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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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392 Arrogan

Tianxu looked over, beaming with joy. He laid his eyes on Jiang Chen, full of arrogance.

He was still in the initial phase of the Reaching Heaven State, but passing the test of the Heaven-grade class meant he had had some achievements in martial arts techniques.

"Ouyang Na, how many fiancés have you had? I suppose it's you who paid your fiancé's entry fee, wasn't it?"

Gao Tian'ai was a little nervous. Tianxu's excellence was obvious, but at the thought of her cousin, she didn't take it seriously.

"It's called investment, okay? Better than someone who doesn't even have a chance to pay the entry fee."

Ouyang Na and Gao Tian'ai had held a grudge against each other for many years. She was quick to argue.

"Miss Gao, you really don't have good judgement of people."

Tianxu wasn't happy, but he didn't dare vent his anger at Gao Tian'ai, so he started to attack Jiang Chen.

"What do you think my judgement should be like?" Gao Tian'ai found it funny.

"Well, the Gaos are so honorable that the person who deserves Miss Gao's love should at least be a talented man ranked on List A of the Dragon Rise List."

Tianxu thought seriously for a while and said, "Take Jiang Chen, who has been doing a lot recently, for example. He killed Liu Shayang ruthlessly at the Wind Moon City and defeated Mo Jianfei with one sword attack. You deserve a person like that."

It seemed he really admired Jiang Chen.

Gao Tian'ai held onto Jiang Chen's arm with more force, trying very hard to keep a straight face.

"Tianxu, you think too highly of her. If she weren't a young lady of the Gaos, Jiang Chen would really be too good for her!" said Ouyang Na.

"What do you have except being a young lady of the Ouyangs?"

"At least I have better judgement than you."

Ouyang Na kept attacking her with the same argument, but Gao Tian'ai didn't care at all.

"Be quiet."

The girls' quarrel created some noise. Many people looked over, until the staff in charge finally asked them to restrain themselves.

They could see Ouyang Na and Gao Tian'ai weren't average people, so there was no real rebuke in their tones.

"Senior, I'm sorry."

Ouyang Na acted like a new person. She said, "I couldn't help but argue with my friend because he didn't think the test of the martial arts workshop was difficult enough."

This caused a great stir in the room.

Gao Tian'ai was irritated. She said loudly, "That's nonsense. Ouyang Na, you're going too far!"

"It's him. When I came, I heard him saying that he had come here for the reputation, but he wasn't so sure about the martial arts workshop."

"Yeah? Huh, how arrogant. The greatness of the martial arts workshop is publicly recognized. Who the hell is he to question it?"

"Only a Cloud-Three Reaching Heaven State. How dare he talk so big?"

To Ouyang Na's surprise, her framing worked very well.

It turned out someone had recalled Jiang Chen's big talk, so no one doubted Ouyang Na's charges against him.

The staff there stared at Jiang Chen.

"I didn't say that," Jiang Chen explained, not because he felt pushed by the situation, but because it was the truth.

"Are you a coward now? You had the nerve to say it but don't have the nerve to own up to it?"

"How great you are."

"Why would a young lady from the Gaos like such a guy?"

But no one wanted to let him go. The last comment explained why they were so mean.

Because of jealousy!

They had been jealous of Jiang Chen since the beginning. Gao Tian'ai had not only come from a great background, but also had a pretty face. She was still young, but had a well-shaped body.

She was holding Jiang Chen's arm and they looked so close. That was why Jiang Chen had become the envy of the others.

"Are you here to register?" a staff member of the martial arts workshop asked Jiang Chen.

"Yep," Jiang Chen said and nodded.


The staff let him jump in line, and the others didn't have any problem with that, since they were all eager to see what he had.

Ouyang Na grinned at Gao Tian'ai and thought to herself, Not my problem.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. Under countless gazes, he came to the center.

"What's your martial arts technique?"

The man who had called Jiang Chen over was middle-aged and very thin. His square face looked very serious. He was staring at Jiang Chen with his slim eyes.

"Sword," Jiang Chen gave him an unsurprising answer.

Sword was always the most popular.

"To join the heaven-grade class, you should be able to manipulate the creation of nature and martial arts techniques at will. Next, we'll attack each other only using martial arts techniques. You'll pass if you can last ten seconds," he said.

The staff turned out to be the testing tools.

"Ten seconds?"

Jiang Chen was surprised. He hadn't expected it to be so short. He nodded to show he had no problem with it.

"Or you attack and he defends. You should crack his defense in ten seconds," another staff member standing beside him said. He was smiling and looked like he had a strong interest in the situation.

"Xiuru, don't make trouble," the middle-aged man said, staring at him.

"This youngster has doubts about our martial arts workshop. I suppose he must be great. We should give him the chance to show his stuff," the man called Xiuru said with a smile.

The middle-aged man frowned, but the other people in the room all nodded. They thought it was fair.

"What do you think?" the middle-aged man asked Jiang Chen.

"Whatever," Jiang Chen said indifferently.

His reply was normal to him, but arrogant to others.

They couldn't wait to see Jiang Chen embarrass himself and leave like a fool.

He would have had a chance to pass if he had chosen to hold on for ten seconds. After all, to come to this house, he must have had at least some skills. But it would be much more difficult to crack the middle-aged man's defense in ten seconds.

It was easy to defend a city and difficult to attack a city. This test followed the same principles.

"All right. Bring it on."

Seeing him so confident, the middle-aged man's curiosity was piqued. A sword suddenly appeared in his hand.

Since they wouldn't use the power of state, the small space was enough for them.

"Please," Jiang Chen nodded slightly, holding the Red Cloud Sword in his left hand.


Seeing him behave like this, the staff suddenly realized Jiang Chen wasn't actually that arrogant, but used to being seen with awe and eagerness.

However, in others' eyes, Jiang Chen's politeness was only a front.

"That sword?"

Tianxu accidentally laid his eyes on the Red Cloud Sword and was struck dumb.

"What's wrong?" Ouyang Na asked curiously.


Tianxu's expression kept changing. Jiang Chen was his idol, so of course, he knew about his idol's sword.

The sword before him fit the description, but he wasn't sure, since he had never seen it with his own eyes.

"Here he comes."

Jiang Chen only had ten seconds, not a second more. At the beginning, a small hourglass reversed automatically, and the sand was falling rapidly.

To everyone's surprise, Jiang Chen didn't move. He wasn't in a hurry at all.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

He kept standing there. He didn't even hold his Red Cloud Sword up. Only his black eyes looked any different from usual.


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