The Brilliant Fighting Master
407 Influential Men’s Party Time
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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407 Influential Men’s Party Time

Due to the secret treasure, the martial arts workshop wasn't as crowded anymore, even a bit lethargic.

Just then, a group of people entered the workshop from the air.

It seemed like the martial arts workshop had been prepared for it. As soon as they showed up, some people from the workshop flew into the air to receive them.

"Is Yuchi Hong's body here?"

The group had more than twenty people, men and women. All with very similar features, it was apparent they were from the same family.

They were all wearing ghost holy armor and acting very aggressive.

"Yes," the martial arts workshop admitted.

"Did you kill him?"

The Yuchis' looks turned extremely sharp when they posed the question.


The martial arts workshop took out a recording reel and played a long video, starting from the first quarrel between Yuchi Hong and Jiang Chen, which had happened in the yard.

The video also showed the arguments in each room and how Yuchi Hong had been killed in the end.

The Yuchis were obviously embarrassed after watching the video.

Yuchi Hong had embarrassed the family! But even so, they wouldn't allow an outsider to kill a disciple of the Yuchis' direct line!

"What do you know about that swordsman?"

"He's Jiang Chen from the Hero Palace," the workshop answered very quickly, intending to stay out of the matter.

"You didn't stop Jiang Chen from launching the last sword attack. We'll come see you about this later," the Yuchis threatened them, then they hurried to head for the Hero Palace. It seemed they had nothing to fear, which was rare among groups in the Dragon Field.

In fact, they weren't from the Dragon Field. They weren't even from this continent. They were from the Realm of Milky.

However, things didn't go so well at the Hero Palace as they had at the martial arts workshop. After a fierce quarrel, the Hero Palace said unyieldingly that if the Yuchis wanted a fight, they would give them a fight.

The Yuchis hadn't hesitated. They knew it was impossible for twenty people to eliminate the Hero Palace, so they went to the Sacred City.

After asking around, they learned about the secret treasure outside the Flying Dragon City. They assumed Jiang Chen would go there.

"Yuchi Tian, Yuchi Xin, Yuchi Ming, you three will go to the secret treasure and bring back Jiang Chen's head," the leader of the Yuchis ordered the Reaching Heaven States of the team.

Each around twenty five or twenty six years old, the three were powerful. It looked like they weren't taking the task very seriously at all.

On their way to the Flying Dragon City, the three started to discuss.

"Should we act together or separately?" the most prudent one among them asked.

The other two felt disdain for him.

"Yuchi Ming, you're taking that swordsman too seriously. In the video, it took him almost half a day to kill Yuchi Hong. Do you think it'll be necessary for all of us to attack him together?"

"Well, let's have a competition. Whoever kills Jiang Chen first is the strongest among us three," the third guy proposed.

Yuchi Ming shook his head at his companions and didn't answer.

"Fine. Let's have a competition!" the second guy agreed immediately. He looked very excited, because it didn't seem like it would be difficult to him to kill Jiang Chen on his own, but if the other two joined the competition, there would be even more fun.

The Flying Dragon City had never been so bustling.

The streets were already full of people at daybreak. All the hotels and restaurants were full. All kinds of flying ships were coming and going in the air.

Jiang Chen and his Holy Sword Society were among the crowd, too, waiting for the opening of the secret treasure.

When the first light of morning appeared on the horizon, all the Reaching Heaven States flew from the city to the ditch like a horde of locusts.

Above them, famous figures from the Dragon Field were standing, all from different groups.

Some were enemies, but they managed to leave their hatred behind for the occasion.

In addition, these forces were divided into two camps—the Hero Palace and the Evil Cloud Palace.

Most forces were on the Hero Palace's side. Although they were the majority, compared to the Evil Cloud Palace, they were less unified.

Those groups only wanted to benefit from the Hero Palace's reputation. When it came to their own interests, it was impossible to unite them.

In comparison, the groups that had paid allegiance to the Evil Cloud Palace were extremely loyal, since that was the only place they belonged.

"The Evil Cloud Palace was founded despite the reputation of the Hero Palace because the groups in the Dragon Field aren't united."

"Many actually hope the Evil Cloud Palace will rise to break the current distribution of interests of the Dragon Field so that they can benefit from it."

"It's said that some aristocratic families of inheritance support the Evil Cloud Palace secretly."

Since so many people were there, Jiang Chen had heard lots of news that he wasn't sure was true or false.

He wasn't interested, still thinking about the wards on the small world.

To destroy the small world, one would have to possess incredible power, so it was the safest way to enter.

The problem was how to leave. What if someone blocked off the exit? With his state, it would be difficult for him to break the ward.

"We'll open an entrance to the secret treasure, but it's only temporary. It'll be closed after you get inside."

In the air, strong people from all the groups said, "We'll open it again in a month. If you miss the date, you'll have to figure out a way to leave on your own."

"With the counterbalance among different forces, I can guarantee you'll find a way out. However, there is not only treasure to be found in the small world. There are terrible creatures, too."

"Be ready for that. We'll start now."

Then Venerables from all the groups started to crack the ward of the secret treasure together. Others were waiting.

At the same time, influential men appeared one after another, causing cheers to erupt.

Among them were Li Nanxing and Lin Jingyu, whom Jiang Chen had met the day before.

When Li Nanxing came with his team, more than eighty percent of the girls started to shriek like fools.

Lin Jingyu's strong body also attracted many admiring and respectful looks.

Of course, not only the Hero Palace had influential men.

When a strange red-haired man appeared, all those present went quiet.

He hadn't flown there. He walked very slowly in the air, and with each step, those on the ground found it difficult to breathe.

He was also handsome, but looked evil, full of charm.

He was in light black armor that didn't look like it weighed him down at all. Instead, he seemed light to the others.

He was the greatest genius of the Evil Cloud Palace, number one on the Slay Demon List, Su Xing!

Even many on the Hero Palace's side looked at him admirably.

Good or bad, black or white, right or wrong, these things weren't so important in this world.

What people valued the most were strength and power rankings.

"Sooner or later, I'll be like them. I'll be admired by people when I show up," someone spoke out most people's wishes.

It was the same with Jiang Chen. As a man, who wouldn't want to be the center of attention and an idol during their best years?

It was especially important to Jiang Chen. To be the strongest person in the Dragon Field was the first step to getting to the Icy Spirit to marry his apprentice sister.

Suddenly, there was such a big disturbance in the crowd that Jiang Chen almost thought the ward had been cracked.


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