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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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397 Han Siming

After Yuchi Hong's challenge, someone else came forward and said to Jiang Chen, "Jiang Chen, please communicate with others through your holy awareness from now on."

"Don't misunderstand. I really appreciate your help, but teaching a man how to fish is better than giving a man a fish. I would rather have the acuteness that you already possess."

In comparison to the others, he was friendlier.

"No problem. It's your choice," Jiang Chen said calmly.

"Let me introduce myself. I'm Han Siming," he said.

"Han Siming!"

The name shocked some people. Someone asked, "You're the Han Siming, ranked forty-seventh on the Dragon Rise List?"

"Yeah, that's me," Han Siming nodded. His skin was fair and smooth, his face clean-cut and a bit cold.

Under the others' gazes, he was neither too humble nor too proud. He behaved as he always did.

Since they hadn't been able to see each other's states in the yard, if they weren't introduced by name, it was incredibly difficult to tell who was famous.

Fiftieth on the Dragon Rise List was a watershed. Number fifty was much more powerful than fifty-one.

It was because many proud people didn't want to be ranked in lower places. They preferred to work hard and be ranked higher from the beginning.

Fiftieth was most people's bottom line, so the top fifty were all very strong.

"So, who prefers to receive my advice and who prefers not to? Please air your opinions," Jiang Chen said.

They looked at each other. They appreciated Han Siming's frankness, but Jiang Chen's help was in their own interest, and they weren't confident enough to rely on themselves.

"I don't need it."

"Neither do I."

"And I."

Of course, there were still many people who followed Han Siming. When they raised their hands, the others found that they were all ranked on List A of the Dragon Rise List.

To Jiang Chen's surprise, Yin Shuang didn't raise her hand. She had chosen to take his advice.

"You'd better take a look at your sticks," said the old man.

After his reminder, they took their sticks out. Some were puzzled, and others turned ashen.

The sticks of those who held the same expression had initial success written on them, but the others' sticks said beginner.

Their creation of nature and martial arts techniques had regressed!

It was because the improvement of their martial arts of creation had brought changes to the level of difficulty of the creation of nature and martial arts techniques.

"Next, digest what you've learned today," said the old man.

No one had any problems with this, so they all sat down on the ground.

Martial arts of arguments referred to how much one had mastered the elements that existed in the universe.

Martial arts techniques referred to the knife and sword, fist and palm, spear and stick, and so on.

Martial arts of creation were of help to martial arts techniques.

Martial arts techniques merged into the status of being an integral part of nature to form the creation of nature and martial arts techniques.

Jiang Chen's stick had stayed the same, but he could also feel the influence of the improvement on his creation of metal.

After one day and one night, those whose level on the sticks had regressed had caught up to the rest, while the others' statuses had stayed the same, but all of them could clearly feel the improvement of their fighting power.

Under the lead of the old man, they went into the second room.

Several tables formed a ring, on which there was paper, ink, and brush pens.

In the ring, there were all kinds of weapons floating in the air.

"Draw the weapon you use," said the old man.

"But senior, I don't know how to draw."

Drawing wasn't that simple. It required much technique. Without practice, it would be impossible to even start.

"Take your time. There's enough paper. You have three days," said the old man.

Many people felt like they were in a bind. They looked towards the class leader to ask for help.

Jiang Chen walked to a table and gazed at the weapons, feeling what was there.

After a while he turned around and said to some of them through holy awareness, "Don't worry. Your drawing technique doesn't matter, because it isn't through drawing that we understand. Rather, if you understand, you'll be able to draw."

Once they understood, they would know where to put every brushstroke and draw the weapon easily.

His words encouraged many worried people. They came to the tables and observed the weapons, following Jiang Chen's instructions. And they found what he had said to be true.

Their beaming faces made Yuchi Hong's expression darken.

He didn't know how to draw at all, so he was stumped, too.

Seeing other people smiling and knowing what to do while he was puzzled, he felt bad.

I can do it, Yuchi Hong thought to himself. He sat by a table and held his brush pen, but when he looked at the paper, nothing came to his mind.

It took him almost an hour to figure out the solution.

The martial arts workshop wouldn't make things unreasonably difficult for people. The drawing technique doesn't matter.

So he looked towards the weapons and focused his holy soul on them. Soon, with the aid of the spirit of the sword, he vaguely saw the trace of an object on the paper.

He put the brush pen to the tracing and soon saw the details of the sword handle.

I see. Yuchi Hong relaxed, but when he looked towards Jiang Chen, who was opposite him, he couldn't help grinding his teeth.

This guy must have some relation to the martial arts workshop. That's how he learned these things in advance. Then they made him the class leader and gave him the chance to show off!

He couldn't believe Jiang Chen was so smart that he could see the solution at first glance.

Then he laid his eyes on Yin Shuang, who was sitting beside Jiang Chen. He had noticed this beauty as soon as she had arrived.

It was precisely to attract Yin Shuang's attention that he had said those provocative words to Jiang Chen, but she was getting closer and closer with Jiang Chen instead.

Although the two didn't talk a lot, Yuchi Hong had noticed there was admiration and respect in Yin Shuang's eyes.

I'll defeat you when we leave. Just you wait and see! Yuchi Hong thought to himself.


After the distraction, Yuchi Hong found the tracing that had appeared in his sight was gone. Once again, he didn't know where to put the pen.

Do I have to finish it in one stroke? Yuchi Hong thought. Then he looked towards the others, all focusing on the paper.

A few hours later, everyone was exhausted and complaining.

Although they didn't need to have any drawing skills, each brushstroke cost them a lot of their holy soul's power.

And even if they only lacked the last stroke, once they were distracted, they would have to start all over again. After repeating it a few times, they almost fainted.

Fortunately, they saw paper balled up on the class leader's table, too. It didn't look like it was going so smooth for him, either.

"Take a break. Don't think it's done when you finish the drawing. You'll have to color your drawing through the martial arts of creation you've just learned.

"You only have three days. It isn't easy," said the old man.

"Senior, will we spend all fifteen days like this? Not eating or drinking?" someone asked out of curiosity during a break.

"What? As a Reaching Heaven State, are you afraid of dying of hunger or thirst?" the old man asked with interest.

The man who had asked smiled embarrassedly and didn't answer.

Reaching Heaven States could survive more than fifteen days without eating, drinking, or sleeping, even while doing high-intensive labor.

The thing was, some of these guys came from big groups. They were used to enjoying tea and pastries every day. When they had an appetite, they would also have a good meal specially prepared for them.


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