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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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374 A Huge Gap

Lily was a Cloud-Five Reaching Heaven State whose phoenix blood was thick. In addition to that, her martial arts techniques level was also high.

Otherwise, Gao Li and Gao Yan wouldn't have given her such an important task.

But Jiang Chen wasn't nervous at all. He was even smiling.

It occurred to him that since he had defeated Shui Chun, he had never fought anyone else from the Dragon Field. That was why he was being underestimated.

In fact, he was over ten times better than them.

"Holy Fire Burns Sky: A Diagonal Slash to the Moon!"

Lily used a knife. Her attack carried fierce flames, the horrid power of the knife gushing in the sea of fire.

Jiang Chen noticed the flames on her blade were very dense. They looked nearly liquid, very dangerous.

Great achievement of the creation of fire?

Jiang Chen's lips curled up. So it wouldn't be a boring fight.

He had sensed the killing intent of this woman. He looked towards Gao Yan and Gao Li, both in the air.

To be honest, Gao Yan's strategy was pretty simple, but very effective. He had read Gao Ke well so that he could anticipate the latter's actions.

However, he could never anticipate that Jiang Chen was a man of genuine blood.

"Did you just get distracted during our fight?!"

Lily threw her knife over. At the same time, she was observing Jiang Chen, trying to find his flaws, but it turned out that Jiang Chen was full of flaws.

She was irritated by his casualty. The anger, mixed with the humiliation from the slap, made her killing intent burn as much as the fire on her knife.

She struck. The slash was powerful enough to cut a river into two, but at the moment, it aimed to cut Jiang Chen into two.

However, the knife was warded off when it was only a foot away from him.

"Why not?" Jiang Chen answered her question with a question. His black knife took the attack steadily.

More than that, even the fire, which was fierce enough to fuse metal, was disturbed by a shapeless gale.


Lily was shocked. This was totally unexpected to her.

"That's all you have? You claimed you were very powerful. I expected more. You called me a piece of crap. Then what are you?" asked Jiang Chen.

Lily turned ashen. The arrogance she had shown at the Southwind Ridge earlier that day was completely gone.

"Don't be so proud of yourself!"

Lily didn't give up, instead making an all-out attack. Not only her knife, but also her hands and shoulders, were emitting large amounts of fire.

The phoenix pattern of the Gaos appeared between her eyebrows.

"Go to hell!"

She started to hack around him like a crazy. She launched hundreds of knife attacks in the span of a few seconds, all aimed at Jiang Chen's crucial parts.

"Damn it!"

But it was in vain. All her attacks were warded off.

Jiang Chen looked very casual throughout the whole process. His sharp eyes had seen through everything. He had anticipated each of her attacks.

With only a few changes, the black knife cracked his rival's attacks.

"Now you see the gap between us. Do you think yourself foolish?" said Jiang Chen.

Then he stopped defending and started to attack. He dashed forward. All of his moves looked average, but they pushed Lily into a tight corner.

"He's great!"

The people around were very surprised. It wasn't that they had never expected Jiang Chen to be powerful, but they had never thought he would be that powerful.

This wasn't a competition—it was Jiang Chen's show.

Some people looked towards Gao Li with pity.

He had bet a drop of fire phoenix's genuine blood, but the end result was obvious from the beginning. God only knew how he felt.

His expression more or less showed his disappointment.

"Phoenix Dominates the World!"

Lily was still struggling, so she exerted her trump card.

She first retreated until she was a good distance away, then she produced flames until she looked like she was wearing fire. Whirling, she flew out with swords in both hands.

As she whirled, the flames whirled as well. Together, they gradually formed the shape of a fire phoenix.

When the phoenix shaped up, she gave off an overwhelming energy that seemed able to destroy a mountain.

"A smart move."

"Lily's martial arts techniques aren't as good as his. Now she's turning to her state advantage. Maybe it'll work. She could turn the tide."

"I'm not sure whether Jiang Chen can take this hard blow."

Gao Ke said, "Sister, Lily is showing all she has. She wants to kill Jiang Chen."

"Doesn't matter." Gao Yue shook her head. She knew Jiang Chen's strength pretty well. Lily was far less than a threat to him.

It was true. Seeing the fire phoenix dashing over, Jiang Chen simply turned his neck. He looked pretty calm.

"You think only my martial arts techniques are better than yours?"

A gale formed around him. After a few jumps of wispy arcs of electricity, he was armed with the dazzling armor of thunder.

"A Strike Without Permanence!"

Jiang Chen inserted the knife into its sheath. With his body tilted forward, he dashed over and the black knife left the sheath once again.

The bystanders only saw a shadow streak through the fire phoenix. It all happened in a flash.

Then they saw the phoenix transformed by Lily split into two from the middle.

In a few seconds, the fire was extinguished. Lily fell onto the ground. Her chest was bleeding heavily as she lied down in her own blood.

Jiang Chen had killed a descendant of the Gaos' direct line with only one knife attack.

What Gao Yue had said was suddenly given importance.

"Brutal. That was too brutal. It was only a competition. How could you kill your rival?!" Gao Li's harsh voice broke the silence again.

It looked he was going to find an excuse to break his promise again.

But Lily's death had caused a great stir.

"Each of Lily's knife strikes aimed to kill my son. Each of them was made with all-out effort. I believe everyone noticed," Gao Yue said.

"Lily wasn't strong enough. She had to do that," said Gao Li.

"Ridiculous. Before the fight, everyone thought my son was weaker. So did Lily. Uncle, you're really shameless."


Gao Li pointed at her angrily. He was about to lose his temper.

"But it's a fact that Jiang Chen meant to kill her," Gao Yan said.

Wiping blood off the blade, Jiang Chen said sarcastically, "Do you mean if she wanted to kill me, I would have had to take it? Was justice on her side since she was weaker?"

"I want to hear the verdict of the clan elders." Gao Yan ignored him and looked towards Gao Ke.

Gao Ke didn't speak, but everyone on the spot realized things weren't so simple anymore.

The clan elders' verdict was the most sacred ceremony of the Gaos.

Taking the lord's sickness and Gao Yue's situation into consideration, Gao Yan wasn't asking for it at this moment just to target Jiang Chen.

"What an old fox. He has two strings to his bow. Whether Lily won or lost, he would ask for the clan elders' verdict!" Gao Ke said in a low voice.

"Right. The verdict. We want the clan elders' verdict!" Gao Li hoped they could make a bigger scene so that no one would remember the drop of his fire phoenix's genuine blood.

"Brother, say yes," Gao Yue said.


Gao Ke was confused. Once the verdict started, the next lord of the Gaos would be decided. It would be time to show their hand.

But for the moment, they didn't have enough bargaining chips.

"It's all right," Gao Yue said while glancing at Jiang Chen.

No matter what other bargaining chips they had, once they told the others that Jiang Chen was a man of genuine blood, they would gain a complete victory.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》