The Brilliant Fighting Master
388 Fighting Power Lis
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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388 Fighting Power Lis

One month had passed very quickly.

The people of the Hero Palace had been counting the days since Jiang Chen and Mo Jianfei had made their appointment.

That day, just after midnight, there were already many people practicing all over the Hero Palace, but they were afraid of missing the fight between Jiang Chen and Mo Jianfei.

However, neither of the two rivals wanted to have the fight this early.

When it was finally sunrise, the Hero Palace was crowded with people. Those who had planned to go out didn't leave.

But since they hadn't set a time, it was a long time for them to wait. Besides, Mo Jianfei was the president of the Sword Association, and no one had the nerve to urge him.

As for Jiang Chen, he was really something, too. They didn't dare offend him, either.

Yet, Ying Wushuang, who was more than a friend to Jiang Chen, was seen entering his yard. People assumed the fight would begin soon.

"Jiang Chen."

Intentionally or not, Ying Wusuang was wearing a neat outfit that day. It was so close-fitting that her attractive curves were shown clearly.

She had light makeup on her face. She looked pretty and delicate, her black eyes very bright.

"I'm here to support you." As always, she didn't speak much.

"Thanks a lot," said Jiang Chen.

"But what's wrong with your house? Was there a fire?"

In the past month, since she had known Jiang Chen would focus on practicing, she hadn't visited in order not to disturb him. Not until then did she see the walls were all black and the furniture was almost in ruins.

"It's a long story," Jiang Chen didn't know where to start.

"What about your state?" Ying Wushuang gazed at him, observing him seriously, and said in surprise, "Your state is still the same."

"Yeah, I'm still in Cloud Three of the Reaching Heaven State."

Ying Wushuang looked worried, but she was hesitant.

"You want to tell me he's mastered the doctrine of sword, don't you?" Jiang Chen said it for her.


Since he knew, she said directly, "His state is the same as Liu Shayang's, Cloud Seven. You can only rely on martial arts techniques when challenging a person in a higher state, but now the gap in martial arts techniques between the two of you has narrowed. I have a bad feeling."

"Didn't I tell you I've been a successor to the doctrine of sword since long ago?" Jiang Chen asked.

Judging from Ying Wushuang's reaction, she really hadn't known. Jiang Chen hadn't expected that.

But on second thought, since there had been no comparison with another person, people had always thought he was good at swordsmanship and never thought about the doctrine of sword.

"Besides, in my case, challenging a person in a higher state doesn't mean only relying on martial arts techniques. Let's go."

Then Jiang Chen flew out of the yard with Ying Wushuang.

"He's coming!"

The people of the Hero Palace hurried to follow him on the ground, but they noticed Jiang Chen wasn't flying towards Mo Jianfei's place.

Very confusedly, they went to the highest peak in the Hero Palace.

"Jiang Chen."

Ying Wushuang realized what he was going to do. She looked up to the peak, where there was a black monument, long and wide, with many names written on it.

It was the Fighting Power List!

It recorded the hundred strongest people in the Hero Palace.

Only the top ten were qualified to start an organization.

"If I'm going to exchange blows with him, I'll start from here," said Jiang Chen, smiling.

Since he had never intended to be ranked on the list, his name wasn't listed in it, but then, he held his token in hand.

He grasped the token, the veins on his arms sticking out, and injected tremendous power into it.

The token was shining brightly. A series of numbers were changing on it, and they kept rising.

When the change of numbers had slowed down, it could be seen the number on the token was in the 3,000s. This was the value of his fighting power.

However, the fighting power of the last place in the Fighting Power List was 7,000.

"It's impossible for a Cloud Three to get onto the list," said Ying Wushuang.


Jiang Chen wasn't surprised. After all, this was the Hero Palace. Cloud Three was really nothing at all.

"Eight Extraordinary Meridians, on!"

Jiang Chen pulled a long face, but there was passion in his eyes. Around him, lightning gathered. Ying Wushuang had to step back.

This time, the number on the token was soaring.

Jiang Chen's name appeared on the Fighting Power List, rising from one hundred to ninety, eighty, seventy, and finally slowed down when it had come to sixty. In the end, his rank was in the fifties.

This was a remarkable result. Others also knew from their tokens that Jiang Chen was testing his fighting power.

He had picked that very day to do that. It was obvious that he wanted to compete with Mo Jianfei.

However, Mo Jianfei was number six!

"Great doctrine of wind, minor doctrine of metal, on!"

But Jiang Chen's fighting power hadn't yet been shown completely. He continued, and his rank soared to the forties easily.

"That's still barely enough."

Compared to just before, when his rank had soared to fifty, this time, the rank only went ten places up. This meant he was already close to his limit.

"The Immortal Doctrine of Sword! Great achievement!"

However, Jiang Chen had always been a special case. After showing the fighting power of the doctrine of sword, his rank soared again. By then, he was number sixteen!

"Gosh! No one before him could get such a high rank in the first try!"

People normally got ranked first, then improved their rank gradually.

Jiang Chen's rank was even higher than the person who had gotten the highest rank on the first try.

"There are still nine places between seven and sixteen. Could Jiang Chen catch up with Mo Jianfei?"

"His rank has soared a lot, but I don't believe he could continue improving it."

"Besides, in the end, fighting power is what really counts."

According to the statistics of the Hero Palace, Jiang Chen's fighting power was 50,000, while Mo Jianfei's was 70,000.

"Here's the real highlight. Go! Power of fire phoenix!"

When everyone thought he would probably stop, shining lights twinkled in Jiang Chen's eyes.

The man of genuine blood, the case of the millennium in the Gaos of the phoenix blood, showed his dreadful power.

His rank kept rising, from sixteen to the top ten. It stopped at number nine, already very close to seven.

His fighting power had exceeded 60,000.

Everyone held their breath, their eyes wide open. Even if Jiang Chen didn't exceed number seven in the end, it was already remarkable.

"Maybe he'll stop here…"

After a succession of surprises, these naive people thought it was already the end.

"Power of dragon!"

But Jiang Chen didn't stop, and his rank kept rising.

It rose from number nine to eight. Then he replaced the current seventh place, and finally stopped at sixth!

The previous sixth was then number seven, and Mo Jianfei, who had been seventh, was moved to eighth.

Jiang Chen had not only exceeded Mo Jianfei on the Fighting Power List, but he was also two places ahead!

That's astounding. How did he do it? Ying Wushuang didn't understand where his fighting power had come from, no matter how hard she thought.

"The Intangible Doctrine of Sword, thousands of intangible swords!"

When everyone thought Jiang Chen had won, Mo Jianfei's voice came from his peak.

Carrying the endless energy of sword, it blew like a strong wind.

Mo Jianfei's rank also rose from eighth to sixth, and finally stopped at fourth!

Mo Jianfei had exceeded Jiang Chen again by two places.

"Jiang Chen, do you think my fighting power gets real-time updates? Ridiculous." Mo Jianfei appeared in the air, approaching slowly.

"And you, do you think I've stopped here?" Jiang Chen answered his question with a question.


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