The Brilliant Fighting Master
418 Seeing Han Siming Again
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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418 Seeing Han Siming Again

Jiang Chen found a covert place to take inventory of his gains.

There were huge amounts of crystals of fire dragon and holy dragon balls. These two were very common in this world, and they were the most valuable.

Besides these, he had also found some methods and martial arts techniques down there, but he wouldn't need them.

There were also rare practice resources, such as panaceas, that could help him with state enhancement.

Jiang Chen knew why. Practice resources were affected most by time, and the Dragon Dynasty had been eliminated nearly a hundred years earlier. That was also how long the secret treasure had existed.

However, any practice resource that could survive after such a long time had to be extraordinary.

That said, besides the aforementioned things, Jiang Chen's biggest gain included three magic weapons.

Counting the Star Chasing Bow, there were four in all.

If he auctioned them away at the Sacred Wind Chamber of Commerce, he would earn a lot of money.

But, as the Gaos' young master, and as good at making money as he was, he didn't need to do that.

Except for the holy dragon balls, there weren't many things Jiang Chen felt satisfied with.

"The crystal of fire dragon is the most valuable, but it's useless to me," Jiang Chen complained. Then an audacious idea occurred to him through sudden inspiration.

He could use these crystals to deploy a practice tactical formation so that he could make massive progress in a short period.

He acted immediately and started to study the crystal of fire dragon.

Soon, he found an exciting answer. He had proven his plan to be plausible.

There was one practice tactical formation in his memory that he could put into use.

However, it wouldn't be easy. The tactical formation formed by the crystals of fire dragon would produce a terribly high temperature that could cook human flesh thoroughly.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen had genuine blood of phoenix, so it wouldn't be a concern of his.

Jiang Chen found a cave where a fierce beast was living and killed the beast to use the cave as his secret location to deploy the tactical formation.

It took him a whole night. After everything was done, he walked into the cave.

As expected, it was extremely hot in the cave. Even the rocks there were almost melted.

Jiang Chen's clothes burned automatically. They burned into ash soon, making him bare-naked.

The genuine blood in him began to work. His heart was pounding fiercely.

No wonder even Venerables want it. The energy contained in it is formidable.

Without the genuine blood, even members of the Gaos wouldn't be able to put up with such a high temperature.

And Jiang Chen wasn't in a good status, either.

He felt like he was bathing in boiling water under the burning sun, but what came with the heat was pure, strong energy.

The energy in the cave was as striking as the temperature.

Jiang Chen, who had sky-level methods and the Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds, sat down to practice.

The gains he had made in every past hour could be compared to others' gains over several months. Naturally, he had consumed lots of the crystals of fire dragon.

Jiang Chen didn't feel bad about it at all, since that very afternoon, he had enhanced his state again. He had achieved Cloud Five of the Reaching Heaven State!

"Haha, this is the secret treasure I was looking for. It's fine that there are no practice resources, because I can build them by myself!" Jiang Chen laughed. He had every reason to be proud of himself, because the practice tactical formation he had deployed was completely useless to others.

Besides the method to deploy it and the importance of the crystals, if one didn't have genuine phoenix blood, one wouldn't be able to benefit from it at all.

I've worked out more essence blood of fire phoenix in my body!

When it occurred to him that he still had two huge boxes of holy dragon balls, he started to beam, then continued consuming the crystals to practice.

Another two days passed. Jiang Chen had achieved the peak of Cloud Five. He was only one step away from Cloud Six.

He still had lots of crystals left, but he saw reason and knew he had to stop.

His body would need some time to adapt to the change. He couldn't become a Venerable in one sitting, so he upgraded his dragon power to three dragons and three elephants through holy dragon balls.

Go on with the treasure-seeking!

Jiang Chen removed the tactical formation and put the resources back into the mustardseed ring.

During this day and night, he had consumed huge amounts of the crystals of fire dragon, but his mustardseed ring was still full.

Jiang Chen put on his clothes and walked out of the cave carrying a big bag.


His eyes hadn't adapted to the sudden change from darkness to light when a shout sounded from overhead.

A strong-looking team landed outside the cave.


"Why is there a man?"

"He got here before us?!"

It seemed these people thought there was treasure in the cave, but they were all struck dumb when they saw Jiang Chen coming out of it.

"The energy of the treasure is gone!" another person said. It was the same person who had yelled, "Here!"

Everyone stared at Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen?"

And one of them even recognized him.

"Apprentice Brother Han?"

Jiang Chen looked over, very surprised. The guy was Han Siming, ranked in the top fifty on List A of the Dragon Rise List.

Since there was someone he knew, he found it easier to speak. He asked, "What's going on here?"

"Here's the thing. This friend of mine has a way of knowing where the treasure is. We've come here under her guidance," said Han Siming.

"But the treasure is gone! He either took it or used it." The friend Han Siming had mentioned was a girl. Her big eyes were full of anger, as if Jiang Chen had robbed something from her.

Jiang Chen frowned. It seemed the energy of his tactical formation had been so strong that others had mistaken it for treasure.

A few people suddenly walked towards Jiang Chen and into the cave behind him.

They walked out soon and said with pity, "There is nothing in there."

In the next ten seconds, these people looked at Jiang Chen with unreadable expressions.

Jiang Chen said, smiling, "Even if there were things in there, I got here first."

"What kind of treasure was it?" the girl who had led the team here asked him in a pushing manner.

"Do I have to answer you?" Jiang Chen asked.

The girl didn't speak, merely looked towards the others.

They looked towards Han Siming. He was the leader of the team, plus he knew Jiang Chen.

"First come, first served. There's nothing wrong with that." Han Siming nodded and said, "You found the treasure before my friend. Class leader, you are great indeed."

"I'm flattered. So can I go?" Jiang Chen acted friendly, too.

"Of course. But I have a suggestion. Class leader, you're alone, so why don't you join my team?" Han Siming invited him.

Jiang Chen glanced at the other people and said, "I don't think your teammates want me to join."

"We've been flying for six hours without a break. You know how tiring it was?" the girl said angrily.

The others were mostly in the same mood. They'd come a long way there, but in the end, the worm had been caught by an earlier bird.

"My bad."

Jiang Chen nodded seriously and said, "If I knew you were so tired, I would have packed all of the treasure and moved it outside, so that when you arrived, I could have moved it into your spiritual storing ware personally."

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》