The Brilliant Fighting Master
379 Liu Shayang
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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379 Liu Shayang

The dragon ball was black, not too large or too small. It was like exquisite jadeware, bright and transparent.

All of the martial arts practitioners around could feel the energy it was giving off. They were deeply attracted.

When these people were about to start a bloody fight for the dragon ball, someone's eyes lingered on Jiang Chen's face. He got scared and started to retreat.

"Jiang Chen!" he exclaimed. The others' faces were all seized by horror. The greed in their eyes was replaced with fear.

If asked who the strongest youngster in the Fire Field was, everyone would give Jiang Chen as an answer.

"Looks like no one wants it."

Jiang Chen packed the dragon ball up and flew into the air. He returned to the Southwind Ridge first to update his grandpa with the latest information, then he went to the Dragon Field again.

He was thinking about the functions of the dragon ball on his way.

Undoubtedly, the dragon ball contained a surprisingly strong energy, but if he had no way to use it properly, it would be no more than a decoration.

"I guess practitioners can't absorb the energy through practice," Jiang Chen murmured to himself, since if that was possible, someone from the Black Dragon City would have done it instead of leaving him the chance.

"You can practice the methods of the dragons through the dragon ball. They'll help you a lot," said the black dragon.

"I can? It won't use up the energy of the dragon ball and break it?"

"The dragon ball was the energy source of the Black Dragon City's great formation. If you hadn't cracked the formation at the very beginning and had let it be switched on, you probably wouldn't have defeated the Black Dragon City as easily," said the black dragon.

"I have to say, their tactical formation was too crappy," laughed Jiang Chen.

"The dragon ball had been used as energy source for almost 1,000 years, and it hasn't been used up yet. Of course it won't be broken just because you use it to practice a method," said the black dragon.

"What kind of methods are there?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"Depends on what you need. You want an attacking method, a defensive method, or a secret method?"

He had his knife and sword to attack and the armor of thunder to defend, so he chose secret method without hesitation.

"So it will be the Dragon and Elephant Method for you."

Then a bible immediately appeared in Jiang Chen's memory. It was the dragons' practice method.

Human beings would have no way to practice them without a dragon ball.

Jiang Chen flipped through the book and realized the bible would endow him with the power of dragons and elephants using the dragon ball as a medium, but it wasn't perfect. Dragon and Elephant Method had thirteen levels.

Human beings were limited to the tenth level.

Despite this tiny flaw, Jiang Chen was still attracted by the dragons' method.

"Eight groups of spiritual beings has been over-consumed. You'd better stop using it for now. Otherwise, naga and I will be hurt," said Azure Demon.

"I know."

There had been too many dangerous situations in the fight against the dynasty. Naga had tried his best. Otherwise, they probably wouldn't have won.

In the Wind Moon City of the Dragon Field…

This was a remote city, very far away from the Sacred City, which meant it lacked certain order. There were not very many rules. Everyone was carrying weapons with them in the city.

Located in the middle of the Dragon Field, it split the north and the south, and it was easy to access, so it developed into a place for people to find pleasure.

Thus, there were many whorehouses in the city.

For the same reason, bloody incidents happened there everyday, and death was common.

Great Music Bar was the most famous whorehouse in the Wind Moon City. The women there were pretty and good at music. Although they also sold other things besides their music, it wasn't as casual as other establishments.

Their customers were all important people who worked very hard to impress the women of the Great Music Bar.

While due in part to the nature of men, it was also because it was an honorable thing to win these women's favor. It would help them gain fame in the Dragon Field.

"Liu Shayang, come out here! I'll send you to hell!" An angry scream suddenly broke the peace in the Great Music Bar. It was loud enough for the whole street to hear.

Instead of panicking, people all ran onto the street.

"Liu Shayang? Liu Shayang from the Evil Cloud Palace?"

"Who else could it be? Liu Shayang, ranked tenth on the Slay Demon List. I can't imagine he's in the Great Music Bar!"

"That guy has come here to kill him?"

"Who is he?"

People saw him in the air. He was wearing white with his long hair loose. He was holding his sword across his chest, had fine features, and looked handsome.

People laid their eyes on the sword. The edges of the sheath were purple. The handle was red, like burning fire.

"Sword of Flame! Duan Wuhui!"

"The same Duan Wuhui that defeated Tang Ming not long ago and rose to 100th place on List A of the Dragon Rise List?"

"Now he's going after Liu Shayang. Someone really wants attention."

"The show is about to begin."

They looked towards the Great Music Bar, which had three floors. On each floor, there was a balcony facing the street. Many people were standing there at this moment, including several pretty women.

"Couldn't you come later? You've ruined Miss Gongling's music." Fulfilling people's expectations, a lazy voice could finally be heard.

On the balcony of the third floor, a man was walking into the air.

"Liu Shayang! It's really him!"

"Although he's from Evil Cloud Palace, he doesn't look very evil to me."

Liu Shayang was a youngster in his twenties with clear features. He was a handsome guy, no matter what aspect he was judged from. His eyes had that bad boy charm, and he was in a black robe. Many girls fell for him immediately when they saw him.

"Let's cut the crap."

Duan Wuhui was standing in the air, holding his sword. With his right hand grasping the handle, the aggressive energy of the sword merged perfectly with his brave nature. He was also charming.

"You're from the Hero Palace?" Liu Shayang asked, smiling.

"No. The Hero Palace isn't your only enemy," said Duan Wuhui.

Liu Shayang shrugged his shoulders, still looking casual. Then a spiritual sword appeared in his hands. He said, "It seems we're in the same state. If I attack and you defend, this fight could go on and on, and vice versa. How about this? We'll only have the chance to launch one sword attack. It's life or death. Do you dare?"

His provocative words made Duan Wuhui raise his eyebrows. He said, "Why not?"

No masculine creature took provocation well, especially under the gaze of so many people.

"So bring it on."

"Blood of Thousands of Miles!"

The sword in Liu Shayang's hands was emitting a mysterious red light. By then, he really did look like someone from Evil Cloud Palace, bloody and evil!

"The Swallow Looks Back!"

Duan Wuhui was decisive, too. He took a deep breath and drew the Sword of Flame out of its sheath. The flame turned the sky red, spreading until it covered thousands of miles.

The two of them, both using swords, were soon stuck in a desperate fight.

Suddenly, Liu Shayang smiled cunningly. The red light soared and turned into an aggressive white energy that pierced through Duan Wuhui's sword and chest.


Duan Wuhui covered his chest with his hands. Endless blood was dripping through his fingers. Staring at Liu Shayang's back, he said with the last bit of energy he still had, "You rat."

"I'm from the Evil Cloud Palace. It's my nature to be evil."

Duan Wuhui closed his eyes reluctantly. His path to becoming a strong man stopped here. He had intended to gain fame through killing, but he became another's stepping stone instead.

"Will there be more morons?" Liu Shayang murmured to himself, wiping blood off his blade.


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