The Brilliant Fighting Master
401 Ghost Holy Armor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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401 Ghost Holy Armor

The old man swallowed his saliva, full of surprise. He had never lost control like this.

The other trainees of the heaven-grade class couldn't believe what they had seen on the stick, either.

Before they could say anything, the stone carving Jiang Chen had completed emitted an extremely brilliant light. It wasn't just shining; everyone in the room was drowned in the light.

Except for the light, they could see nothing else.

Han Siming's work was trivial compared to it.

When the light was gone, they saw Jiang Chen pick the stick up, as cool as he had been before when he had been misunderstood and belittled.

Jiang Chen felt delighted. He had finally achieved what he had been longing for. From then on, his sword would be different from anyone else's.

"Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen is always so great!" Tianxu shouted excitedly when he came to himself.

It occurred to the others that Jiang Chen had given up the position of class leader first, then achieved climax. They all felt embarrassed.

"Jiang Chen, congratulations. You've achieved climax in the third room. That has never happened before in the history of the martial arts workshop."

The old man recovered from the surprise and approached to Jiang Chen. He said, "The highest level in the next two rooms is also climax, so they won't be helpful for you."

Everyone could hear the respect in the old man's voice.

"I know, but I'll stay."

Jiang Chen looked towards Yin Shuang and Tianxu. They had pit themselves against everyone else for him. If he left, the others wouldn't help them.

"All right." Of course, the old man wouldn't force him to go.

In this way, Jiang Chen stayed in the heaven-grade class as an observer.

The next two rooms were no longer useful to him, but he offered Tianxu and Yin Shuang a great deal of help.

In the last room, the two's levels were already the same as Han Siming's, ahead of the majority.

Yin Shuang even achieved climax as well in the end, while Tianxu and Han Siming both achieved supremity.

"This heaven-grade class is the best ever," said the old man. He didn't even have to say it. It was unprecedented to have two climaxes in one class, but the others didn't feel as happy about it. Instead, they were regretful.

"Jiang Chen, you're really great, better than me." Han Siming was rather candid. He admitted his insufficiency but didn't feel ashamed of it.

Tang Wanru was embarrassed. She hadn't received benefits from either party, and nothing would ever happen between her and Han Siming.

And she had asked for it.

"Let's go." Jiang Chen looked towards Yuchi Hong. The latter had been silent and stopped challenging him ever since he had achieved climax.

He wouldn't be angered or affected by a guy like Yuchi Hong. He would only silence his rival.

"Let's go!" Yuchi Hong said in fury.

By then, they were still in the yard, but their states had recovered.

As soon as he lost his temper, Yuchi Hong's powerful energy erupted. As a Cloud Six of the Reaching Heaven State, among a bunch of Mental Wander States, he wasn't too bad.

But he wasn't good enough for Jiang Chen. "I thought you were much better."

"Cut the crap. The creation of nature and martial arts techniques aren't the only things that matter. They're only techniques used in a fight. Do you think these fifteen days of practice are enough for you to ignore the gap in our states?" Yuchi Hong shouted.

"However, as a Cloud Seven, Liu Shayang was also killed by Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen. As for martial arts techniques, your final level is only excellent," Tianxu reminded him.

Yuchi Hong's smile was obviously a little stiff, but he recovered very quickly.

"Cut the crap. Let's fight!" Yuchi Hong shouted and flew into the air.

When he was close to the clouds, he looked down but didn't see Jiang Chen.

Suddenly, he sensed something. He looked up and saw Jiang Chen not far away, as if he had been waiting there for a long time.

"Damn it." Yuchi Hong thought he had been humiliated, so he gnashed his teeth and punched his fist out.

The others hadn't left, of course. They had been expecting this show for a while.

To see better, the Reaching Heaven States all flew into the air.

The old man and a few Mental Wander States were standing on the ground.

Yuchi Hong isn't ranked on List A of the Dragon Rise List. His state is lower than Liu Shayang's. His martial arts techniques aren't a match for Jiang Chen's. He has no chance of winning.

This was what everyone was thinking. Yuchi Hong's fist attack didn't seem a big threat to Jiang Chen.

Even Jiang Chen was frowning. His rival was so weak that he didn't even intend to kill him.


However, when Yuchi Hong approached Jiang Chen, he suddenly smiled cunningly. A peculiar black energy gushed out of his body.

It solidified into armor that was shining with metal luster on his body.

He was short, but in the armor, he seemed very tall and strong, giving off a dangerous air.

"So it's true. He's one of the Yuchis," The old man murmured when he saw this. He looked worried for Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen's instincts also told him that he had to be careful, but his rival hadn't put on the armor until he was already very close. He had done this intentionally. Obviously, he didn't want Jiang Chen to have any chance to dodge.

"Strike!" Jiang Chen drew out his black knife and struck many times in one second. After his creation of metal had improved, his Ultimate Knife Method was also much more powerful.

Pah! Pah! Pah!

However, the knife attacks combined with the creation of wind and metal only caused some sparks when they hit Yuchi Hong's armor. Not even a mark was left.

"Haha." Yuchi Hong threw another fist at him, violently and brutally. His whole arm and even his fist were covered in metal.

"Magical Thunder Armor!"

Jiang Chen had no time for surprise. He switched on his protective energy jar immediately, but he failed to ward it off. The powerful fist pierced through the sparks smoothly and hit his shoulder.

Jiang Chen was deflected, and his shoulder cracked. Then his whole arm hung loosely.

"Haha, see?! Jiang Chen, you thought you could win me?" Yuchi Hong shouted conceitedly.

Those on the ground paled, including Han Siming. He said to the others, "Each of Jiang Chen's knife attacks was exponentially more powerful than Yuchi Hong's fist attack, but even so, he failed to crack Yuchi Hong's defense!"


The others took a deep breath.

"Ghost holy armor." Facing Yuchi Hong's pride, Jiang Chen said, "A protective energy jar formed by the flowing of ghost sands, which you allow your body to absorb into your blood."

Just like the Xia's emperor's royal armor, the ghost sand he had mentioned was a rare strategic resource that could be used by humans.


Yuchi Hong hadn't expected him to know this. He said curiously, "So you know it clearly. Then you should have heard of the Yuchis."

"Practitioners of ghost holy armor can't practice martial arts techniques that rely on weapons. They can only use their fists. Even finger methods and palm methods are difficult for them. Only foolish people who are driven into a corner use that method," said coldly Jiang Chen.

"Then I want to see you be killed by a foolish person!"


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