The Brilliant Fighting Master
399 Stone Carving
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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399 Stone Carving

"No matter what the class leader's choice is, he helped you, didn't he? You're cutting off your nose to spite your face!" Tianxu was angry to see so many people hesitating, so he defended Jiang Chen against the injustice.

"Hehe, no one asked him to do it. He was the one who wanted to show off. Besides, it was his responsibility as class leader," Yuchi Hong scorned.

Some couldn't help nodding in agreement with him.

Before Tianxu could speak, Jiang Chen glanced at everyone around and said in a plain tone, "Air your opinions. I'll keep helping those who need my advice. As for those who don't need it, it's all right." He wasn't irritated.

Since he had said so, some people came forward to thank him for his help and expressed their pity.

They were the polite ones. Some others didn't even bother to say thanks. They genuinely thought it had been Jiang Chen's duty to help them.

In the end, only Tianxu and Yin Shuang chose to trust Jiang Chen.

"You are…" Tianxu gnashed his teeth. He didn't even know how to describe these people.

"He's the class leader. The help he offered was his responsibility. Now that he's shown his true behavior, he isn't worth our trust. We've done nothing wrong," a pretty woman said coldly. She was unhappy with Tianxu's look. He behaved like they owed Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen, don't think this is over. I said you should give the class leader position away." Yuchi Hong was pretty aggressive. He wouldn't let Jiang Chen go.

Jiang Chen looked over and stared at him.

"Look…" Yuchi Hong was going to scold him without thinking, but all of a sudden, he stopped, because Jiang Chen's look was sharper than ever.

"We'll have a serious fight when we leave. Until one of us dies," said Jiang Chen.

The others of the heaven-grade class were surprised. The quarrel had developed into a life-or-death fight. It seemed that he was too narrow-minded.

But on second thought, what Yuchi Hong had been saying and doing these days had gone too far. If it had been any of the others, they would have already succumbed to a fit of anger.

Jiang Chen probably only wanted to frighten Yuchi Hong. That was totally reasonable.

How things would develop depended on whether Yuchi Hong knew how to behave in such a delicate situation. If he knew, he would stop disturbing Jiang Chen.

"Haha, did you think I would stop asking you to give up the position of class leader because of what you just said? Okay, I agree. The fight won't end until one of us dies. Everyone here is our witness. Even if you escape back to the Hero Palace, I'll hunt you down and kill you!"

Judging from Yuchi Hong's character, it wasn't surprising that he said such things.

"Great. From now on, take some time to consider your last words," said Jiang Chen.

"Huh, you're just bluffing. Give me the class leader position now!" Yuchi Hong said with disdain.

"As long as our senior agrees." Jiang Chen didn't give a damn about the class leader's position.

"I won't change my opinion unless Jiang Chen wants to give it up himself. Anyone that has a different opinion can leave."

The old man was unhappy with Yuchi Hong, who had tried to pick a fight time and time again.

"Did you hear that?!" Yuchi Hong looked towards Jiang Chen again.

"In that case, I only have two words for you—get out!" Jiang Chen shouted.

Yuchi Hong's look was so fierce that his expression immediately distorted. He said angrily, "Let's wait and see. You'll feel a lot of pain when you die."

Then all of them went into the next room.

This was the third room. The trainees of the heaven-grade class felt like they almost had an idea of what the classes of the martial arts workshop were like. They were all expectant, but when they saw the interior of the room, they felt confused again.

The room was spacious, as if there were neither walls nor a ceiling, but when they looked up, what they saw was darkness instead of the sky.

After they had entered, the dim lights were switched off.

Unable to use their holy awareness, they stayed in the darkness with unease.

Fortunately, the room was soon full of small sparks, like fireflies.

At the same time, they heard heavy noises. Cube shaped rocks appeared.

"What you're going to do next is stone carving. The contents you'll carve are hidden in the starlight. You have five days."

As always, the old man only told them the most basic information, not even a word on how to do it.

Maybe the martial arts workshop intended to train the members of the heaven-grade class to be independent.

Undoubtedly, the fifty-odd trainees were puzzled. They were walking around the room anxiously.

The sparks were flicked away when they touched them.

A few minutes had passed, and they involuntarily looked towards Jiang Chen, but soon, they looked away.

They tried to think for themselves, but it didn't work.

Except for Han Siming and the few other people ranked on List A of the Dragon Rise List, the other members all hoped they could learn the answer the same way as before.

Many people looked towards Yuchi Hong.

He had almost achieved the position of class leader. They expected him to make a contribution.

However, Yuchi Hong frowned, looking impatient.

Suddenly, Tianxu and Yin Shuang walked towards the rocks. Holding different types of chisels prepared by the martial arts workshop, the two looked they had insight into the secret of this room.

Soon, stone chips were flying in the air. Under everyone's gazes, every time the two's chisels touched the rocks, the marks on the rocks would sparkle.

Some people also started to work on the rocks, but when their chisels touched the rocks, there were no sparkles, and they didn't look as confident as Yin Shuang and Tianxu.

They looked towards Jiang Chen again, their expressions unreadable.

Tianxu and Yin Shuang must have gotten the instructions from Jiang Chen.

Class leader Jiang Chen had once again been the first to find out how the room worked.

However, they wouldn't be informed of it.

Although Jiang Chen's creation of nature and martial arts techniques had regressed to beginner, it didn't mean there was anything wrong with his insight.

Those who understood this were all regretful. They looked towards Yuchi Hong in complaint.

"Why are you in such a hurry? We have five days," Yuchi Hong said unhappily.

Then Han Siming and his companions were also enlightened. They grabbed their chisels, too. Only Jiang Chen's old followers hadn't started yet.

It took them one more hour to start.

It wasn't because they had found something out by themselves, but because they had asked for Han Siming and the others' help through holy awareness.

As for why they hadn't asked for Jiang Chen's help, it was because they were too ashamed.

It was worth mentioning that no one had told Yuchi Hong anything. Almost everyone hated him, but he still looked very arrogant, pacing back and forth by the rocks.

People also noticed that Jiang Chen hadn't started, either.

"You'll still have enough time if you go back to the original track right away," the old man said.

It turned out that in this room, people didn't have to comprehend anything. Here, they would need to use the things they had learned in the previous two rooms.

In their eyes, the sparks would appear in an image of them with their corresponding weapon. Then they would be able to carve these images onto the rocks to strengthen their creation of nature and martial arts techniques.

Jiang Chen hadn't started because he had seen two versions of himself in the sparks—one holding a sword and the other holding a knife.

But he could only carve one man on the rock!

Jiang Chen nodded at the old man's kind reminder and started to think about how to merge the two into one.


Seeing him reluctant to give up, the old man gave up on persuading him.


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