The Brilliant Fighting Master
386 There the News Came
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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386 There the News Came

An elder reacted first. He said with hope in his eyes, "You mean you killed someone on the Slay Demon List?"

"That's right."

"Really? Who did you kill then?" said Mo Jianfei. He sounded like he didn't believe Jiang Chen at all.

"Liu Shayang," Ying Wushuang answered for Jiang Chen. She had made sure Jiang Chen wasn't lying to her by that point, but her words made everyone around feel strange.

The vice presidents of the Sword Association burst out in laughter, despite their injuries.

"Liu Shayang killed Duan Wuhui at the Wind Moon City only two days ago. His strength deserves much better than number ten on the Slay Demon List!"

Mo Jianfei looked complacent, as if he had exposed Jiang Chen's lie.

Jiang Chen had just come back. It was normal that he knew nothing about the reports of The Sacred Daily.

As a result, his lie was full of holes.

If it was true, Jiang Chen would have returned from the Wind Moon City as soon as he had killed Liu Shayang, the day before.

Aside from the gap in strength between them, which was the key factor, if he had really killed Liu Shayang, it would have been a desperate fight.

But he didn't look like he had experienced such a fight at all.

"Yes, he held back his strength, but it didn't change anything." Jiang Chen found it funny.

"You're still sticking to your lie. All right, let me ask you one thing. Do you have any proof? You can't just leave directly after killing someone," Mo Jianfei kept staring at him. He looked sure of himself, smiling.

Jiang Chen didn't waste time talking. He took out the recording reel and played the video of Liu Shayang dying on the balcony.

The Hero Palace not only had names on the Slay Demon List, but also photos, so those watching recognized Liu Shayang immediately.

In the video, he couldn't have been more lifeless.

"How could it be…"

Mo Jianfei had fought against Jiang Chen only a few months before. If he was already strong enough to kill Liu Shayang, his progress would have been surprisingly extreme.

Besides, they had learned that Liu Shayang had been holding back his strength that very day. He would naturally have fought with all his effort before his death, but it didn't change anything.

"You can't be that strong. You must have followed Liu Shayang and recorded his death after someone else killed him. Now you're claiming you killed him. How shameless you are!"

Mo Jianfei finally found an excuse that seemed reasonable and acceptable to him.

"Moron," Jiang Chen couldn't help but curse. He said, "I killed him at the Wind Moon City. The news will come tonight at the earliest, and my task will be due in nine days. Don't you understand?"

What he had said reminded the bystanders that Mo Jianfei's questioning was meaningless.

"Besides, don't behave like this, as if you're reluctant to accept the fact that you have some kind of restriction that stops you from fighting against me now. I'll come to you in a month. Don't try to run away from me then," Jiang Chen continued.

"What a joke. All right! I'll seek justice for my men then."

Mo Jianfei had been looking for an excuse to leave, since it wasn't possible to have the fight or acceptable to give up the fight. He left with the five vice presidents after he finished speaking.

The bystanders left, too.

The elders took Jiang Chen's reel and hurried to fly deep into the Hero Palace.

After everyone else had left, Ying Wushuang asked out of curiosity, "Jiang Chen, are you really going to challenge Mo Jianfei?"

"Why do you ask? Don't you have enough confidence in me?" asked Jiang Chen.

"No, not because of that. Mo Jianfei isn't an average guy. It's true that you've defeated the five vice presidents, but those five aren't at the same level as Mo Jianfei."

"Not at the same level? Are they much worse?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"Yep. One won't work for someone at the same level as oneself. He'll just start his own guild or association."

Ying Wushuang still hadn't told him about Mo Jianfei's strength precisely. In a flash of wit, she put it in another way.

"Li Qianren and the other four are ranked on List B of the Dragon Rise List. Mo Jianfei is ranked seventy-fourth on List A.

"Liu Shayang's rank was around ninety when he held back his strength, but even if he hadn't held anything back, his rank wouldn't be higher than Mo Jianfei's."

Ying Wushuang grinned when she saw that Jiang Chen finally understood.

There were too many factors to decide one's strength. These lists were irreplaceable.

That was why people retained such a keen interest in lists.

"I'm sort of at the same level as Mo Jianfei. So, I can start my own association," Jiang Chen suddenly said.

Ying Wushuang didn't anticipate such a reaction from him. She was surprised, but also thought it natural, since it was him.

"Yeah, as long as you get yourself into the top ten of the Fighting Power List."

"How? Do I need to challenge anyone?"

"No, that's unnecessary. You just need to input your energy into your token and the result will come out. As long as it's your energy, it will be counted as fighting power," Ying Wushuang explained to him with patience.

"Including martial arts techniques?"

"Including martial arts techniques."

Jiang Chen was a little surprised. He was eager to break into the token and see how it was designed.

The news came faster than Jiang Chen had expected. Not even an hour had passed since the elders had left with the recording reel when a line appeared on smooth stone surfaces all over the Hero Palace.

"Liu Shayang, ranked tenth on the Slay Demon List, was killed at the Wind Moon City. Jiang Chen completed his task successfully."

They were simple sentences, and what they meant was quite clear. They caused a great stir in many skeptical people.

It was true. It was really true!

Jiang Chen hadn't lied. He had completed his task in the past few days, and he had picked Liu Shayang, who was a hot topic.

The next day, The Sacred Daily also reported it. And it was a headline, reported with more details.

From the description of the bystanders in the Wind Moon City, people came to know how powerful Jiang Chen had been in that fight.

As for those who were dark inside and thought the Hero Palace had helped Jiang Chen, the report also shut them up.

This time, Jiang Chen's name was no longer strange to people.

It was unnecessary to mention him and include "who had defeated Gao Tiange in the competition held by the Sacred Institute" anymore.

People's first impression of him was how strong he had been to kill Liu Shayang and how talented he was at such a young age.

At the same time, he was ranked on List A of the Dragon Rise List without any doubts. He took Liu Shayang's rank, ninety-eighth, but people knew he was far better than that.

In the Hero Palace, people started to anticipate the fight between Jiang Chen and Mo Jianfei.

They had to admit that when Jiang Chen had challenged Mo Jianfei, they hadn't believed it at all.

But by then, they knew Jiang Chen was really something. They were sure the fight would be quite wonderful.

Jiang Chen was preparing for it. His target was not only Mo Jianfei, but number one on the Dragon Rise List.

If he couldn't achieve that, it would be less feasible for him to marry his apprentice sister.

He needed this month to practice the Dragon and Elephant Method and study the phoenix blood's wonderful effects.

When he could receive aid from the power of both the dragon and phoenix, plus his extraordinary meridians and the holy pulse, Mo Jianfei would be easy to defeat.

However, neither the Dragon and Elephant Method nor phoenix blood were simple. It was nearly impossible for him to become proficient in both of them in one month.


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