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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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382 The Zhaos

"He's dead… Liu Shayang is dead!"

"It turns out that Jiang Chen wasn't serious in the first place, either. Horrifying."

"Are the current geniuses all so dreadful?"

"He makes the Hero Palace worthy of the name."

More than half of the city had witnessed the fight. The results were surprising.

Like Duan Wuhui the day before, Liu Shayang's dead body also fell onto a roof.

Jiang Chen took a photo of his dead body, intending to go back to the Hero Palace right away, but his right hand still felt numb, so he had to stay.

The girls from the Great Music Bar came up to him warmly. They thanked him, first for having resolved the crisis, second for having revenged Gongling.

"Young Master Jiang Chen, if you're not in a rush, why not take a break at the Great Music Bar?"

"Yeah, you deserve to relax after the big fight."

"Come on."

Surrounded by so many pretty women, Jiang Chen smelled a strong fragrance. Unable to reject their sincere invitations, he paid a visit to the Great Music Bar.

At the same time, the Great Music Bar opened for business. As for Liu Shayang's dead body, it was totally forgotten.

This was the Wind Moon City. There were always romantic affairs, and life and death were unpredictable. No one knew whether they would be the next person, but that day, Jiang Chen was undoubtedly the most glorious.

No matter what his rank in the Dragon Rise List had been, after killing Liu Shayang, he was ranked in the top 100 on List A of the Dragon Rise List.

He had ascended to the top 100 Reaching Heaven States of the Dragon Field, and he was still so young. With his handsome looks, the girls in the Great Music Bar were all casting amorous glances at him.

At the beginning, he quite enjoyed it, but suddenly, a woman in white appeared in his mind, staring at him coldly. He was given a good scare.

He hurried to focus on himself. After the trip to the Fire Field, he had become a lot stronger. His current rank was the best proof.

However, he also realized he was facing an important turning point.

He had many aces in the hole at the moment—the Immortal Doctrine of Sword, Eight Extraordinary Meridians, wind and thunder, Nine Holy Pulses, and genuine phoenix blood.

He had managed to catch up with Liu Shayang thanks to the extraordinary power from the holy pulse.

In addition, he had the creation of wind and metal and the Ultimate Knife Method.

If others were given any of these, they would be greatly helped, but he had all of them.

Thanks to them, he was able to stay confident and calm in fights, but here was the problem.

There were too many of them. He would naturally be distracted. Besides, his limit was usually decided by only one of them.

As Ying Wushuang had said, if one practiced swords and knives at the same time, enemies that couldn't be defeated by knives might be defeated by swords, but since knives wouldn't be of any help for enemies that couldn't be defeated by swords, it would be a waste of time to learn them both.

If he couldn't combine the force of knives and swords together, it was true that he didn't need to practice both.

Jiang Chen had always known this, but he had been thinking about the great integration of martial arts techniques.

The spirit of martial arts was above swordsmanship and knifesmanship. It included everything. All practitioners were after it.

The great integration of martial arts techniques was like every river running into the same sea. It was the merging of all martial arts techniques.

Jiang Chen had used to be confident that he could achieve that, but by then, he doubted whether he could, because he had too many skills.

Although he was still far away from achieving the great integration of martial arts techniques, if he didn't start preparing as soon as possible, he would definitely suffer for it.

The core of thunder can be further strengthened. The extraordinary power could be worked on more. And I can exert a holy method, but I still don't know how to manipulate phoenix blood. Looks like I have to keep myself in seclusion for some more time.

All of the aforementioned skills had nothing to do with martial arts techniques. If he exerted them at the same time in a fight, his power would be enhanced terrifically, but he still had to work to improve these skills.

I have the great achievement of the Immortal Doctrine of Sword, but I can still work on it. The Ultimate Knife Method relies on the combination and level of my creation of wind and metal.

I've mastered the creation of wind to the utmost, but I'm only a beginner in the creation of metal.

Jiang Chen stretched and smiled bitterly. And I'm only in Cloud Three. Practice never ends.


The stretch made him notice his right hand was back to normal, so he bid farewell to the girls, who were greatly disappointed. But Jiang Chen was very firm. No matter how coquettish they were, Jiang Chen wasn't influenced.

They weren't angry with him. Instead, they were amused by how Jiang Chen was trying to flee from so many pretty women.

"This young master is quite naive."

"He's an honest man. And so young. He'll have a bright future."

"I wish I could have his talent, overlooking the world, standing in the limelight."

Jiang Chen, who had left the Wind Moon City, knew nothing about these comments, but even if he knew, he would just laugh them off.

Under the bright moon, Jiang Chen was heading for the Sacred City in a flying ship from the Fire Phoenix City.

Somehow, he couldn't calm down.

Maybe it was because it was too quiet, but he felt a bit lonely.

Although he always knew loneliness was what he would find at the peak of martial arts techniques, he couldn't really let it go.

Why would I think about this? Jiang Chen laughed at himself, but he still felt disturbed, becoming more and more disturbed as time went on.

What's wrong with me? Do I have a devil inside? Oh no! There are enemies!

Jiang Chen stood up vigilantly. He stopped the flying ship and looked up towards the clouds.

"Since you're already here, why don't you show yourself?"

Ten-odd figures appeared from the clouds and stopped around the flying ship immediately.

"Jiang Chen, go to hell!" Their leader was a middle-aged man that looked strange to him. He was sure it was his first time meeting this man, but that pair of eyes was full of hatred.

"Someone said the same thing to me today. In the end, he died," Jiang Chen answered.

"I know. We were there. More precisely speaking, we, the Zhaos, are based in the Wind Moon City," the middle-aged man said.

"The Zhaos? I see. Zhao Yajun." Jiang Chen recalled that one of the six men who had tried to hunt Whitty was called Zhao Yajun.

He had killed this guy in public and attracted trouble.

Some people commented that if he couldn't finish the task in six months, he would be expelled first, and then the Zhaos would come after him.

He hadn't expected them to show up at this moment.

"If you were in town, you should know I killed Liu Shayang, and I'm still a member of the Hero Palace," Jiang Chen said while observing the Zhaos.

The strongest of them was the middle-aged man before him, who was a Venerable. All of the others were top Reaching Heaven States.

"That's why we've chosen to do this outside of town. I can't allow my son's killer to live such a great life!" the man said furiously.

"You're his father. You're the one to blame for his death. You didn't teach him how to behave."

"Shut up! You killed my son for an animal. I'll cut your dead body into thousands of pieces today!"

"Animal? You should feel lucky that I can sense Whitty is still alive. Otherwise, it would be merciful for me to even bury you with Whitty!"


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