The Brilliant Fighting Master
402 Could You Give Me Some Pointers?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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402 Could You Give Me Some Pointers?

Relying on his ghost holy armor, Yuchi Hong was running wild. His fist attacks were simple and violent as he flew over.

Jiang Chen replaced his dislocated shoulder while talking. Still using his black knife, he dashed over, carrying thunder.

The two had a huge gap in terms of martial arts techniques, so Jiang Chen managed to dodge his fist and at the same time, struck the ghost holy armor.

Before Yuchi Hong realized what had happened, he had flown hundreds of yards away.

"It's not going to work."

This time, Jiang Chen's attack left a mark on the armor, but it was still trivial.

Yuchi Hong turned around, staring at Jiang Chen coldly. "A Strike Without Permanence!"

Jiang Chen threw his knife out again. He and the knife formed a shining white line together, streaking over and ending at Yuchi Hong.

Yuchi Hong launched the attack when Jiang Chen came up to him, but he didn't even touch Jiang Chen's clothes.

However, he didn't care. The mark caused by the last attack had disappeared.

"If it continues like this, it'll never end," someone said.

One of them couldn't even follow the other's shadow, and the other couldn't crack the other's defense. If nothing changed, it would, indeed, last forever.

Han Siming, ranked in the top fifty on List A of the Dragon Rise List, analyzed the situation. "No, actually Jiang Chen is at a disadvantage, since each of his knife attacks consumes a good amount of his energy. In comparison, the ghost holy armor can resist the attack by itself."

"This so-called ghost holy armor is incredible," Tianxu complained.

"Yuchi Hong's strength is only average, but he's so arrogant and never afraid of offending others because he thinks the ghost holy armor will protect him in any situation."

"It's not his own fighting power at all. It's like he's using a magic weapon."

"That being said, fairness doesn't matter in such a life-or-death duel. You can use whatever you want. It all counts as fighting power."

The people on the ground started to argue with each other. It wasn't the most important moment yet, so they still had time for discussion.

"An Infinite Strike!"

"A Strike Without Fixation!"

"A Strike Without Uses!"

Jiang Chen was still trying, the momentum of his knife endless. He kept running around, fast and trackless.

He drew out his knife and inserted it into its sheath again and again and again. It was impossible for Yuchi Hong to defend against, but he was totally fine. The scornful smile on his face grew bigger and bigger.

"It's useless. Whatever you do, it'll be useless." Yuchi Hong asked, "So, your creation of nature and martial arts techniques at the climax level can't bring you dreadful fighting power, can they?"

"You know what's ironic?" Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and mocked, "With your strength you can only receive a beating, unable to fight back, but it's as if you've defeated the whole world."

Yuchi Hong's smile faded right away. He curled his lip and said, "Once you fall into my hands, I'll destroy you with devastating attacks!"

"That's impossible."

Then Jiang Chen threw his knife again. It flew over like a comet chasing the moon.

"Give up!"

Yuchi Hong didn't want to receive a beating without fighting back. The armor piece on his chest suddenly opened from both the left and right, as if a large mouth had opened.

A black radiance gushed out and formed a swirl that aimed at Jiang Chen. The powerful suction was supposed to stop him from moving, but it seemed that Jiang Chen had prepared for it. He brandished his knife and stopped the momentum of the knife. Through this method, he dodged the swirl.

Yuchi Hong turned ashen. His attack had done nothing.

"Did you do that intentionally?" Yuchi Hong wasn't a fool. He stared at Jiang Chen.

"The ghost holy armor can only exert Ghost Kills God every fifteen minutes. Am I right?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

Yuchi Hong was struck dumb. Without much thought, he said, "Yes, so what? You still can't do anything to me."

"Really? Go to hell and repent your ignorance and arrogance!"

Jiang Chen took the knife back and drew the Red Cloud Sword out with his left hand.


This small movement caught everyone's attention.

However, ghost holy armor was too powerful. Jiang Chen's knife attack was far from cracking it.

Unless Jiang Chen's sword attack became a hundred times stronger, it wouldn't change anything.

"The Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One!"

Jiang Chen shook his wrist and the Red Cloud Sword transformed into a rainbow and soared over.

Yuchi Hong, who had even been unable to take the knife attack, could do nothing but watch the sword strike the armor.

Yuchi Hong sensed nothing. He found it funny and asked, "You think that'll work?"

"The Sword Method of Ksana: The First Movement!"

Jiang Chen thrust his sword out without letting up and kept piercing it out at a lightning-like speed.

Tianxu, on the ground, finally understood how Jiang Chen had managed to strike Liu Shayang thirty-six times in one go, because his movements were too fast!

When the sword had been brandished, Jiang Chen stepped back, but it seemed Yuchi Hong wasn't affected at all.

"Alas, ghost holy armor is impossible for people under the Venerable level to crack," the old man murmured.

In his opinion, whatever progress Jiang Chen had made in the last fifteen days, he would be unable to exert it in front of the ghost holy armor.

"Break!" Suddenly, Jiang Chen's shout came from the sky.

On the ghost holy armor, the place where the sword had left its mark shone brilliantly.

Then with the brilliant light, a cracking sound could be heard.

"Impossible. How?!"

Compared to the others, Yuchi Hong found it more difficult to believe, but it was really happening. Marks caused by the sword were all over the armor. When the cracks grew big enough, the armor broke and fell off of him.

Since it was made of energy, it disappeared in the process of falling.

Without the ghost holy armor, Yuchi Hong looked weak and helpless.

"Sword, go!"

Jiang Chen didn't bother to speak to him. He brandished his sword once again. The swordsmen around him all opened their eyes wide, trying to see through the secret of his sword attack.

"Is this...?!" Han Siming was the first to figure it out. He was totally shocked.

"His sword is different!" other people also noticed.

All swords, no matter what kind, were sharp and quick.

So was Jiang Chen's sword, and even sharper and quicker than most swords. But what made it different was that it had something more, yet they couldn't say what it was. They only felt like it was something gorgeous and couldn't figure out how Jiang Chen had achieved it.

It was seriously invincible.

"Wait… I'm… the Yuchis…"

Yuchi Hong was panicked, his arrogance gone. He had wanted to scare Jiang Chen off with his background.

However, it hadn't worked. Before he could finish speaking, the sword had pierced through his heart.

"You'll be the first person that I regret killing, since your blood has stained my sword."

Jiang Chen looked at Yuchi Hong, who was desperate and reluctant to accept the reality, and he drew out his sword. He let the latter die and fall without giving him another glance.

Nodding at Yin Shuang and Tianxu, who were on the ground, Jiang Chen started to leave.


Han Siming suddenly came up to him and said, "I thought it would be impure to combine sword with knife, but now I see your knife technique helps to bring your sword technique to a higher state. Your sword is still a sword, but it's already a holy sword, rather than an average sword."

After the compliment, Han Siming said sincerely, "Could you give me some pointers?"

Also a swordsman, he had been completely convinced by Jiang Chen.

The others were surprised. As for Yuchi Hong's death, it seemed that everyone had forgotten about it.


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