The Brilliant Fighting Master
395 Yuchi Hong from the Yuchis
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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395 Yuchi Hong from the Yuchis

Jiang Chen didn't refuse. Seeing that no one had expressed a second opinion, he came forward and said, "Senior, I'll try my best."

He wasn't too eager. Used to staying by himself, being well-connected wasn't very important to him.

But sometimes, it wasn't up to him.

After becoming the class leader, many people went up to him to show how friendly they were. Tianxu even regarded himself as his trusted follower.

Gradually, a circle formed with Jiang Chen at the center.

"Second, I'm going to record your current level of creation of nature and martial arts techniques so that I can see your progress in fifteen days.

"We at the martial arts workshop divide the level of creation of nature and martial arts techniques into seven grades.

"They are beginner, initial success, with ease, proficiency, excellence, supremacy, and climax.

"You had to have reached initial success in the entry test of heaven-grade class to get here, which apparently you've already achieved. But if you felt strained during the ten seconds of the test or even like you were lucky to have passed, you'll need to work harder."

Many people were embarrassed. Others didn't take it seriously.

"You'll have fifteen days. There are five rooms, each corresponding to one of the five levels above initial success.

"The especially talented ones among you will achieve climax in the end, but only a few."

Jiang Chen was listening carefully. When the old man looked towards him, he said, "Senior, these seven levels are the martial arts workshop's unique standards, so what level in the general system does climax correspond to?"

Others were also curious to know. It was just that most of them hadn't thought that far yet. That Jiang Chen had asked confirmed to them that he was good enough to be the class leader.


The old man flashed a dry smile. Then he saw the expressions on everyone's faces, as he had expected.

"Do you find it impossible that you'll only achieve the beginner level in the end, but still be stronger than most people?

"A standard is used to compare. Your class leader asked about the general standards. In the whole Planes World, it's true that it's only equal to beginner level."

This was too shocking, even to Jiang Chen.

In the Dragon Field, many people hadn't even achieved the status of being an integral part of nature. If this was only beginner level, how would those people be classified?

"The creation of nature and martial arts techniques is the status of one's fighting technique. It's important, but not the only standard," the old man explained to them.

Since they were there, they naturally thought the creation of nature and martial arts techniques were indispensable, but to think about it from another perspective, if they were really that important, fifteen days wouldn't be enough.

In other words, the heaven-grade class was supposed to make something good even better, but not to make something bad less bad.

Of course, to make a good thing better was important, too.

"Senior, you just mentioned that when martial techniques of creation merge into the great doctrine of martial techniques, they become too bulky to digest," a beautiful voice said. It was Yin Shuang.

She asked, "That means the martial techniques of creation we learn here in the first room will make our creation of nature and martial arts techniques regress."

"So? Should we give up something useless to our fighting power only because it'll look like we aren't improving?" the old man asked.

"Of course not. I'm just worried about whether I can pass in the end," Yin Shuang expressed her confusion.

"I see. Don't worry about that. It's me who judges whether you pass or not."

By then, the old man thought he had almost explained everything. He took out a container full of long sticks.

He tapped on the container and the sticks flew into air and ended up in everyone's hands.

They looked down and saw two words written on the sticks.

Initial success!

They looked around and found it was the same on everyone's sticks, then they thought of their class leader and looked over.

The youngster who had fought with Jiang Chen was the most eager to know. If he found out that Jiang Chen's grade was the same, he could compete for the position of class leader.

But Jiang Chen's stick said with ease.


The youngster was very disappointed. He thought to himself, The martial arts workshop made these sticks. It must be their plan.

"The grade on the sticks can change at anytime. Now, choose your landscape painting."

The old man announced the start. He half closed his eyes and said, "I'll announce who doesn't pass in an hour. Those who don't pass must leave."

They all felt pressured, since the old man didn't explain how to do it or what the standard of passing was.

They looked at the walls blankly, and their looks wandered over the paintings.

"These landscape paintings correspond to different elements. Choose those corresponding to your martial arts of creation. For example, rivers correspond to water, and volcanoes to fire. Use your holy soul to ponder on them," said Jiang Chen.

They took a look at the paintings and found it was true.


They appreciated his help and started to look for a painting suitable for them.

"Anyone outside could have told us that. Besides, I also knew. You didn't have to tell me." The youngster curled his lip, his look disgusted.

"The difference between genius and mediocrity lies in the time needed to think through something," Tianxu couldn't help but say.

The youngster gnashed his teeth and gave him an angry stare. He said, "I guess it's time to tell you my name."

"Yeah?" Tianxu felt disdainful of his tone, but curious about his background.

So were the others, who were dying to know what background this arrogant man had.

"I'm Yuchi Hong from the Yuchis." The youngster raised his head with pride. His voice was so high that it was easy for everyone to hear him.

"Never heard of it." Tianxu frowned sincerely. He had really never heard of this name, nor had the others. They were all puzzled.

Only the old man opened his eyes and glanced at Yuchi Hong in surprise, but he didn't say anything.

"Ignorant people. You'll realize how stupid you are once you understand what the Yuchis represent." Yuchi Hong had invited himself to be insulted, but he was reluctant to give in.

Without waiting for the others to refute him, he went to look for a painting for himself.

"What a guy," Tianxu didn't know how to comment on him.

"Don't waste your time on a guy like that," said Jiang Chen.


Tianxu was completely obedient to Jiang Chen. He didn't have a second opinion at all.

Jiang Chen started to look for paintings regarding the creation of wind and metal. Soon, he was attracted to one.

In the painting, a spear was inserted into the earth. It was painted with great technique, looked majestic, and had perfect artistic conception. The tumbling clouds made viewers feel as though the spear had just flew down from the air.

Jiang Chen knew it was related to the creation of metal, so he walked over right away.

After pondering on the metal fragment through An Immortal Thought in the Realm of Beasts, his creation of metal hadn't seen any improvement.

He had been completely focused on the creation of wind. Although both had something to do with sharpness, they were completely different.

Wind could be compared to the sharpness of a sword, while metal could be compared to the sharpness of a knife.

Like the others, Jiang Chen was standing a few feet away from the painting as his holy soul focused on the world in the painting through his eyes.

Soon, he gained something from it.


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