The Brilliant Fighting Master
387 The Chime of Dragon and Phoenix
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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387 The Chime of Dragon and Phoenix

Dragons were the strongest in water, while elephants were the strongest on land.

The Dragon and Elephant Method could make its practitioners powerful and invincible.

It was worth mentioning that the Dragon and Elephant Method was the name of the method as translated to human languages. In dragon language, it had nothing to do with elephants.

Jiang Chen spent hours reading through this method and found it was related to Buddhist texts.

He wasn't very surprised. Dragons and Buddha were always connected.

"What a dreadful method," Jiang Chen couldn't help exclaiming after he finished reading.

Practicing this method with the aid of the dragon ball, the practitioner would be endowed with dragon power, which was dreadful.

For instance, Jiang Chen was in Cloud Three of the Reaching Heaven State. If he tried to practice the fourth layer of the Dragon and Elephant Method, his body wouldn't be able to bear the dragon power, and as a result, his body would explode.

"Even though I only practiced the third layer, if I go beyond my limit, my body will be harmed, too."

It was like porcelain. Even if it only had a small crack, it would be difficult to mend.

If the black dragon hadn't been sleeping and had heard his concerns, he would definitely have lost his senses and shouted at Jiang Chen, because Jiang Chen had paid attention to the wrong thing.

Rather than worrying about the terrible consequences for a Cloud Three to practice the fourth layer, he should have thought about whether a Cloud Three could succeed in practicing the first layer!

The Dragon and Elephant Method was even difficult for dragons, not to mention humans.

But Jiang Chen wasn't thinking this way. He was already ready to start, full of confidence.

First of all, he injected his power into the dragon ball.

Then came the most difficult part. He had to immerse the dragon ball in his holy soul and imagine he was a dragon.

It sounded simple, but simple imagination wouldn't work. He himself had to be cheated by his imagination.

Jiang Chen had to forget he was a human. He had to believe he was a dragon. Even in his subconsciousness, there couldn't be any doubt.

If the acting was perfect, his practice would be more successful.

The Dragon and Elephant Method also taught people how to convince themselves.

The way was…

Jiang Chen read to himself, "I'm a dragon. I'm a dragon. I'm a dragon. I'm a dragon. I'm a dragon."

It sounded funny, but after Jiang Chen had read it thousands of times with extreme seriousness, something surprising happened.

He smelled less and less like a human. Even his energy as a swordsman was disappearing.

It was replaced by a golden light full of dragon's power, which was being emitted from every pore of his body and very soon became very thick.

The whole room was full of this dragon power. The golden light was dazzling. Fortunately, the room was deployed with tactical formations. Otherwise, such a disturbance would have absolutely caused a great stir in the Hero Palace.

People would have even thought holy dragons had finally reappeared after hundreds of years.

By then, the dragon ball in Jiang Chen's hand flew into the sky, whirling rapidly. Between Jiang Chen and the dragon ball, there were two lights connected to each other.

One of them came from Jiang Chen's power injecting into the dragon ball, while the other came from the dragon power entering his body.

Not long after, a powerful and long dragon chime came from him.

The sound couldn't be covered up by the tactical formation.

It was like thunder, howling across the Hero Palace, shocking everyone.

"Is this… a dragon chime?"

Feeling the dragon power contained in the sound, everyone was trembling inside. They even had the impulse to kneel down to submit to the chime.

Numerous looks were cast at Jiang Chen's yard. It was out of the question that the sound had come from practicing.

The question was what kind of method could have created such a disturbance!

At a peak not far away, Mo Jianfei was looking in his direction with a sullen face. He had also heard the dragon chime.

"He's bluffing!"

When the chime became weaker, Mo Jianfei curled his lips in disdain and started to brandish his sword again.

It was the practice sword that he had bought at the auction. He had been absorbing the spirit of the sword and learned a lot.

As soon as he had absorbed it completely, no matter what kind of disturbance Jiang Chen could create, he would be able to kill the latter in one sword attack!

In Jiang Chen's room, the dramatic disturbance was disappearing.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes. Golden light glittered there. It had only been one flash, and soon, everything went back to normal.

"The dragon power is amazing."

Although his state hadn't been enhanced, he felt his own power had strengthened.

Not only that, but it also improved his human body's condition. His body was improved in every aspect.

He was currently practicing the first layer of the Dragon and Elephant Method. Each layer was measured by the power of dragon and elephant. The first layer was one dragon and one elephant. the second layer was two dragons and two elephants, and so on.

Jiang Chen was still in the first layer. His dragon power was less than one third of the power of one dragon and one elephant. He wouldn't be able to proceed to the second layer until his dragon power had achieved the standard of the first layer.

He believed he could achieve that in one month, yet he wasn't in a hurry. He didn't continue practicing, but started to study the phoenix blood in his body.

Working on the dragon and phoenix in turn might have yielded better results, or worse. It depended on the individual's talent.

To improve phoenix blood was to improve its quality.

After many years of exploration by the Gaos, they had worked out a system similar to the state system.

Regardless of the thickness or thinness of one's phoenix blood, its quality could be classified into flying phoenix, fire phoenix, celestial phoenix, or holy phoenix.

A man of genuine blood was used to evaluate the blood's purity, rather than its quality.

The better quality one's phoenix blood was, the stronger one was.

In addition, besides quality, one could also comprehend the creation of fire through phoenix blood. Compared to regular people, progress would be much faster.

Jiang Chen wasn't going to work on the creation of fire for the moment. He aimed to upgrade his phoenix blood to fire phoenix level.

Not until then did he realize how important Mo Li's three drops of fire phoenix essence blood were, so he asked his mother to send him the essence blood via the Gaos' special method of passing on messages.

At the same time, he improved his phoenix blood through practice.

Blood pumped through his heart, and the practicing method had something to do with his heart.

After washing his heart again and again, essence blood would be worked out. When the essence blood had achieved a certain level, Jiang Chen would upgrade from flying phoenix to fire phoenix.

Since he was a man of genuine blood, everything went well from the beginning.

The phoenix blood in his vessel became so hot and flew so rapidly that fierce flames exuded through the pores in his skin and burnt his clothes.

The extremely hot flames burned the whole room. His furniture was on fire and the walls were melting.

Yet Jiang Chen didn't notice it. He kept on practicing.

Soon, a loud phoenix chime sounded. It was so penetrating that it almost reached every corner of the Hero Palace.

The entire Hero Palace was dumbstruck. The dragon chime had just disappeared, and then the phoenix chime came again.

What on earth was Jiang Chen practicing?

"Huh, bluffing again."

All the same, Mo Jianfei felt disdain, although even he himself didn't realize he was frowning.

He brandished his practice sword once again. Stimulated, this time he tried extremely hard, as if each brandish of the sword intended to cut the air open.


He suddenly sensed something, then looked elated.

"Intangibility, intangibility! Void and inanimate!

"The Intangible Doctrine of Sword!

"Hahaha, I've mastered the doctrine of sword!"

He flooded the peak he was on with the strong energy of the sword. After this, the Hero Palace looked forward to their fight even more.


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