The Brilliant Fighting Master
373 A Graduate of the Sacred Institute
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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373 A Graduate of the Sacred Institute

As soon as he grasped the crystal, its sharp corners pierced his skin and he started to bleed. The blood was absorbed by the crystal.

Then it emitted a red light. It was so subtle that if you moved your eyes an inch away from it, you wouldn't notice it.

Gao Li wore a scornful smile.

Gao Ke was worried.

Gao Yue was puzzled, too, but she was sure her son wouldn't cheat her with a story he had made up.

Suddenly, something different happened to the crystal. As if a fierce fire was rising, the radiance was getting more and more brilliant.

While people were still surprised, the radiance became even more brilliant, never getting weaker.

Seeing her son's smile, Gao Yue tumbled to the realization that as man of genuine blood, he was able to control the radiance of the crystal.

Son, I'll tell you to stop when it achieves the pure level, Gao Yue said to Jiang Chen through holy awareness.

Genuine blood was their trump card, so it couldn't merely be shown.

Jiang Chen nodded slightly. He focused again and the crystal was drowned in the light it was emitting.

Gao Li's disdainful smile faded from his face, which was a funny scene.

That's it.

Jiang Chen stopped as soon as Gao Yue said to, but the light didn't disappear immediately.

When Jiang Chen raised the crystal, people couldn't help but cover their eyes with their hands to shield themselves from the dazzling light.

"Uncle Li, what do you think? I'm curious to know whose fault it was, mine or the Gaos?" Gao Yue said.

Gao Li's forehead was covered with sweat. He was at a loss.

What the Gaos knew about Jiang Chen had come from Gao Ke.

"Was this Gao Ke's trap?" Gao Li made an audacious assumption.

Because of the banishment, it was impossible for Gao Yue to come to the Dragon Field. If Gao Ke had proposed to abolish the banishment, it would have been vetoed for sure.

But it was Gao Yan who had abolished it.

Their plan had failed, since the results of the test were beyond their expectations.

"If… if he really has pure phoenix blood, he can't only be a Cloud-Three Reaching Heaven State!" Gao Li was still reluctant to give up.

"The Spiritual Phoenix Stone is Uncle Li's. Do you want us to take another one to test again?" said Gao Yue.

"I mean, his state is so low although he has such pure phoenix blood. What does that mean? It must be due to the influence from his father's side!" said Gao Li.

"So you won't keep your promise, will you? I'm not surprised," Jiang Chen scorned.

"Huh, you're so weak despite the pure phoenix blood—"

"Weak? How could you make such ignorant comments as a senior of the Gaos? Does state mean everything?" Jiang Chen interrupted him and shook his head slightly, feeling a deep disdain for people like him.

Other people also nodded. If state decided everything, why were there so many people practicing martial arts techniques and secret methods, among other things?

"Fine. Fine. What about this? Let's have a fight. Lily, do you have confidence?!"

Seeing himself becoming a joke, Gao Li was very upset.

"Of course!"

Lily calmed down from the shock brought on by the crystal. She was excited to hear Gao Li's question. She came forward immediately.

It was apparent she didn't think Jiang Chen could defeat her.

He had managed to slap her only because she was awed by his sudden killing intent.

"Jiang Chen, your mother claimed you're as good as the descendants of the Gaos' direct line, so do you dare have this fight?" Gao Li provoked.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and said unconcernedly, "You were also so sure just now, but you didn't keep your promise. Why should I have to fight?"

The fire of anger was burning in Gao Li's eyes. He tried to hold his temper and said, "This time is different. If we lose—"

"No, no, no. Your words are worthless to me. I can't trust you, because other people care about saving face and they're willing to admit their defeat, but you're different," Jiang Chen interrupted him.

Many people laughed to themselves. Jiang Chen was insinuating that Gao Li was shameless, but his expression was so indifferent. He was good at it.


Gao Li didn't know what to say. It was unwise for him to launch an attack, since next to Jiang Chen, his mother and uncle were standing.

"Cut it. You just don't dare to. Coward!" Lily cursed.

"If a dog bites you, you can't just bite it back without saying anything, can you?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

Similar to Gao Li, Lily was too angry to refute.

"Since you think Gao Li's words are worthless, I'll be the judge. What do you think?"

At this moment, another man came.

He was walking very slowly with a walking stick, but as he approached, everyone looked more and more serious, including Gao Ke and Gao Yue.

Jiang Chen looked over and saw an old man. He was really old among practitioners.

Practitioners could walk quickly even when they were seventy or eighty years old, but this man was senile.

However, as a doctor, Jiang Chen could sense that although he was old, he still had dreadfully strong power.

He was Gao Yan, who Gao Ke had mentioned, the man planning on usurping the position of lord of the Gaos.

"If you have this fight with Lily, no matter what terms Gao Li has agreed to, I'll make him keep his promise."

Gao Yan didn't pay attention to others. He was gazing at Jiang Chen.

"So make a bet that can interest me," said Jiang Chen.

Gao Li gnashed his teeth and said, "A drop of fire phoenix's genuine blood."

Everyone was shocked. This was a big bet.

"Jiang Chen, getting genuine blood is as difficult as Mental Wander States working on holy points. A drop of fire phoenix's genuine blood could have taken him several years to get," said Gao Yue.

Jiang Chen kept moving his eyes between Gao Yan and Gao Li. He finally said, "I only have to have the fight? Once I lose, you can do whatever to my mother?"

He was so direct that Gao Yan frowned his gray eyebrows and didn't answer.

"How much more time do you want to waste? If you don't want to have this fight, just go back to your mountains!" Lily said. She was extremely impatient.

"I hope you won't regret it," said Jiang Chen.


Of course, she didn't bother to respond to such an ignorant comment.

Then they went to the closest peak.

Lily heard a voice before the start of the fight. She didn't have to look back to see who was talking to her.

"Lily, kill him."

The fact that she had travelled to the Southwind Ridge with the group despite her young age meant she had been a part of the power struggle.

Gao Yue could do nothing if Jiang Chen was killed, because he wasn't good enough.

"I saw your performance in the competition of the Sacred Institute. By the way, I also graduated from there. I was even invited to join the Hero Palace as top student."

Lily said, "But the Hero Palace is only a place for powerless geniuses without any background to dream about. I decided not to stay there."

"It's fortunate you didn't stay there. The level of the Hero Palace is really worrying. If you had joined it as well, it would have been even worse."


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