The Brilliant Fighting Master
417 The Mustardseed Ring Was Full
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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417 The Mustardseed Ring Was Full

"Leng Chuixue, you think a guy in Cloud-Four can help you?"

The man perceived Jiang Chen's state with a single glance. He shook his head and smiled bitterly. Jiang Chen wasn't a concern to him.

"Mo Kuang, you're going too far!" Leng Chuixue said with fury.

"Should I say you're naive, or should I say you're foolish?" The woman kept a charming smile, but that pair of beautiful eyes became cold immediately, and she opened her mouth once again.

"Kill him."

As ordered, the five Reaching Heaven States with her came from behind her and flew towards Leng Chuixue and Jiang Chen aggressively.

"Men die in pursuit of wealth, and birds die in pursuit of food. I understand you, so I'll give you a chance to save your lives. Leave, now," Jiang Chen's low and powerful voice boomed from behind the mask.

The five men were surprised. They glanced at each other and found it funny. A spiritual weapon appeared in each person's hand.

"Although you're wearing a mask and we can't see your face, we're sure of your state," one of them said.

"Does state mean everything?" asked Jiang Chen.

"Are you still bluffing?"

The five wouldn't listen to him. They lined up in surrounding formation and besieged Jiang Chen and Leng Chuixue.

"You guys…"

Jiang Chen raised his right hand slowly and grasped the handle of his black knife.

Somehow, seeing his movement, the five's hearts hammered. They felt extremely nervous.

Jiang Chen didn't draw out his knife very fast. The sound of the blade rubbing against the sheath silenced them all.

The black knife was dim. The glow of the knife left no shadows on the ground.

People could only sense Jiang Chen running forward. He and his knife turned into a straight blur and streaked through the five.

Then they heard screams as the five men started to fall.

They were still alive, struggling against gravity, and finally fell into the river, disappearing from sight.

Jiang Chen looked towards the woman, whose smile froze on her face, and said coldly, "You won't be as lucky as them."


The other people were puzzled. That was lucky?

Leng Chuixue, who knew Jiang Chen well enough, knew he had pulled his punches. Otherwise, the five would have died in a second.

But Jiang Chen wouldn't let the mastermind behind the scene off easy.

"Your knife attack is very fast, so you must be much better than Leng Chuixue. I'm very pleased."

The woman ignored his killing intent, only smiling charmingly again.

Somehow, as she smiled, Jiang Chen found the space distorted and the voice faded away from his ears.

"Look out. Yin Mei is good at making people lose their minds!" Leng Chuixue hurried to remind him.

"It's too late. He can't hear you," the woman called Yin Mei smiled complacently. She was holding sharp silver needles between her slim fingers. She threw them towards Jiang Chen's face.

Completely off guard, Jiang Chen was nothing but a sitting duck.

Leng Chuixue wanted to go to his rescue, but Mo Kuang stopped him. Smiling cunningly, he said, "I told you to go. That was your only chance to survive."

He heard a ringing sound when he was about to attack. It was the sound of the needles hitting metal.

Mo Kuang looked back and found Jiang Chen had come to himself. He was holding his black knife in front of him.

"Your hypnosis sucks. Aren't you ashamed of it?" Jiang Chen scorned. Then he threw his knife at her.

Yin Mei was totally surprised. As she whirled as gracefully as a dancer, countless needles aimed at Jiang Chen, like a storm of silver.

They were so thin that they could squeeze through the seams of the armor of thunder.

While Jiang Chen was busy handling the needles, Yin Mei came up to Mo Kuang.

"Leng Chuixue, how could you find such a strong helper? This is a betrayal of the Evil Cloud Palace. You're giving the treasure away!" Mo Kuang rebuked.

Leng Chuixue was both angry and amused. He said, "You were driving me away, remember? And now you're telling me this?"

"At least we didn't kill you. Do you believe this guy will share the treasure with you?" Mo Kuang said.

"As if you know him better than I do." Leng Chuixue wasn't persuaded.

"Don't think you've won!" Mo Kuang curled his lips and took out a longbow from who knew where.

He was actually in danger, so this couldn't have just been an average bow. It was a magic weapon!

"The Star Chasing Bow? Where did you get it?" Leng Chuixue turned pale. There was fear evident on his face.

"I borrowed it from an elder," Mo Kuang laughed coldly. He didn't even bother to look at Leng Chuixue, but notched the arrow on the bow and aimed at Jiang Chen, who had just resolved the problem with the needles.

"That won't be good for us! Let's get out of here!" Leng Chuixue shouted in panic. He had totally forgotten about the treasure.

"You'd better think about yourself."

Yin Mei changed her target and went up to him.

At the same time, Mo Kuang had pulled the string back.

"You should know that the Star Chasing Bow never misses a target. Once the arrow is shot, someone will die." Yin Shuang showed a charming smile, as if she had already seen Jiang Chen's heart pierced through by the arrow.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: The First Movement!"

However, before hearing the whooshing sound of the arrow, Yin Mei felt the energy of sword coming at her as fierce as wind.

She looked back and saw Mo Kuang covered in blood. He gave her a reluctant look and died.

The Star Chasing Bow in his hand hadn't been shot. Of course, it hadn't killed anyone.

Seeing the situation become unfavorable, those with Mo Kuang hurried to flee away.

Yin Mei was going to run, too, but Jiang Chen looked towards her, and pointed his sword at her.


Yin Mei tried to explain, but Leng Chuixue, standing behind her, seized his chance and thrust the sword into her chest.

"I hate it most when you call me Chuixie," Leng Chuixue said coldly.

Yin Mei died before she had any chance to reply.

Jiang Chen was surprised. He retrieved Mo Kuang's Star Chasing Bow for his own use.

This was a magic weapon, a major gain for him.

"It was such a wise choice to work with you," Leng Chuixue said excitedly.

After the fight, only Jiang Chen and him would have to share the treasure underground.

"Don't attack others from behind next time," said Jiang Chen.

"What?" Leng Chuixue was puzzled. He didn't know what Jiang Chen had meant.

"Nothing," Jiang Chen shook his head. In his opinion, attacking from behind was a dirty move, but he knew he shouldn't hold others to his own standards.

"Let's go down."

They walked down the stairs until they hit the bottom.

Half an hour later, they followed the same way out, both of them very excited. Jiang Chen was carrying a giant bag on his shoulder.

He had a mustardseed ring. If he was carrying things in a bag, it only meant one thing—the mustardseed ring was full!

"It was great to work with you," said Jiang Chen.

By then, he didn't want to cheat his company anymore. Besides, there had been no need to use his "royal blood" underground.

Leng Chuixue probably wasn't as stupid as he thought. Maybe he had meant to use Jiang Chen to deal with Yin Mei and Mo Kuang, but Jiang Chen didn't bother to learn what the truth was. He was going to separate with Leng Chuixue.

Leng Chuixue had no problem with that. He flew away with his share of treasure.

Jiang Chen had taken three-fourths of the treasure down there, while Leng Chuixue had received one-fourth.

In addition, Leng Chuixue had left all of the holy dragon balls to him.

"I won't leak your secret. Don't worry about it," Leng Chuixue said before leaving, smiling mysteriously.


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