The Brilliant Fighting Master
385 A Man Who Lives off of Women
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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385 A Man Who Lives off of Women

Deng Qiang was unable to defend himself anymore. He switched on his protective energy jar, but it didn't help. The protective energy jar was cracked after only a few sword attacks.

Jiang Chen had defeated two strong swordsmen from the Sword Association in a row, and those could barely be classified as battles. He had killed two disgusting flies. That was all.

"Let's go together!" The leader finally realized how powerful Jiang Chen was. He called on the other two and Li Zhusong, who had just got to his feet, for help.

The four men attacked at the same time from different directions, each trying his best. The sword energy mixed together and flew around like a dragon.

"Shame on you!" Ying Wushuang cursed quietly. She had never seen four vice presidents of the Sword Association attack together.

Holding her sword in hand, she intended to join the fight without much thought, intending to help Jiang Chen.

"No." Jiang Chen stopped her and flew into the air.

The four men kept chasing him. They hurried to manipulate their haloes of heaven with their Qihai and flew into the air, too.

"He wants to put distance us. Don't give him the chance to fight against us one by one," Li Zhusong shouted. Now that he had been humiliated the most, his attack was the fiercest. The azure radiance of his sword looked like a threatening demon.

"How highly you think of yourself."

Jiang Chen stopped rising after reaching a certain height. At the same time, he leaned back and charged down, head over heels.

"This is bad! He wants to defeat us in one shot."

Those who hadn't attacked saw through Jiang Chen's intention. They were extremely anxious, but it was too late to do anything.

Jiang Chen twisted his wrist, and the invincible elevation of his sword tore the sky apart, from top to bottom.


The four men sensed the power of this sword attack and were scared out of their wits.

In an instant, Jiang Chen flew past them and rapidly brandished the Red Cloud Sword. Several noises sounded at the same time in a single second.

He's so powerful.

Ying Wushuang was shocked. As the person in the Hero Palace who knew Jiang Chen the best, she was stunned by his strength, too.

When Jiang Chen came back to the ground, Li Zhusong and the other three had fallen in different places.

Although all of them were still alive, they were all screaming. It wasn't difficult to imagine how badly they had been wounded.

"And you." Jiang Chen looked towards the last man, who was the strongest among the five.

"I didn't… I didn't say anything harsh. We don't have to fight." The corners of his mouth twitching, he finally said something.

Ying Wushuang felt weird. She knew him. He was the second in command in the Sword Association, Li Qianren, a tough guy, but he was such a coward right then.

"No, no, no. How could I miss out on the sword attack of the Sword Association?"

Jiang Chen looked very serious as he walked forward.

Li Qianren stepped back involuntarily. He said angrily, "If you're really that great, go see our president. Don't try to use us to prove yourself!"

"Oh? Why has your tone changed? Besides, didn't I tell you? Your president, I will certainly see him eventually," Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

"You have a problem with our president?"

"Why do you think I'm against the Sword Association?"

Li Qianren gave Ying Wushuang a glance. They had thought Jiang Chen was venting his anger on them for this woman's sake.

"It'll be impossible for you to take revenge!" Li Zhusong struggled to get to his feet and said, "You wouldn't be a match for our president ever in your whole life. You can only rely on dirty moves."

"It sounds as ridiculous as what you had said before the fight." Jiang Chen didn't get angry, only glancing at him.

Li Zhusong was irritated. He shouted in a hoarse voice, "What's the disdainful look you're giving me?!"

But Jiang Chen ignored him. He was so angry that he ran over, dragging his wounded leg, but halfway there, it occurred to him that he wasn't a match for Jiang Chen, so he laid down, pretending the wounded leg was hurting.

"Tell your president when you go back that I'll settle accounts with him in a month."

Jiang Chen stared at Li Qianren. The energy he was giving off when he was serious was so overwhelming that no one dared to even breathe too hard.

The president was Mo Jianfei, who had attacked him here and broken his hand tendons.

Although he hadn't suffered any losses in the end, he had to get revenge. If someone spit on you when you were walking on the road, would you just wipe it off and comfort yourself, letting this person go?

"If you're still in the Hero Palace in a month."

He wouldn't need Li Qianren to inform Mo Jianfei anymore, since Mo Jianfei had come.

He still looked like a handsome, graceful, and impressive swordsman. Below the dashing eyebrows, his black eyes were full of endless coldness.

If he hadn't known what kind of person Mo Jianfei was, Jiang Chen would have been convinced by him.

And he wasn't the only one who had come. Along with him, there were quite a few disciples and elders.

It seemed the fights had startled many people, which wasn't so surprising. After all, it was in the Hero Palace.

"Jiang Chen, you're as brutal as ever. You beat the members of the Sword Association to this extent. What are you planning?"

Mo Jianfei flew into a rage when he saw Li Zhusong, Deng Qiang, and the others tragic states. They were the last few members of the Sword Association.

"Your men came here and told me they would beat me until I was convinced by them, so that was my way of telling them I wouldn't be beat," said Jiang Chen.

"Then why weren't you injured at all? You must have used dirty tricks. It's obvious. The ugliness in your heart can be observed from what you've done since you joined the Hero Palace!"

Jiang Chen said, "You're more skilled in lying than I am. By the way, as a man who lives off of women, how dare you comment on another's life?"

"What did you say? Say it again!"

Mo Jianfei's chest was heaving rapidly. He looked like a burning furnace that was going to explode soon.

Jiang Chen wasn't afraid of him at all. He said loudly, "You're living off of women. By the way, how is that practice sword? Good enough for you?"

The other disciples of the Hero Palace that had followed Mo Jianfei there tried very hard to keep straight faces. Many people knew about Mo Jianfei and Murong Yuan, but everyone pretended they knew nothing. That being said, Mo Jianfei was good enough. He was a good match for Murong Yuan's wealth.

However, it didn't sound very good for a man to be supported by a woman.

It was a secret in Mo Jianfei's heart, but at the moment, Jiang Chen was yelling it.

This was too hard for Mo Jianfei to swallow. His hand was already on the handle of his sword, and his killing intent was on the verge of exploding.

"Jianfei," an elder called him, telling him with his look not to act impulsively.

Mo Jianfei knew Jiang Chen was very popular in the Hero Palace, and he had lost the elders' support.

"Elder, the deadline of Jiang Chen's punishment will be due soon, and he hasn't finished his task. Shouldn't he be expelled from the Hero Palace?"

Mo Jianfei didn't give the elders an easy time, either. He posed a difficult question to them.

Everyone knew the Hero Palace wouldn't like to expel Jiang Chen, but since Mo Jianfei had mentioned it publically, the matter wouldn't be settled easily.

The elders were embarrassed. That was exactly what they were worried about.

The thing the higher-ups of the Hero Palace hadn't announced but all agreed on was to pretend there had never been such a punishment, and as long as no one mentioned it, people would forget about it gradually.

Looking at Mo Jianfei, complacent at that time, Jiang Chen said, "How do you know I didn't complete the task?"

His reply piqued the elders' and the other disciples' curiosity. They all looked over to him.

The same idea rose in their hearts: could he have?


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