The Brilliant Fighting Master
391 Heaven-Grade Class
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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391 Heaven-Grade Class

The martial arts workshop was the dream of many practitioners.

It was said that as long as one entered it, the problems they had with martial arts techniques would be resolved, and they would level up.

The creation of nature and martial arts techniques, which everyone was after, could be achieved there, too.

Such a place was located on the outskirts of the Sacred City, far from the city center.

For many people conscious of status, this location was enough to make them reluctant to go. But once they arrived at the martial arts workshop, such doubts were dispelled right away.

The martial arts workshop wasn't a house built on the outskirts, but an architectural complex that occupied a great space.

Jiang Chen flew there and couldn't help but stop in the air to admire it.

The owner of the martial arts workshop was very attentive. Compared to the huge, marvelous buildings in the Sacred City, the martial arts workshop had a style of its own.

The buildings here were made of black brick and green tile, which suited both refined and popular tastes.

Inside the buildings, it was quite luminous and spacious. No wonder this place had been chosen for the workshop.

Jiang Chen landed slowly. There were many people coming in and out.

He knew from Ying Wushuang that the martial arts workshop was a place for short-term training. The tuition wasn't cheap, definitely not an affordable price for everyone.

Training was divided into three levels: human, earth, and heaven.

The human-grade class was for puzzled people who were stuck on martial arts techniques.

The earth-grade class aimed to master the status of being an integral part of nature or improve their creation of nature and martial arts techniques, which combined the status of being an integral part of nature and martial arts techniques.

As for the heaven-grade class, even Ying Wushuang couldn't explain what exactly it was for. She had only a general idea—it was for people who had mastered the creation of nature and martial arts techniques.

When he was going to proceed to the next step, Jiang Chen saw a familiar figure.

That person saw him, too, and ran towards him excitedly and said, "Cou… Jiang Chen."

It was Gao Tian'ai. She was so happy to see Jiang Chen that she almost forgot about her family's order and exposed Jiang Chen's identity.

The fact that Jiang Chen was a man of genuine blood was the Gaos' trump card.

Currently, the Gaos were offering him two kinds of protection.

The first was to conceal his identity, but they assumed many big, well-informed groups in the Sacred City knew about it.

That was why the second kind of protection was most important. No one outside of the family was allowed to know he was a man of genuine blood.

Otherwise, the other aristocratic families of inheritance would definitely act and eliminate Jiang Chen preemptively.

"Long time no see," Jiang Chen smiled. He had a good impression of Gao Tian'ai.

Gao Tian'ai rolled her pretty black eyes and spoke very quickly. "As a member of the Hero Palace, being here only means you've already reached a very high level in your martial arts techniques."

"I was attracted here by the reputation. Hopefully, it'll be helpful," said Jiang Chen.

Nothing was wrong with what he had said, but when others heard him, they all looked at him in surprise.

Gao Tian'ai noticed the looks and the confused expression on Jiang Chen's face. She said to him quietly, "Cousin, the martial arts workshop is a magical place. People worship it. Your tone sounded like you weren't sure it could help you. People might find that arrogant."

"They find that arrogant?"

Jiang Chen shook his head and flashed a bitter smile. It would be sad if people lost their own opinions because they didn't match the majority.

Gao Tian'ai's guidance saved him a lot of trouble.

She was in the earth-grade class. According to her, her swordsmanship had advanced a lot in only a few days.

Casually conversing, they came to a large house.

"You can register here for the heaven-grade class. Cousin, the heaven-grade class is the cheapest among the three levels, but it also has very high requirements," Gao Tian'ai whispered into his ear.

Jiang Chen sensed the uncertainty in her tone. He tapped on her head, pretended to pull a long face, and said, "Do you have doubts about your cousin's ability?"

"Of course not." Gao Tian'ai rubbed her head as if she had been wronged. She corrected herself right away, "My cousin is the best. You'll succeed for sure."

Pushing the door open, they found there were already many people inside.

Those at the end of the line looked back, frowning at Jiang Chen and Gao Tian'ai, who had just walked in.

It turned out that registration had already started. Jiang Chen had arrived late, but no one was standing outside the door, and the door wasn't locked. They assumed he could still register.

Leaving the door closed behind him, Jiang Chen looked around. The room was spacious. There wasn't a single piece of unnecessary furniture.

In the middle of the room, where people were gathering, the entry test was in progress.

The requirement was that one should be able to manipulate one's creation of nature and martial arts techniques at will.

If this requirement wasn't satisfied, one would have to move down to the earth-level class.

But some people didn't want to waste their time or weren't clear about their level, and others didn't want to spend too much money.

Besides, it was related to martial arts techniques. Those in the room had very different levels, some better and others worse.

The number of Mental Wander States and Reaching Heaven States was almost half and half.

The youngsters in the Mental Wander State were even prouder than those in the Reaching Heaven State. They thought they were great because through their high level of martial arts techniques alone, they managed to stand alongside Reaching Heaven States.

"Why do I see you everywhere?" a female voice said. Jiang Chen found it familiar, but he couldn't recall who it was.

She wasn't talking to him, but to Gao Tian'ai.

"Because you follow me everywhere I go," Gao Tian'ai said bluntly.

Then Jiang Chen recalled who she was, Ouyang Na. He had met her once in the chamber of commerce.

She was still wearing expensive clothes and looked rich. She was pretty, but her makeup was too much, not quite natural for her age.

Ouyang Na saw Jiang Chen beside Gao Tian'ai and recognized him, too. She scorned, "And you keep telling me that you two aren't in a relationship? Ridiculous."

When Jiang Chen was about to refute her, Gao Tian'ai said, "Even if we're in a relationship, what's wrong with that? Better than you, having a new boyfriend every two or three days."

Then she took Jiang Chen's arm and looked at him provocatively.

Jiang Chen smiled, not saying anything.

He could feel that Gao Tian'ai was proud to have him as her cousin. He didn't mind helping her out.

"Tut-tut, I'll tell you the same thing—you've got bad taste." Ouyang Na was surprised that she had admitted it. At the same time, she was intrigued.

"When you said this last time, you embarrassed yourself," said Gao Tian'ai.

"I know. A young Reaching Heaven State, wasn't he? But back then, I didn't know there were good Reaching Heaven States and bad Reaching Heaven States. A young Reaching Heaven State could be a good-for-nothing who was bad at martial arts techniques and hasn't developed any extraordinary meridians," said Ouyang Na coldly.

Gao Tian'ai didn't know whether she should find it irritating or amusing.

She realized Ouyang Na didn't know what her cousin's name was. Maybe she had heard it last time, but of course, she wouldn't keep it in her mind.

Killing Liu Shayang, defeating Mo Jianfei, if these deeds were brought up, how would Ouyang Na react?

"Yeah, Nana is absolutely right. Some Reaching Heaven States do bring shame to us."

At this moment, a handsome and fair man walked back from the center of the room. He put his arm around Ouyang Na's waist affectionately and said complacently, "I've passed. I've been admitted to the heaven-grade class."


Ouyang Na was very happy. She looked towards Jiang Chen and Gao Tian'ai and said, "Let me introduce my fiancé to you. This is Tianxu."


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