had only been slightly affected.

But he still stood there. He and the sword in his hand formed a triangle, which functioned as a shield.

He's not bad.

Even Yuchi Tian was surprised. He used his feet to smash the rocks under his feet into pieces when the water dragons were about to fall apart, then he dashed into the water dragons like a soaring arrow.

The water dragons had been damaged. As he entered them, they lost the form of dragons entirely and turned back into water in midair.

Both Jiang Chen and Yuchi Tian were trapped there.

That's not good!

Han Siming realized this was dangerous. Yuchi Tian had obviously accomplished the great achievement of the creation of water.

Jiang Chen was completely at a disadvantage in the water. He was making a great effort to prevent the water from drowning him, while Yuchi Tian was swimming like a fish.

His fists were ready. When he threw his fists out, the force and the waves gushed out together.

Jiang Chen knew if it went on like this, the situation would ultimately be unfavorable for him. The genuine blood of the phoenix started to boil in his body.

Endless flames poured out, evaporating the water quickly.

Unbelievable. He's mastered such a high level of creation of fire?

Han Siming was very surprised. He knew through observation that Jiang Chen was good at the creation of wind and metal, but it looked like his level of creation of fire was even higher than that of his creation of metal.

But it's not a wise move.

Water could overcome fire, but it would consume a huge amount of his energy to dry the water through fire.

Maybe he isn't experienced enough in real fights, Han Siming thought. After all, Jiang Chen was still very young. If he had been Jiang Chen, he would have broken out with the aid of fire.

The same idea occurred to Yuchi Tian. He showed a smile. "Your state is lower than mine. Your strength is weaker than mine, too. And you're more foolish than me."

After telling Jiang Chen this through holy awareness, he dashed towards him. Less than thirty feet away from the latter, he kept throwing his fists at him.

His formidable fist force created a dangerous swirl in the water, expanding with Jiang Chen at the center.

Jiang Chen's flames were extinguished. The energy jar isolating the water started to crack like an egg shell.

"See? Water trumps fire. I only needed a little force to deal with you, but it won't be the same for you." Yuchi Hong seemed to have foreseen Jiang Chen's tragic end.

"Water beats fire, and what beats water?" Jiang Chen asked. He didn't look like he was in danger.

Jiang Chen switched off his energy jar when Yuchi Tian had a strange feeling. The water immediately swallowed the former. He could have been torn apart by the swirl.

"Armor of thunder! Core of thunder! All on!" Jiang Chen shouted in anger. A dazzling light shone on his body. Arcs of electricity as thick as boa constrictors flashed out of the water.

"No…" Yuchi Tian turned pale. He tried to retreat, but his body was out of control. He started to twitch fiercely.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: The First Movement!"

Jiang Chen gazed at him and exerted his killing movement.

Although he was in the water, he still managed to move fast. He ran out quickly.

Only this time, traces had been left in the water. Unlike before, when everything had ended before his rivals could see what was going on, a strong person like Han Siming could see the traces left behind by the sword.

Others merely saw waves tumbling.

"Ghost holy armor!"

Yuchi Tian struggled to come to himself after defending against a few sword attacks. He exerted the Yuchis' best move. As he focused his mind, all of the water fell.

Facing the ghost holy armor, Jiang Chen stopped exerting his sword movement and scoffed, "What? Are you afraid?"

Both of their heads were soaked, but Yuchi Tian looked worse. He was incredibly pale, blood flowing out of his armor.

Yuchi Tian wanted to stall for more time. He took some recovery panaceas while asking, "How did you… enhance your strength so rapidly?"

Han Siming and the others were wondering the same thing.

The strength Jiang Chen had shown just now was enough for him to make it into the top fifty of List A of the Dragon Rise List!

Cheng Qing and the others who had been giving him digs felt especially hot in the cheeks, as if they had been slapped.

"You're too weak. That's all." Jiang Chen took many recovery panaceas as well. It was extremely tiring to fight in the secret treasure, but he also understood why the power of state was said to be the most important standard of one's strength. It was the source of everything. Extraordinary power, dragon power, power of phoenix blood, nothing could exist without it.

The enhancement of his state made it easy for him to fight against Yuchi Tian.

"The ghost holy armor's hardness is in direct proportion to one's strength. Don't think you can win just because you cracked Yuchi Hong's armor."

"Yuchi Hong didn't even manage to touch your clothes. Don't think I'll be the same as him."

Yuchi Tian didn't admit his defeat. His killing intent grew stronger. He had suffered losses just because of the lightning.

He was confident he could kill Jiang Chen with the aid of his ghost holy armor.

"Jiang Chen, he used the ghost holy armor, so he lost. Let's work together," Han Siming suggested.

"Lose? I've lost? Are you kidding me?!" Yuchi Tian didn't agree with him.

"Thank you, but I can crack his ghost holy armor," Jiang Chen refused Han Siming courteously and put the Red Cloud Sword back into its sheath.

"You want to crack my ghost holy armor? I wonder how." Yuchi Tian's tone was full of sarcasm, as if he had heard a funny joke.

"Simple." Smiling mysteriously, Jiang Chen took out a bow.

"A magic weapon?!" Yuchi Tian's pupils constricted, and his body stiffened.

"The Star Chasing Bow? How does he have it?"

Han Siming and the others were also surprised that this bow was in Jiang Chen's hands.


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