The Brilliant Fighting Master
370 Fire Phoenix City
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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370 Fire Phoenix City

If they had comet here only to pass on the message, they wouldn't have needed three Venerables and a group of Reaching Heaven States. They could have sent anyone.

"What are you suggesting?" Third Uncle said unhappily.

"It's because of the Gaos' mercy that your mother can go back to the Dragon Field. Because of you and your father, Gao Yue is trapped in these mountains."

"It'll be all right if Gao Yue doesn't want to go back, as long as she doesn't regret it. Maybe the next message we bring to her will be an invitation to the funeral."

The Gaos were sure it was only Jiang Chen's assumption, so they refuted him with solid facts.


Gao Yue also shook her head at Jiang Chen. She was very worried at the mention of a funeral.

"I'll go with you."

There was nothing else he could do. Gao Tian'ai had told him about grandpa's illness once. It would be too dreadful to suggest the fraud had started from then.

"Huh, you want to take a chance to benefit from the Gaos? I suggest you give up the idea. You're nothing without phoenix blood," said Lily.

"Not a problem," Third Uncle agreed immediately.

"Let's go now," another senior of the Gaos said right away.


It was too fast. Before the trip, there were still many things to arrange in the Southwind Ridge.

"Because your grandpa could die at anytime," Third Uncle said unhappily.

"Huh, grandpa?"

Jiang Chen glanced at Gao Yue. Seeing her look extremely anxious, he sighed silently.

Fortunately, Fan Tu had been there since the beginning. He could explain to Jiang Chen's grandpa and uncle what had happened.

The Gaos walked out of the hall.

Gao Yue said, "Son, are you afraid this could be unfavorable for me?"

Jiang Chen was surprised at the question. Then he nodded.

"I won't rule out the possibility. But all in all, they're my clansmen. Maybe they want other things from me, but I'm sure there's enough leeway to avoid any problem. However, your grandpa…"

Gao Yue burst into tears. Her fragility made her look like a small girl.

Jiang Chen recalled something his father had told him before his departure.

"Jiang Chen, you'll be the only man at home after I leave. Take good care of your mother."

Jiang Chen said, "Don't worry. I have genuine blood in my body. As long as we tell them that, no matter what kind of schemes they have, they'll listen to me."


Gao Yue thought it made sense. She wiped her tears away.

"Uncle Fan, I'll leave the warship to you. There's no need to go back to the Red Cloud Peak. Stay here and protect the clansmen."

"Young lord, the warship is a great weapon. Are you sure you're not going to take it with you?" Fan Tu said confusedly.

"No, I'm not taking it. The warship is used to attack cities. If I keep taking it with me, it'll become a burden instead of help. After all, it costs a lot. If we keep it in the Southwind Ridge, it'll be a threat to people with bad intentions."

"All right."

Fan Tu nodded and stopped persuading him.

"Come on. What's taking you so long?" Lily's impatient voice came from outside the hall.

"Does this woman never learn?"

Jiang Chen pulled a long face, but when he saw his mother's sad face, he didn't bother to argue with Lily.

The Gaos' flying ship was a normal airship. It wasn't any slower than the Sacred Institute's machine-operated birds.

An hour later, they left the Fire Field and entered the Dragon Field.

"The spiritual air of the Dragon Field feels so good. That countryside made me sick," Lily shouted loudly and exaggeratedly, standing on the deck.

"The people of the Fire Field are glad you left, since the pollution you caused was disgusting," Jiang Chen refuted. Lily's face distorted in rage.

She had used some medicine and her swollen face had recovered. It was still a bit reddish. When she was in a fit of anger, it didn't look very pretty.

A youngster from the Gaos whispered something in her ear. Then her anger was gone right away. She even smiled.

"When we arrive at the clan land, you'll know what kind of mistake you've made," said Lily.

Her tone and the mention of clan land made Jiang Chen recall bad memories.

The Black Dragon City had once been the Jiang Mansion's clan land, too, but in the end, his holy pulse had been robbed and his father had been captured there.

Jiang Chen looked towards Gao Yue. She was at a loss. He could read guilt and remorse on her face.

With the high speed of the airship, they would arrive at the Gaos' clan land very soon.

The Gao Mansion in the Sacred City was only for business.

It was too small to hold all the treasures of an aristocratic family of inheritance.

When Jiang Chen was wondering when they would arrive, he was told they had been flying over the clan land for ten minutes.

With the speed of the airship, the vastness of Gaos' clan land was beyond his imagination.

The center of the clan land was in a mountainous area.

There were numerous high mountains, in the center of which the city was located. Countless thick, iron chains connected city walls to mountain walls.

The city was constructed in the air. Below it was bottomless abyss. If one gazed at it, one would see light red radiances floating through the air.

The airship landed on a peak, then they continued to fly towards the city.

Jiang Chen noticed the sentimental feeling in her mother's eyes when she saw the city.

"Gao Yue, you were supposed to be the owner of the Fire Phoenix City," Third Uncle said sentimentally. Then he looked towards Jiang Chen. Hatred and disdain were back in his eyes.

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, as if asking, "What can we do about it?" His expression irritated Third Uncle.

They entered the Fire Phoenix City and headed for a courtyard. They went deep inside the city in a hurry.

"Is that… is that young lady?"

"Yeah! It's Young Lady Gao Yue. I can't be wrong!"

"Young Lady Yue is back? Young Lady Yue is back!"

People in the mansion looked towards the group curiously. They were all shocked when they recognized Gao Yue.

Jiang Chen was surprised that although ten-odd years had passed, these people were still so excited to see his mother.

Gao Yue looked down. She didn't dare face these people's welcome looks.

As the eldest young lady of the Gaos and the purest phoenix blood carrier, she had enjoyed all kinds of honors and had high hopes put on her.

But it also meant responsibility. She should have led the Gaos to develop further.

However, she had let them down. She had ran away with the man she loved.

Although Jiang Chen kept telling her it was the Gaos' fault, his comforting didn't drive away her guilt.

They finally came to a room, outside which the higher-ups of the Gaos were standing.

To be honest, it was the first time Jiang Chen had seen so many Venerables standing together.

When they arrived, these people looked over. Gao Yue became the center of attention, but no one spoke.

Gao Yue was unable to speak either when she saw these people.

A cold voice broke the silence.

"Gao Yue, go inside. Your father is expecting you."

Gao Yue nodded and pushed the door open. Jiang Chen followed, but he was stopped at the door.

"Who are you?" Many people had recognized him, but there were still people who didn't know him.

"He's Gao Yue's son," Third Uncle said unhappily.


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