The Brilliant Fighting Master
419 Speedy Wind
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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419 Speedy Wind

It wasn't difficult to understand why Jiang Chen was sneering at them.

They also knew that their anger was unjustified, but it was hard for one to be reasonable all the time.

"Buddy, aren't you being too arrogant? Don't you ever show any courtesy?"

"You're in Cloud Five, but you don't have the humility a Cloud Five is supposed to have."

"Our team leader invited you in. Why are you still talking such a load of garbage?"

While the girl was too irritated to speak, others stood up for her and pressed Jiang Chen with insults.

"So what do you suggest I do when you're standing in my way?" Jiang Chen said, smiling coldly.

"At least show us what's in your bag. We've come such a long way to get here," said one of them.

The bag Jiang Chen was carrying weighed hundreds of pounds. This wasn't very heavy for Reaching Heaven States, but it was still significant.

"Enough!" Han Siming knew if he didn't stop them, it would be hard to resolve the matter, since he had witnessed Yuchi Hong's death and he knew what kind of person Jiang Chen was.

He could obviously be persuaded by reason, but it was impossible to scare him with threats.

He treated friends and enemies in completely different manners.

Han Siming didn't want to be his enemy.

"No matter what's inside, it's none of our business. What if the news spreads that you've pushed him into showing you? Besides, he's a disciple of the Hero Palace," said Han Siming.

"The Hero Palace!" The others were surprised. They restrained themselves immediately.

"Leader, is that it?" the girl asked unhappily.

"Do you want to be known as a bandit?" Han Siming said seriously.

The girl was struck dumb and stopped speaking.

"For Apprentice Brother Han's sake, I can tell you that there's no treasure in the cave. It was a practice tactical formation I deployed," said Jiang Chen.

The girl, who had been silent, right away said, "No way. You think of yourself as a tactical formation master good enough to deploy a tactical formation at that level?"

Jiang Chen didn't answer, simply deploying the tactical formation again.

The others didn't see what was happening. They only felt heat waves coming from the cave.

The girl paled. Once again, she perceived the strong energy of the treasure that proved her wrong.

"Now who's being rude?" asked Jiang Chen.

They looked down, not quite ashamed, but evidently embarrassed.

"Jiang Chen, I apologize to you on behalf of my team," said Han Siming.

"It's all right."

It wasn't a big problem for Jiang Chen. Taking the bag off of his shoulder and putting it down, he said, "I took this from somewhere else."

"Leader, let's go." After the mistake, the girl didn't want to stay there any longer. She didn't want to hear more of Jiang Chen's sarcastic remarks, but Han Siming ignored her. He was waiting for Jiang Chen's reply. "Jiang Chen, you haven't given me an explicit answer yet."

Jiang Chen looked towards the girl. Although she had mistaken the tactical formation for treasure, she did know how to search for treasure, and since he had parted with Leng Chuixue, he didn't know where to go yet.

"It would be my pleasure to join Apprentice Brother Han's team," said Jiang Chen.

Han Siming nodded and welcomed him warmly, "Congratulations! You're the weakest among the team members," the girl said to him through holy awareness, so Han Siming couldn't hear.

The average state of this team was Cloud Five.

"Not necessarily," Jiang Chen replied through holy awareness, as well.

The girl snorted and didn't bother to argue with him anymore.

Soon, Jiang Chen came to know that she was called Cheng Qing and that she had a magic weapon that could locate treasure.

Before running into Jiang Chen, they had found an underground palace.

The gains they had made there were pretty much the same as Jiang Chen had made behind the gate, but everyone's share was very small.

This was only in Jiang Chen's opinion. They seemed very satisfied.

It turned out Jiang Chen had underestimated the value of the crystals of fire dragon.

They could give a small piece of it to a Venerable in exchange for class-seven or class-eight practice panaceas and breakthrough panaceas.

When Jiang Chen learned more details, he felt heartbroken.

The market price of the crystals of fire dragon that he had consumed just that one day and night was billions of upper-grade yuan stones!

By that time, there was less than a tenth of the crystals left.

"If you gave billions of upper-grade yuan stones in exchange for practice resources, the practice resources you would get would be enough to enhance two clouds."

And time mattered a lot! It would have taken less than two days!

Although Jiang Chen was heartbroken, he decided to continue.

"It's reacting! There's a sign of treasure not far away!" Cheng Qing suddenly shouted in pleasant surprise.

The team hurried in the direction she was pointing.

"We have to be quick. I can feel the energy of the treasure moving," Cheng Qing said intentionally and started to fly at full speed. There was a slyness in her black eyes.

Han Siming and the others were anxious, too. The team formed a line, since everyone was flying at different speeds.

Cheng Qing hoped someone would fall behind, and of course, it was Jiang Chen whom she wanted to lag.

Then even if he caught up with them, she would sneer at him. If she could kick him out of the team, it would be for the best.

They'd been flying for a while. Cheng Qing beamed when she looked back.

Jiang Chen wasn't at the rear of the team!

He must have lagged behind, not only because he was carrying a heavy bag, but also because of his low state.

Han Siming flew to her and asked, "Something wrong?"

"Someone is falling behind. Should we stop?" Cheng Qing said loudly.

Of course, the others wouldn't want to wait.

Frowning, Han Siming asked, "Do you mean Jiang Chen?"


Smiling bitterly and pointing straight ahead, he said, "He's flying at the front of the team."

"What?!" Cheng Qing couldn't believe it, but when she looked ahead, she saw Jiang Chen carrying his heavy bag.

"Since when is he at the front?" Cheng Qing asked confusedly.

Before Han Siming could answer her, Jiang Chen's voice came from the front, "You were paying attention to the rear. Of course you wouldn't see what was in the front."

"Damn it!" Cheng Qing gnashed her teeth. She was reluctant to throw in the towel.

"Come on. Otherwise, the treasure will all be taken." Jiang Chen wouldn't stop.

Cheng Qing went into a fit of anger. She tried very hard to chase him, but still couldn't fly shoulder to shoulder with him.

When they finally arrived, they found people had beaten them to it.

Cheng Qing didn't know whether she should have felt lucky or angry.

There was a palace with obvious damage built into a cliff on the mountainside, and there were people lying on the cliff.

"Jiang Chen, they were from the Hero Palace!" Han Siming said after glancing at them.

Jiang Chen landed on the cliff and found it was true. The three dead bodies had all been disciples of the Hero Palace.

Jiang Chen checked their injuries and said seriously, "The killer is a strong man."

Their deaths had been instant. They hadn't even had the chance to use their spiritual weapons.

The dust on their knees suggested they had been kneeling before their death, but the killer had still chosen to kill the three men, who had obviously been weaker than him and never fought back.

Jiang Chen thought of the Evil Cloud Palace immediately.

"Gosh. This is Speedy Wind!" someone in Han Siming's team recognized one of the bodies.

"A disciple of inheritance from the Hero Palace, ranked seventy-ninth on List A of the Dragon Rise List. If the killer could kill him so easily, could he be one of the top three on the Slay Demon List?"


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