The Brilliant Fighting Master
420 Unforgivable
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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420 Unforgivable

"Leader, this place is empty."

The other team members walked out of the palace, full of confusion.

Jiang Chen flew up from the foot of the mountain. He had buried the three bodies, all sibling disciples. Although they hadn't known each other, there hadn't been hatred among them.

"Jiang Chen, Cheng Qing has sensed the location of the treasure. It should be in this palace, and it can lead us to the killer," said Han Siming.

The others wished they could head there right away, but they soon came to themselves. Someone else had beaten them to it. They could do nothing about it. If they asked the person to give them the treasure, it would be robbery.

They weren't shameless enough to do that.

However, that person had killed three disciples of the Hero Palace. That gave Jiang Chen the excuse to go after him, and since Jiang Chen was a member of the team, of course they would lend him a hand. After they killed that man, the treasure would no longer have an owner.

Then they would have a perfectly justifiable excuse.

"How do you sense where the treasure is?" Jiang Chen didn't air his opinion immediately, so others didn't sense his hatred.

"I can sense the existence of a still object with strong energy from a certain distance." Cheng Qing said impatiently, "That person isn't moving now, but as soon as he moves, I'll lose track of the treasure. If he gets far enough away, I'll lose him completely."

What she had said made the others anxious.

"I didn't know them. I won't pretend that I'll get revenge for them, but I'll aim for the treasure," said Jiang Chen.

"Are you afraid? You have us with you." Cheng Qing didn't believe him. There was complaint in her tone.

Jiang Chen glanced at her. His stern stare made her stiffen. She shut her mouth.

"But as a member of the Hero Palace, I have to seek revenge for them."

"So let's go." Some people didn't understand why he was still talking such a load of garbage.

"Promise me you won't step in. I'll do it all by myself," Jiang Chen finally told them the reason he hadn't left the area yet.

Han Siming understood what he meant. He said, "I see, but that guy even killed Speedy Wind. Won't it be too hard for you?"

Not until then did the others realize what was on Jiang Chen's mind. They were surprised that he was still struggling with it. They really didn't know what to say at this point.

"Leader, we'll take him there first. If he can't do it alone, we'll lend him a hand," Cheng Qing said through holy awareness.

"Okay." Han Siming took her suggestion. The affirmative answer was for both of them.

The team kept advancing under Cheng Qing's lead.

"Do you think he wants to pocket the treasure alone? Since he wants to do it all by himself."

"You're absolutely right. There's no one that pure in this world."

"But if he isn't even comparable to Speedy Wind, how could he deal with the person that killed Speedy Wind?"

"Haha, let's wait and see."

The team members communicated with each other through holy awareness, looking towards Jiang Chen from time to time like he was ridiculous.

Only Han Siming knew that Jiang Chen had been telling the truth.

He's become stronger.

Jiang Chen had been in Cloud Three before entering the secret treasure, but by that time, he was in Cloud Five.

He had made such extreme progress in only three days. Of course, the secret treasure had helped him a lot.

Maybe he'll do it.

The team quickly arrived at a giant waterfall. A youngster was lying on a rock under the torrent, completely relaxed, with a sliver of green grass in his mouth.

He didn't even turn his head to look at the team, as if he hadn't noticed their arrival yet.

However, the youngster suddenly spoke when the team was going to take another step. "You've disturbed my noon break. Have you thought about the price you're going to pay?" He wasn't looking at them with his half-closed eyes.

"You're not from the Evil Cloud Palace, so why did you kill the disciples of the Hero Palace?" asked Han Siming.

"Because they didn't answer my question."

The youngster sat up, sizing his visitors up with interest, and said, "So you're from the Hero Palace?"

Jiang Chen came forward and said, "Not all of us."

"So I'll ask you one thing that they weren't able to answer," the youngster said, smiling.

Han Siming and the others were nervous. Obviously, if they couldn't answer it either, he would start killing!

Although the young man still looked languid, the intangible pressure he was posing was already unbearable.

"What do you want to know?" Jiang Chen asked.

It was incredible that Jiang Chen could stay so calm.

"Where is Jiang Chen?"

The youngster asked a question that was very shocking for Han Siming and the others.

He had asked about Jiang Chen in his presence. Apparently, they didn't know each other, so why did he want to kill Jiang Chen so badly?

"You killed the three guys just for this question?" Jiang Chen said coldly.

"So you know the answer." The youngster showed more interest and stood up.

"Yeah. I know where he is," said Jiang Chen.

"Tell me, and I'll show mercy and let you live." His eyes were shining when he spoke.

Cheng Qing and the others found it difficult to even breathe.

"I am Jiang Chen," said Jiang Chen.

The young man squinted and said, "You are?"


"You killed Yuchi Hong?" the youngster asked again. He was Yuchi Tian, one of the three famous youngsters from the Yuchis that were hunting down Jiang Chen.

Han Siming also realized what it was about.

"You're from the Yuchis?" Jiang Chen asked.


The young man didn't answer him. Instead, he burst out in laughter. His energy was so aggressive that even the giant waterfall had stopped flowing.

Not until he had stopped laughing did the water start to fall again.

"I've been looking for you for three whole days. In the end, you've come to me yourself. What should I say?" said Yuchi Tian.

"Think about it then," Jiang Chen said, "Because these will be your last words."

"Whee!" Yuchi Tian uttered a strange shriek. His expression was affected and exaggerated, but others felt a stronger and stronger pressure emanate from him.

Behind Jiang Chen, everyone except Han Siming had to step backward.

"Jiang Chen, he's too strong. Let's do it together." Han Siming couldn't be too careful.

"No. I'll do it alone," Jiang Chen insisted.

Han Siming was worried, but Cheng Qing stopped him. She said, "Leader, now that he's insisted, let him do it. We can see what he has, too."

This time, she didn't speak through holy awareness, but out loud, because it didn't matter to her whether Jiang Chen collaborated with them or not.

"Your teammates don't seem to trust you," Yuchi Tian scorned.

"Those are your last words?"

Yuchi Tian's smile faded a little. There was clear anger on his face. He said, "You must have killed Yuchi Hong with your mouth."

"You'll learn how he died soon."

"I've seen too many stubborn people like you. When I defeat you, you'll cry and beg for my mercy," Yuchi Tian said, "But what you just said is unforgivable!"


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