The Brilliant Fighting Master
389 What the Real Doctrine of Sword Is
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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389 What the Real Doctrine of Sword Is

What he had said shocked people.

But Mo Jianfei was calm and firm. "Give up. I saw how hard you tried in the fighting power test. You don't have anymore trump cards left." He smiled and said, "Our ranks on the Fighting Power List already display your weakness. Next, you'll collapse at the first blow."

It was natural for him to think that way. If anyone else were him, they would think the same.

The fighting power needed to rise from number six to number four wasn't any less than what Jiang Chen had shown to rise to number fifty.

Then he had soared from sixteenth to ninth and then to sixth, it must have been his limit.

"You're too ignorant. Aren't you afraid of embarrassing yourself?"

"Nine Pulses Up in the Sky, on!" Jiang Chen glanced at Mo Jianfei with disdain as he switched on the Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds. The token reacted strongly under the shocking power.

The whole token started to quiver in his hand. The light it was giving off almost hid the token itself from the view.

People unaware of what was happening there could assume Jiang Chen was holding a treasure.

Jiang Chen's number on the Fighting Power List started to change again, a rapid change.

The change in the units digit, the tens digit, the hundreds digit and the thousands digit was too fast for anyone's eyes to follow. The ten thousands digit was also changing at an unprecedented speed.

Under countless shocked gazes, Jiang Chen's name was actually zooming upward.

Naturally, Mo Jianfei, ranked fourth, was exceeded, and without any pause, he continued to enter the top three.

When his fighting power had achieved 90,000, he was ranked second! But the number was still rising, and it looked it wouldn't stop soon.

Number one's fighting power was 110,000.

In this process, people should have had enough time to react, but seeing the number soaring, their brains failed to function.

The confident look on Mo Jianfei froze. He curled his lips and gnashed his teeth.

Jiang Chen's surpassing him was already out of the question. The current problem was whether he could replace the current first place.

By then, the change in numbers had slowed down, but it was already more than 100,000, and still rising, just more and more gradually.

In the end, the ten thousands digit and the thousands digit of Jiang Chen's fighting power were the same as the first place.

If he could surpass number one in the hundreds digit, he would win!

The hundreds digit finally jumped after the tens digit. Jiang Chen was ranked first on the Fighting Power List!



Voices exclaiming could be heard all over the Hero Palace. Many people even shouted emotionally, out of control.

Even Jiang Chen himself was surprised at the result. He hadn't expected the holy power to be so strong after being converted to fighting power.

Haven't I tapped the potential of holy power thoroughly? Jiang Chen thought to himself.

Seeing Mo Jianfei's look, Jiang Chen left the thing about holy power behind for the moment.

"According to your theory, you should surrender now!" said Jiang Chen.

Mo Jianfei had said it himself, so he found no excuse to refute Jiang Chen.

The gap between their fighting powers was in the ten thousands.

Mo Jianfei didn't speak until a good while had passed. "The calculation of the Fighting Power List is different from real fights. An idea in a real fight could be more powerful than ten thousands in fighting power. Besides, in real fights, these powers don't add up the same way as they do for the Fighting Power List!"

"That's not what you said," Jiang Chen scorned.

"Huh, you think we're comparable? Your ideas, your real fight experiences are far from mine!" To save face, Mo Jianfei had lost his elegance.

"For some people, ambition never dies until there's no way out," Jiang Chen shook his head. Holding the Red Cloud Sword, he said, "Won't you be ashamed to be defeated by only a few sword attacks?"

"That's impossible. A coconut shell full of water is an ocean to an ant. My doctrine of sword will teach you that."

Then Mo Jianfei exerted the Intangible Doctrine of Sword. A chilly air filled the area. The energy of sword raged, and a fierce wind whooshed.

"Your doctrine of sword? How could you call it the doctrine of sword if it's incomplete and just something you learned from practicing? Let me show you what the doctrine of sword is!" Jiang Chen said bluntly, then exerted the Immortal Doctrine of Sword. The energy of the sword swept over him.

In comparison, Mo Jianfei's energy of sword was weak, outdone in a very short period of time.

Mo Jianfei was also outshone by the aggression in Jiang Chen.

"You've mastered the doctrine of sword, too?"

Mo Jianfei was stunned once again. This time, even he couldn't convince himself.

I still have my advantages. I'll win, he was telling himself silently. Then suddenly something occurred to him that gave him a scare.

Murong Yuan will definitely dump me if she knows Jiang Chen defeats me.

He knew Murong Yuan too well. He was with her for her money, and she was with him for his reputation as the president of the Sword Association.

I can't lose. I can't lose, he thought to himself.

Jiang Chen suddenly felt bored. He said, "You've already lost."

Seeing the tiny beads of sweat on his rival's forehead and the weakness in his eyes, Jiang Chen knew the result without even having to fight.

"Stop bluffing!"

Of course, Mo Jianfei wouldn't agree with him. He screamed in anger and launched an attack first.

As the president of the Sword Association, even though he was panicking, he still managed to maintain his high level. His sword movements were very agile, difficult to see through.

It seemed this attack had quieted the whole sky. There wasn't any noise.

However, the light of the sword swept over Jiang Chen like endless waves.

"The key of the Intangible Doctrine of Sword is the combination of idleness and motion. Your doctrine of sword is incomplete. You're trying to achieve motion without achieving idleness first. How could you defeat me that way?"

Jiang Chen stood there motionlessly. There was no fear on his face.

"Stop bluffing. You know nothing about my doctrine of sword at all!"

Mo Jianfei wouldn't listen to him. As human and the sword advanced, the radiance of sword turned into terrifying waves, intending to demolish Jiang Chen completely.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: The Second Movement!"

Jiang Chen didn't bother to speak to him, merely exerted his strongest movement directly.

As soon as the sword was brandished, the tumbling radiance of the sword looked as if it paused. Only by very careful observation could one see it was still moving, but extremely slowly.

"Sword, go!"

In this slow-motion world, Jiang Chen sprinted over while holding his sword, like a comet.

In others' eyes, the whole process, from beginning to end, only lasted a second.

In a second, Mo Jianfei's momentum of sword was cracked.

In a second, Mo Jianfei became a punching bag, struck by Jiang Chen who knew how many times.

When everything stopped, Mo Jianfei had been defeated.

Jiang Chen's attack had been measured; he hadn't intended to kill Mo Jianfei. Mo Jianfei still had enough energy to fly.

"Now, I'm curious what you're going to say," said Jiang Chen.

Mo Jianfei gave him a stubborn stare and turned around to leave.

"Did I tell you to go?" Jiang Chen came before him with a jump.

"What else do you want?" Mo Jianfei growled.

"That's simple."

Jiang Chen attacked again. His spiritual sword was as swift as the wind. The tendons in Mo Jianfei's hand were slashed.

"Hopefully you'll find a good doctor to help you recover."


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