The Brilliant Fighting Master
412 Celestial Dragon Gate
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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412 Celestial Dragon Gate

Halfway there, Leng Chuixue looked back and said, "You seem to know a lot about the secret treasure. Why is that?"

"You think you're in a position where you can ask me a question?"

One woman came to Jiang Chen's mind as he was saying this.

The Hero Palace had bothered to take Crimson Moon back to the Dragon Field from the Natural Law School. Not long after that, the secret treasure had been opened. It was hard not to connect the two things.

With his insight, he could imagine people were planning something big, but neither his strength nor his identity allowed him to intervene, so he had to enhance his strength as soon as possible.

"There's another thing I want to ask you." Leng Chuixue still wasn't so sensible. Jiang Chen gave him an angry stare, and he said, "Am I stronger than Liu Shayang?"

Jiang Chen found it funny. He said, "You're still alive. Of course you're stronger."

"No. I want to know, between the current me and him when he was alive, who was stronger," Leng Chuixue said stubbornly.

Jiang Chen thought for a while seriously, then said under his expectant gaze, "Liu Shayang was more cunning than you, so in a life-or-death fight, you would have died more easily. But in terms of strength, there's no real difference between you two."

Leng Chuixue wasn't satisfied with his answer, but he knew it was difficult for Jiang Chen to give him an accurate answer.

"Liu Shayang was nothing but a contemptible man," Leng Chuixue murmured, looking ahead as he flew at full speed.

About an hour later, he stopped and said, "Let's take a rest. It's so tiring to fly here."

"There's neither a sun nor a moon here. How do you tell which direction we're going?" Jiang Chen asked him emotionlessly.

Leng Chuixue said, "I'm not as cunning as Liu Shayang, but I'm not stupid. I'm still alive because there are things I still haven't told you."

"Actually, I'm not interested in killing you. Tell me now, so that you won't die under my sword during a fight over the treasure," said Jiang Chen.

"Huh, I don't want any of the treasure. You can have it all." Leng Chuixue didn't believe him at all.

Jiang Chen felt helpless and stopped arguing. After the break, they resumed their trip.

After flying over a plain, the two came to some mountains.

Jiang Chen knew that it was the place, since Leng Chuixue had started to look around, as if he was looking for something.

He suddenly pointed in a direction and shouted excitedly, "It's there!"

Jiang Chen looked over, and his eyes lit up. There was a gate embedded in the wall on the side of one of the mountains.

He was about to go down when he found Leng Chuixue was looking at him with guard. The latter said, "I've brought you here. Can I go now?"

"No," Jiang Chen refused him immediately. He said, "I don't know what's behind the gate, and you could call people over. Let's wait until everything is finished."

"Will you still let me go when everything is finished?" Leng Chuixue was very angry, since he thought Jiang Chen had cheated him.

"You have no choice."

Leng Chuixue shook his head. He flew ahead in fury and said, "The Hero Palace isn't the good side at all."

He landed in front of the gate and Jiang Chen followed him.

Without speaking, he pushed the gates open directly. It wasn't difficult to open, and the entrance was soon large enough to go in.

Leng Chuixue smiled. He ran in and closed the gate immediately.

Jiang Chen slammed on the gates, which had seemed very light when Leng Chuixue had pushed them, but they didn't move.

"It's not going to work. This is the Celestial Dragon Gate. If you don't know the way to open it, you won't be able to get in, even if you're a Venerable," Leng Chuixue's complacent voice came from behind the door.

"Did you pretend you wanted to leave just now?" asked Jiang Chen.

"Of course. You underestimate me too much. I'm not any worse than Liu Shayang!"

Leng Chuixue heard nothing for a long time. Then he couldn't help but smile, "You think if you stay there without speaking I'll open the door to take a look?"

"You probably will."

"Haha, you think too highly of yourself. I want to laugh whenever I think of you." Leng Chuixue burst into laughter, but suddenly, he stopped laughing, as if someone had gripped his throat.

He felt a strong push from behind. The Celestial Dragon Gate had been pushed open!

"Why did you stop laughing?" Jiang Chen's face appeared in the opening.

"No way!" Leng Chuixue shouted in a panic.

It looked like he had done nothing but push the gates, but actually, he had performed a series of complicated operations that were impossible to replicate from one glance.

"The Celestial Dragon Gate is made of a mixture of Exceptional Heaven Casting Iron and darksteel and is deployed with a sealing formation. With the territorial advantage, it manages to ward off intruders."

After introducing the Celestial Dragon Gate to him, Jiang Chen scorned, "When I opened this gate for the first time, you weren't even born yet."

The corners of Leng Chuixue's mouth twitched. The plan he had been so proud of had been wrecked easily.

"You gave me an excuse to kill you." With the Red Cloud Sword in hand, Jiang Chen made up his mind.


Leng Chuixue stepped back in fear. He waved his hands towards Jiang Chen and hurried to say, "You can't kill me!"


"I'm still useful to you."

"But you've always hid things from me and played tricks. I'm not that patient," said Jiang Chen.

Leng Chuixue flicked his sleeves, as if he was ready to risk everything, and said, "Whatever you want to know, just ask."

"Everything. Everything about the secret treasure," said Jiang Chen.

Leng Chuixue thought for a while about how to say it. Then he said, "When the Evil Cloud Palace called on Reaching Heaven States to find the treasure, they assigned us different tasks according strength.

"Our main task is to collect the crystal of fire dragon hidden in different places in the secret treasure. They were important strategic resources for the Dragon Dynasty.

"Other treasures placed with the crystal of fire dragon will be the incentive for those who find them.

"We were given a key so that even without knowing the direction or having a map, we would be taken there automatically."

Jiang Chen extended his hand as soon as he heard that.

Leng Chuixue didn't hesitate to give Jiang Chen a plain-looking key.

"As number seven on the Slay Demon List, you should have been given more keys," Jiang Chen said while checking the key.

"I am number seven of the Slay Demon List, but that doesn't mean I'm also ranked seventh in the young generation of the Evil Cloud Palace. Who knows what kind of standard the Hero Palace is using to rank us?"

"Does that mean stronger disciples of the Evil Cloud Palace know more secrets?"

Leng Chuixue knew what he was suggesting. He smiled mysteriously and said, "Exactly. And Su Xing knows the biggest secret about the secret treasure. You should go to him."

"I will," said Jiang Chen.

"You will. That's easy to say." Of course, Leng Chuixue didn't believe him, and he was audacious enough that he still had the nerve to scorn Jiang Chen under such circumstances.

Jiang Chen raised the Red Cloud Sword and pointed it at his back. He said, "Walk ahead. If you play any little tricks, I'll pierce you through the heart."

Although Leng Chuixue was reluctant, he had to obey.

The passage behind the gate was very dark. The holy awareness Jiang Chen had released was absorbed by the stone walls.

Leng Chuixue wanted to tell him it wasn't dangerous there according to the Evil Cloud Palace, but he didn't bother, because no matter what Leng Chuixue said, Jiang Chen wouldn't believe him.

So he could do nothing but keep walking.


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