The Brilliant Fighting Master
384 Sword Association’s Sword
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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384 Sword Association’s Sword

The practice tools Jiang Chen had made had wonderful effects. Not only did the Hero Palace love them, but outsiders kept coming to try them. Big groups even wanted to buy them at high prices.

The disciples of the Hero Palace could use them for free, but the Sword Association couldn't.

As a result, in the past two weeks, the Sword Association had been on the verge of falling apart. The majority of its members had chosen to quit.

What else could they do? They couldn't watch others practice with better tools and lag behind.

By then, only the core members were still with the Sword Association. They hadn't quit simply for emotional reasons.

The Sword Association had once been glorious. All the core members had been admired by many people and enjoyed all kinds of privileges.

All of a sudden, all these were gone. The whole world ignored them. The fighting power of the Sword Association had plunged, and they had lost all of their privileges.

That was why these core members were so angry with Jiang Chen.

They were going to regain the Sword Association's glory and force Jiang Chen to make a concession so that the Sword Association could enjoy the same treatment as other disciples.

As for how to force him, they planned to use the most direct way.

"Jiang Chen, come out!" Five people had come. All of them were vice presidents of the Sword Association.

None of them showed any courtesy. They behaved as if Jiang Chen didn't come out, he would regret it.

Jiang Chen and Ying Wushuang came out of the door and sized up the five people casually. Mo Jianfei wasn't with them.

"Jiang Chen, why are you making it personal with the Sword Association? Do you look down on us?"

"I suggest you go to the elders immediately and tell them you're willing to treat the Sword Association the same as the others."

"Otherwise, it'll be difficult for you to move a single step in the Dragon Field."

"Right. You can't hide at the Hero Palace forever. Once you leave the Sacred City, you'll see the world outside is different. You won't have a good end if you offend us!"

Except for the man in the middle, the others all threatened him.

Ying Wushuang sighed silently. They knew nothing about Jiang Chen's temper. If they admitted it was their faults and begged for his mercy, they could get what they wanted.

But shouting arrogantly like this, they would get nowhere.

"What a great comedic dialogue," said Jiang Chen.

"Damn it!"

The four men who had spoken flew into a rage. They strode forward, intending to teach Jiang Chen a lesson.


The man who hadn't spoken stopped them. Judging from his tone and the other four's reactions, he was obviously the leader.

Jiang Chen looked over, and he looked towards Jiang Chen as well. Their sharp looks met.

"We've come here to resolve a problem. No matter what we did wrong, we hope you'll stop making this personal. It will do no good to either of us."

He was gentler than the others, but only relatively. His courtesy was intertwined with a threat.

"What if I say no?" asked Jiang Chen.

"Then you'll be the Sword Association's enemy. You'll make things difficult for us, and we'll make things difficult for you. If you want to live peacefully here in the Dragon Field, besides the elders' support, you'll also need friends," he said.

"Why didn't your president come in person?" asked Jiang Chen.

"You expect our president to see you in person? You're overestimating yourself."

"What a ridiculous and pathetic guy. With the situations you caused, you want to be treated as an equal to our president?"

"You're not even qualified to carry our president's shoes."

The other four vice presidents started to scorn him again. They did a great job of belittling him.

"Yeah? If he doesn't come here, I'll visit him. As for you, just pay the price for your stupidity and nonsense."

Jiang Chen walked down the stairs towards them. The five men from the Sword Association glanced at each other and then burst out in laughter.

"Do you really think you're that great?"

"So you're being this arrogant because you find yourself great?"

"Let me help you recognize who you are."

The guy in the lowest state among the five walked out. He drew his sword out of the sheath elegantly and then threw the sheath away.

"Let me show you how powerful a sword attack of the Sword Association is."

This guy had an upturned nose. His voice was the loudest among the five.

"Azure Ray in Sky!"

He threw the sword out. The radiances of the sword were dancing everywhere.

Although it was only one thrust, he was eager to show his technique, so he tried his best.

Jiang Chen had to admit he did have something. Not anyone could become a vice president of the Sword Association. This sword attack came from a difficult angle. It was aggressive and difficult to dodge.

Standing behind him, Ying Wushuang was worried. Although Jiang Chen had claimed to her that he had killed Liu Shayang, these guys had come before she could confirm it.

If it was true, these five were a piece of cake.

However, Ying Wushuang could hardly believe him. Maybe she could verify it through the five men.

The five vice presidents of the Sword Association were called the Five Greats of Sword Methods of the association. Each of them had their own characteristics.

The guy Jiang Chen was fighting against was called Li Zhusong. He was famous for the quickness of his sword attacks.

In her opinion, he was worthy of the reputation. Her eyes couldn't follow the movement of his sword at all, but when the blade had come up to Jiang Chen, it didn't move further. Even Li Zhusong himself stopped.

Ying Wushuang and the other vice presidents of the Sword Association were petrified when they realized what had happened.

The sharp blade was clasped between Jiang Chen's index and middle fingers.

The force of thunder was surging between his fingers. The sword was being clasped so tightly that Li Zhusong couldn't take it back.

"The sword attack of the Sword Association, that's it?" Jiang Chen asked, pretending to take it very seriously.

The arrogance hadn't faded from Li Zhusong's face. He looked silly at that moment. Totally shocked, he didn't know what expression he should show.

Jiang Chen flicked the spiritual sword away. At the same time, the Red Cloud Sword hit Li Zhusong's chest.

The sword in his sheath wasn't emitting any radiance, but it carried a hefty force. Li Zhusong was knocked over and fell on his stomach.

"You want to come together, or one by one?" Jiang Chen looked towards the other four and smirked coldly.


Another guy came forward. When he drew his sword out, wind was whistling.

Before exerting his sword movement, he dashed forward with his sword, creating a cyclone.

"Catching Shadows and Wind!"

It was obvious that his swordsmanship was mixed with the creation of wind. The movement of his sword was totally unpredictable. He suddenly appeared on the left, then on the right.

Neither wind nor shadows could be grasped, but he took it even further. He managed to make his sword movement completely trackless in the wind.

Deng Qiang, whose sword method carries wind. It's not only fast, but also very irregular, Ying Wushuang thought to herself.

Her joy from Li Zhusong's defeat was replaced with worry again.

"Wind? How dare you control wind in my face?" Jiang Chen was fearless. The scorn on his face became fiercer.

The Red Cloud Sword was drawn out of its sheath. A fast and fierce gale started to blow, as if it intended to remove mountains and overturn seas.

In comparison, Deng Qiang's cyclone was weak. There was no need to capture the sword's shadow in the wind at all, since it had already disappeared.

A single casual strike of the Red Cloud Sword was enough to turn Deng Qiang into a drowned mouse. His arrogance was completely gone.


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