The Brilliant Fighting Master
394 I’m the Class Leader
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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394 I’m the Class Leader

Of course it was annoying that he was sizing up a girl with a strange smile in such an unbridled manner.

Jiang Chen reacted in time. His look met Yin Shuang's unhappy one, but he pretended he didn't notice it and nodded at her amicably.

Yin Shuang was surprised. Out of her professional habit as an auctioneer, she also smiled at him in response.

Then Jiang Chen looked around. Yin Shuang was a little embarrassed and thought it was her who had been too mean.

More and more people came. There were fifty-three people in the end.

This number was beyond Jiang Chen's expectation, as it was it for the others.

"What's wrong? Aren't there normally about thirty people? Why are there so many people in our class?" someone complained.

"Perhaps too many people passed. After all, they make money from the class. It's normal to have so many people," someone expressed his understanding of the situation.

"The martial arts workshop should make their requirements higher. Otherwise, anyone could get in," someone vented his anger on others. He showed his disdain, frowning, arms crossing his chest and his right hand pinching his nose.

He behaved like he was a noble lord living high on the hogs who had suddenly joined a bunch of beggars.

"What do you mean? Explain!"

Everyone who could pass the entry test of heaven-grade class were proud and talented people. No one could bear such a comment.

"I wasn't talking about you. Why are you irritated? Isn't it obvious enough who shouldn't have been one of us?"

But this guy had certain conversational skills. He had managed to turn the others' anger into puzzlement and curiosity.

People looked at each other, as if looking for certain traits.

In the end, a few of them were isolated. They had something in common: they were below Cloud Five and not wearing a spiritual coat made by certain masters.

Jiang Chen and Tianxu were among them.

Jiang Chen looked over. Although those who had been given the cold shoulder looked angry, they hadn't lost their tempers.

"Hey you, what kind of taste is that? I don't know how you judge, but Apprentice Brother Jiang Chen cracked Senior Yan Kuan's defense in only ten seconds. Are you able to do the same?" Tianxu angrily shouted at the majority of the crowd who had caused the stir.

The day before was the deadline for registration. Only Jiang Chen and Tianxu had passed that day, so the others there didn't know what had happened. Even if they had heard of it, they wouldn't know which one Jiang Chen was.

Until Tianxu brought it up.

Everyone had seen Yan Kuan attacking at the time of the entry test. Most of them had held on ten seconds under his attack, so they certainly knew how great his martial arts techniques were.

It was not only a powerful argument, but also called attention to Jiang Chen.

"Are you the Jiang Chen who killed Liu Shayang and defeated Mo Jianfei?"

The persuasive guy walked to Jiang Chen. He was still a youngster, short with red lips and white teeth, dashing eyebrows and bright eyes.

If it weren't for his Adam's apple, people would think he was a girl disguised as a man.

"Yeah, exactly," Jiang Chen said.

"I didn't expect them to be defeated by you. I had been looking forward to fighting against them, those two losers."

People had assumed he wouldn't say anything nice before he spoke, but they were still surprised by his arrogance.

"Arrogant. Those two were great—" Tianxu said.

"I'm talking to your master. How dare a dog like you cut in?" the youngster interrupted him, staring at him coldly.

Tianxu turned red. His eyes were full of fiery anger.

"A dog wouldn't have bitten a person," said Jiang Chen.

This comforted Tianxu a little. The others knew there would be a good show.

"Are you saying I'm a dog? How dare you? Are you courting death?" the youngster said in rage.

"Interesting. Are you the only person allowed to curse others? How impressive," Jiang Chen scorned.

"Go to hell!"

The youngster launched a sword attack immediately, but before he could approach Jiang Chen, he stopped and touched his chest confusedly.

"We can't use our state power here?"

His words reminded the others.

Jiang Chen had manipulated the halo of heaven in his qihai, and nothing had happened. And he couldn't tell others' states, either.

It was as if everyone in this yard was just an average person.

"In the next fifteen days, you won't be able to use any power except martial arts techniques, to comprehend martial arts in the purest state."

People were still surprised and confused when an old man's voice could be heard.

Under their gazes, an old man walked out of the house into the yard.

He was old for a practitioner, but his back was still very straight, and his eyes weren't turbid, but shining.

"Come in, all of you," he called everyone into the room. The room was empty. There wasn't any furniture, but on the walls many landscape paintings were hung.

"The creation of nature and martial arts techniques is the combination of being an integral part of nature and your own martial arts techniques.

"Only one skill can be combined, either sword, knife, or spear. However, martial techniques of creation can be combined into the great doctrine of martial techniques then combined with the status of being an integral part of nature.

"That being said, the more things you have, the more difficult it is to digest them. But once they're completely digested, your fighting power will be tremendous.

"Before you are paintings about martial techniques of creation. You can choose any one of these that match your great doctrine of martial techniques to ponder upon."

The old man went straight to the point and introduced everything quickly. He must have said the same thing many times.

"Before you start, you should check in and elect a class leader, who will be my assistant in the next fifteen days to help the others."

"Class leader?"

These fifty-odd people were quite interested, although there were no benefits to being the class leader, and it sounded quite tiring.

However, it was an honor to lead these talented youngsters. The role of class leader could also help them build good relations with others. In this way, there would be numerous benefits in the future.

"I'm willing to take responsibility to be the class leader."

The youngster who had a problem with Jiang Chen forgot about it and went forward, as if he was a better candidate than anyone else.

But the others could see the old man already have someone in his mind.

He glanced at the crowd and pointed at one of them, saying, "You'll be the class leader."

They looked over and saw it was Jiang Chen.

"Why?!" The youngster wasn't convinced.

"The reason is simple. The class leader should be able to convince others. He cracked Yan Kuan's defense in ten seconds.

"If anyone of you thinks you're able to as well, I'll call Yan Kuan over, but if you fail, you'll be expelled from the heaven-grade class and won't be admitted to the next ten heaven-grade classes."

The old man didn't even look up. After finishing his speech, he closed his eyes, waiting for the others' replies.

As he had said, the others had to be convinced, even if they were reluctant.

The arrogant youngster wasn't confident about cracking Yan Kuan's defense, either.

"Yan Kuan must have given in. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to have succeeded. Huh!"


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