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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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376 Poison

"Well, is genuine blood enough?"

The whole audience quieted down.

"No…" Gao Li had been about to say it wasn't enough, but when he realized what Jiang Chen had said, he was struck dumb.

By then, Jiang Chen knew enough about the current situation. Gao Ke was with him. Gao Yan was their common enemy. The clan elders would be the ones to have the last word, so he chose to tell them the truth.

"Jiang Chen, do you know what you're talking about?" Third Grandpa asked.

"Men of genuine blood are reborn in fire. Their phoenix blood is even better than the super level," said Jiang Chen.

People could see he knew what he was talking about.

"My father is under forty, and he's already one of the best among Venerables. I'm a man of genuine blood, so I would like to ask the clan elders one question. Why did you poison my mother? And why are you forcing her to marry again?" said Jiang Chen.

He had asked the first question many times, but this time, the clan elders and others were all affected.

"That's impossible!" Gao Yan straightened his back, his voice cracking. He had never acted so emotional before.

He also knew that if Jiang Chen really was a man of genuine blood, all of his efforts would be wasted.

So did Gao Li. As an enemy of the mother and son pair, he was afraid all of this was true. "No, you can't be a man of genuine blood!"

"You don't get to say whether it's true or not," Gao Yue scorned.

The five clan elders became the center of attention.

"Are you telling the truth?" They glanced at Gao Yue and then at Jiang Chen.

Gao Yue told them that Jiang Chen hadn't had any phoenix blood in his body since he was born, which fit the description of a man with genuine blood.

Then the clan elders asked Jiang Chen to tell them how he had woken his genuine blood up.

Jiang Chen said he had no idea. He had died once and was then revived. After, he found he was able to control fire.

The clan elders nodded. It was said that no man of genuine blood could recall how they had woken up, because they were dead when it happened.

Of course, just claiming it wasn't enough to prove it.

The five clan elders glanced at each other and attacked at the same time. Fire was formed into what looked like a swimming dragon, extremely hot. Even Gao Ke and Gao Yan were pushed back by the heat.

Soon, the fire dragon turned into a long door.

"If you're a man of genuine fire, walk through the fire door. We'll believe you if you live through that," Senior Fei said.

"If it's true, what are you going to do?" Jiang Chen asked first, not hurrying to enter the door.

The clan elders looked at each other. Third Grandpa said, "We'll compensate you and your mother for our mistake."


That was exactly what he had expected. He walked into the fire door without hesitation.

Others might have been worrying about him, but he knew better than anyone else that he wasn't lying.

He approached the door and the clothes on him caught on fire before he could walk into it, but his skin wasn't affected. He didn't feel any pain, either.

Under the others' nervous gazes, he walked through the door. No screams came. Instead, they saw him keep walking.

"I'm doomed." Gao Li realized how severe the situation was. He recalled what he had just said and felt bitter, yet he couldn't show it in front of Gao Yan.

This was because Gao Yan's expression was more distraught than anyone else's.

On the contrary, the five clan elders were beaming, extremely excited. For their position and state, it was rare.

Jiang Chen soon walked out of the door from the other side. He was safe and sound. The only problem was, he was naked, so he switched on the armor of thunder. The brilliant light it emitted covered his key parts. Then he put new clothes on quickly.

"That's fantastic!"

"How many years have passed! How many years have passed! The Gaos finally have a man of genuine blood!"

"The Gaos will rise again!"

History told them that all aristocratic families of inheritance that had men of genuine blood would see great development in the following centuries.

"Does Gao Yan still insist that my mother get married again?" Jiang Chen said. At the same time, he glanced at Gao Yan, who was next to him.

He had flown into a rage when he heard the story about Snow Dragon and the marriage, but he had managed to hold his temper.

"I'm thinking of the family!" said Gao Yan.

It was already impossible for him to pull Gao Ke down. It would be even less possible for him to become the successor to the lord, but he knew how to protect himself.

"Jiang Chen, that was only Gao Yan's suggestion. We haven't agreed to it yet." The five clan elders were treating Jiang Chen completely differently.

"Yeah. Gao Yan is thinking of the family's benefit. Although he doesn't have any credit, he hasn't made any mistakes, either," Gao Li hurried to say as he finally came to himself.

Jiang Chen sneered and said, "Yeah? I don't think so."

"Jiang Chen, what's that supposed to mean? I applied for the trial because you killed Lily, it's as simple as that!" said Gao Yan.

"I wasn't talking about that. The lord of the Gaos, my grandpa, isn't sick. He was poisoned!" Jiang Chen said.

"Poisoned? Who would have done that?" He was Gao Ke and Gao Yue's father, so they cared about him the most.

"Who would benefit from grandpa's death?"

Gao Ke and Gao Yue looked towards Gao Yan immediately.

"Jiang Chen, you're talking nonsense. The Gaos hired many doctors. They all said his illness was a mental problem. Why are you claiming it's poison? Are you trying to get rid of me?" Gao Yan argued.

"I'm not as shameless as you. I wouldn't invent a story out of nothing. As for whether it's poison or not, please come with me. I can show you what the poison is while detoxifying it. You'll even learn who poisoned grandpa!" said Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen, this is very serious. Are you sure?" Senior Fei said sternly.

"I could detoxify the poison of Death Warrant Flower. Of course I'm able to identify other poisons, too," said Jiang Chen.

"All right. Let's go then."

No one asked about the verdict anymore. At that moment, everyone was focusing on the lord's situation.

Jiang Chen insinuated that Gao Yan had poisoned him. If this was true, it would create a big stir.

Gao Yan looked angry, as though he had been wronged, but in fact, he was extremely anxious. At first, he hadn't believed Jiang Chen could cure him, but when he heard the mention of Death Warrant Flower, he panicked.

Once what he had done was uncovered, his fate would be worse than death, so as soon as the group left the peak, he attacked Jiang Chen without any warning. He punched Jiang Chen with the force of a Venerable.

"Gao Yan!"

The five clan elders weren't stupid. They immediately realized what was going on and flew into a rage. What Jiang Chen had said was true.

He was the Gaos' hope; they wouldn't allow anything bad to happen to him.

Fortunately, Gao Yan's attack was only a cover. When everyone was focused on Jiang Chen, he found the chance to escape, even leaving his walking stick behind. When his body was stopped seemingly by the air around him, he roared in a harsh voice.

The five clan elders' irritated voices shook the ground. "Did you forget you're in the Fire Phoenix City? Run? You have nowhere to run!"

Gao Yan, who hadn't yet run very far, froze up.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》