The Brilliant Fighting Master
380 Out of the Sacred City
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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380 Out of the Sacred City

"The gap between them couldn't have been so huge!"

"They're not at the same level at all."

"No. Duan Wuhui didn't lose because he was less skilled at martial arts techniques, but because of his state! Liu Shayang has been holding back his state!"

Watching Duan Wuhui's dead body falling, those on the street all looked surprised. They had been expecting a good show, but the result was surprisingly plain.

There were some strong people in the crowd who had seen the key points. The other people learned what had happened after it was explained to them.

Liu Shayang was ranked tenth on the Slay Demon List and ninety-eighth on List A of the Dragon Rise List.

Apparently, Liu Shayang had been holding back his achievements. He intentionally hadn't updated his rank so that fools like Duan Wuhui would come to court death.

And he even had asked to have a life or death fight. He was shameless, but as he said, he was from the Evil Cloud Palace.

"Collect the body, please," Liu Shayang said to a soldier in town and returned to the Great Music Bar.

"Miss Gongling, let's continue." People on the street could still hear his indecent voice.

"The Evil Cloud Palace. How great it is."

People shook their heads, feeling pity for Duan Wuhui.

Soon, news of Liu Shayang and Duan Wuhui's fight spread out from the Wind Moon City.

People were impressed by his cruelty and pettiness. They feared those ranked on the Slay Demon List even more.

The next day, people heard about another anecdote involving Liu Shayang.

On the same night that he had killed Duan Wuhui, Liu Shayang slept with Miss Gongling. Then the next morning, Gongling's dead body was found in Liu Shayang's room.

The cause of death was exhaustion!

What was more horrid was that Liu Shayang continued to visit the Great Music Bar as usual. He was listening to music like nothing had happened, flirting with the women there, who were trembling in fear.

"Don't be scared of me. I'm not a tiger. I won't eat you," Liu Shayang said with smile.

His bad boy smile had been attractive to these women the day before, but now, it was like frigid air that gave them goosebumps.

The women working at the Great Music Bar wished he would leave, but they didn't dare drive him away.

Nobody in the Wind Moon City was able to subdue him. He was the only guest at the bar that day.

"Each of you will play something for me, and I'll decide whose music is best."

Liu Shayang gathered all of the women together and ordered them to play at the same time.

Although all of them were good, such a commotion was nothing but noise.

Yet Liu Shayang was still very happy, always smiling. His sharp eyes were moving from one pretty woman to the next.

The women that made eye contact with him felt stiff.

"Liu Shayang, come out here! I'll send you to hell!"

All of a sudden, they all stopped playing. The Great Music Bar's women all looked out. They were happy that someone had saved them, but as soon as they recalled how strong Liu Shayang was, their smiles faded.

"Another fool."

Liu Shayang was surprised. Like the day before, he flew into the air from the third floor and saw another man in the air.


He looked thin, very young, but he was quite calm. His deep look had a special charm.

This wasn't an average youngster.

However, Liu Shayang was even more surprised at his state.

"A Cloud-Three Reaching Heaven State?"

Although state didn't mean anything, this was too low in his standards to be an opponent.

"Who are you?"

"Jiang Chen from the Hero Palace."

Of course, it was Jiang Chen. He had found Liu Shayang with the aid of the Gaos' information.

Ten people were ranked on the Slay Demon List. Everyone would start with the tenth, including Jiang Chen, but the crowd on the street and the Great Music Bar's women on the balcony were shaking their heads.

Duan Wuhui was in Cloud Six, and he had been killed by a single sword attack.

Jiang Chen was only in Cloud Three. Besides that, he was so young.

People assumed he was eager to become famous, but he would get nothing out of this but death.

"My state is higher than yours. I don't want to be a bully. How about this? Let our martial arts techniques talk. We'll only have one chance to launch a sword attack. It's life or death. Do you dare?" said Liu Shayang.

This sounded familiar to the crowd on the street. His words reminded them of the man in white from the day before.

"As you wish."

Jiang Chen raised his left hand, but then moved it back down. He raised his right hand and grasped the handle of his black knife.

"A knifesman. That's all right. It's all the same," Liu Shayang said with a smile.

Some people didn't have the heart to go on watching the fight. Jiang Chen was totally under Liu Shayang's control and didn't know what was waiting for him.

"Why did the Hero Palace send someone like this?"

"Yeah, he's too young."

"The Hero Palace's Slay Demon List is open to everyone. Anyone can come. I think he just wanted to prove himself."

"Poor thing."

Jiang Chen had gained some fame in the Sacred City, but only with the help of the Hero Palace and the mentioning of his achievements would people recall who he was.

Outside of the Sacred City, most people had never heard of him.

"So I'll go."

"Blood of Thousands of Miles!"

Liu Shayang was basically doing the same thing as the day before. He didn't even change his sword movement.

The women of the Great Music Bar were worried. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was a pretty youngster. They didn't have the heart to see him die like this.

But if they warned him of anything, they would end up the same as Gongling.

"An Infinite Strike!"

Although Jiang Chen was using a knife instead of sword, he didn't underestimate his rival. He exerted all of his eight extraordinary meridians. The blade was carrying electricity, but under the sun, it couldn't be seen very clearly.

When their weapons were about to meet, just like the day before, the red light of Liu Shayang's sword soared. The whole sky was dyed red.

Some people even smelled blood.

"Alas." Jiang Chen would die like Duan Wuhui soon.

But the youngster from the Hero Palace wasn't simple, either. There was suddenly lightning jumping on his black blade, brilliant and eye-catching.

When the red light met the thunder, the former was torn apart.

It was like a giant red cloth had been cut open in the middle by a pair of sharp scissors.


The crowd heard a painful scream. It rained hot blood. They saw Liu Shayang's right hand, which had been holding the sword, cut off. It fell along with the spiritual sword.

The youngster called Jiang Chen was standing behind Liu Shayang. He was inserting his knife back into its sheath.

"Number ten on the Slay Demon List. That's all you've got? Disappointing," said Jiang Chen.

The whole Wind Moon City was shocked. They had never seen such a scene before.

The Hero Palace is amazing! people couldn't help thinking. The women of the Great Music Bar cheered for Jiang Chen. They started to look at him in a completely different way.


But to the crowd's suprise, Liu Shayang, with one hand cut off, definitely losing, suddenly laughed in a harsh voice.

"You're great. I assume if a guy as great as you dies, the Hero Palace will be heartbroken."

Liu Shayang, already close to death, somehow made people nervous.

"You shouldn't have cut my right hand off, because I'm left-handed! And I use knives, too!" Liu Shayang roared.


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