The Brilliant Fighting Master
411 A Vulnerable Demon Dragon
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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411 A Vulnerable Demon Dragon

"Interesting. You'd better not disappoint me."

Seeing him so confident, Leng Chuixue became more and more angry.

But on the outside, he was still smiling, his smile exaggeratedly big. His look was ice cold.

Before the fight started, he lit the fuse to a firecracker in front of Jiang Chen. The shining sparks were even visible in broad daylight.

"Take it easy. I'm not calling people over so we can attack you together," said Leng Chuixue.

"Yeah? I was looking forward to killing more people from the Evil Cloud Palace." Jiang Chen looked at him with pity.

Leng Chuixue snorted. He wasn't going to argue with Jiang Chen.

Soon, people showed up around them. They had been attracted by the firecracker and thought there was treasure there, but they only saw Jiang Chen and Leng Chuixue on the verge of a fight. They stayed silent for a while, then burst into uproar.

The Hero Palace and the Evil Cloud Palace were natural enemies. When disciples of these two parties met, they wouldn't need an excuse to start a fight.

"Is this our audience?" Jiang Chen said curiously.

"Of course. The ignorant people of the Dragon Field will be silenced once I kill you."

The killing intent in Leng Chuixue's eyes was growing stronger and stronger. A spiritual sword appeared in his hand.

"I see. You're unhappy that people think Liu Shayang was stronger than you, so you want to kill me to prove yourself. Am I correct?" Jiang Chen realized what was going on. He shook his head helplessly and said, "How childish and ridiculous."

"Go to hell!"

Leng Chuixue couldn't take the scorn anymore. He drew his sword out and ran over.

"Your swordsmanship is much better than Liu Shayang's. He knew nothing but dirty moves," Jiang Chen commented and stood there casually, as if he was commenting on his apprentice.

"Nine Changes of the Demon Dragon!" Leng Chuixue shouted loudly. The spiritual sword emitted a black and a red light that converged into a giant dragon.

"Not bad. The sharpness of the blade is transmitted by your strong energy. A large area is affected, but the power is actually focused on one point."

The demon dragon was close to Jiang Chen, but he hadn't drawn his sword out yet.

The bystanders were confused. They knew nothing about the cause of the sudden fight, but they wouldn't mind watching the show.

However, this Jiang Chen was acting extremely arrogant.

His state was lower than his rival's. He could only rely on his martial arts techniques to win, but at that moment, he was under his rival's attack and at a disadvantage. He was asking for trouble.

"Die. Die!" Leng Chuixue didn't care so much. Seeing that Jiang Chen unable to dodge, he launched an all-out attack and released all of his energy. The demon dragon became many times larger. Jiang Chen was only a black dot before it.

The demon dragon charged down towards Jiang Chen. It opened its mouth, showing off its extremely sharp teeth.

"Pity. Not good enough yet."

Not until then did Jiang Chen draw the Red Cloud Sword out. The energy of the sword surged in a second. Confronting the demon dragon with his human body, he looked firm and invincible.

"A sword attack, break."

Jiang Chen didn't use any sword movement. Instead, he turned to the creation of nature and martial arts techniques to manipulate the power of the doctrine of sword.

Leng Chuixue felt something unusual in Jiang Chen's swordsmanship right away. He turned pale when he had made sure he wasn't wrong.

The demon dragon's body stopped little by little. When it was completely still, it started to break down from the head.

It only took a second for the demon dragon to turn into energy and vanish from this world.

Leng Chuixue spit up blood. He looked extremely pale. His arm was hanging powerlessly, still with a sword in hand.

"They're not at the same level at all."

Not until then did the bystanders understand why Jiang Chen had been so calm.

What made the whole thing ridiculous was that it had been Leng Chuixue who had picked this fight, but he had ended up like this.

"It shouldn't be like this," Leng Chuixue said reluctantly.

"Liu Shayang started to run when we had just exchanged a few blows. Since then, I've made even more progress in my swordsmanship. Now do you realize how stupid you are?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

Leng Chuixue gnashed his teeth. He couldn't say a word.

Jiang Chen suddenly went up to him and grasped his shoulders to take him away.

Leng Chuixue had given up. He closed his eyes to wait for death, but Jiang Chen didn't kill him.

They arrived at a place with no one around. Then Jiang Chen said, "You still have a chance to survive."

Leng Chuixue rolled his eyes and said, "What do you want to know?"

"The secret treasure. Did the Evil Cloud Palace open it?"

Leng Chuixue was surprised. He said in a self-mocking tone, "Even if it was, you think I would've been informed of such big news?"

Jiang Chen knew what he had meant, so he asked calmly, "Who would know?"

Leng Chuixue realized he had let the cat out of the bag. He glanced at Jiang Chen and said, "Su Xing. He would know."

Then Jiang Chen said nothing. He pierced his sword through Leng Chuixue's palm and pinned the latter to the ground.

Leng Chuixue screamed as he cursed.

"Stop playing petty tricks with me. Your stupidity makes me laugh," said Jiang Chen.

Leng Chuixue took a deep breath. He suddenly found Jiang Chen a little different from other disciples of the Hero Palace.

"What do you know about the Hero Palace's intentions? What did they tell you about the secret treasure?" Leng Chuixue asked.

Jiang Chen frowned. The Hero Palace had merely told its disciples to watch out for the enemies, help their teammates, and collect treasure.

But they must have told Li Nanxing and the other disciples of inheritance more.

"Neither of us has a level high enough to be informed of those kind of things. What you don't know, I don't know, either," said Leng Chuixue.

"If you know nothing, why should I keep you alive?"

Jiang Chen squinted and raised the Red Cloud Sword, about to strike.


Leng Chuixue was so afraid that he kept inching back. He was regretting ever picking a fight with Jiang Chen.

"Tell me what you know. Stop playing with my patience," said Jiang Chen.

"Sure! It's the Evil Cloud Palace that wanted to open the secret treasure, but this kind of thing is always a silent understanding in the Evil Cloud Palace. The higher-ups have never admitted it," said Leng Chuixue.

"If they've never admitted it, why are you so sure?"

Leng Chuixue curled his lips and said, "As you know, the Evil Cloud Palace was founded by surviving supporters of the royal family. Of course, only the royal family knows about the secret treasure."

"Why did you wait until now?"

"Venerables can't enter the secret treasure. Anyway, it's a problem of timing. Not until now have Su Xing and the others been the best among Reaching Heaven States."

Leng Chuixue didn't mince words this time. He said, "This time we're not only going to get the treasure, but eliminate all disciples of inheritance of the Hero Palace. Of course, you're not one of them. You won't be a target."

Jiang Chen somehow felt unhappy when he heard no one was going to target him.

He said, "You've been focusing on the wrong thing. I don't care who will be killed. I only want to know where the treasure is."

"I know a place, but I won't tell you. Your killing intent is even more terrifying than that of the Evil Cloud Palace." Leng Chuixue stood up and said, "To keep myself safe, I'll take you there."

Jiang Chen thought for a while. He knew this guy was scheming something.

"What are you waiting for? Show me the way." But Jiang Chen was confident that he could keep Leng Chuixue under his control.

After binding up his wound, Leng Chuixue walked ahead of Jiang Chen silently.


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