The Brilliant Fighting Master
369 To See Her Father One Last Time
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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369 To See Her Father One Last Time

"What's wrong with that? Do the Gaos have a problem with the detoxification?"

Jiang Chen didn't have a good impression of the Gaos.

Gao Yue had been tortured by the poison for eighteen whole years. With the pure phoenix blood in her body, she should have been a great Venerable, but in the end she wasn't, thanks to them.

Jiang Chen hadn't gotten permission from the Gaos for the detoxification, and he had never intended to do so.

But maybe the Gaos thought Gao Yue's poison shouldn't have been detoxified without their agreement.

Jiang Chen went to the main hall of the east courtyard in a hurry. He went in directly, although the door was closed.


Gao Yue was sitting opposite the door. She was surprised at Jiang Chen's return, but she didn't blame him for his intrusion.

Jiang Chen nodded and looked towards the Gaos on the right.

Three of them were sitting there. Around ten people were standing behind them. In the first row were young people. Behind them were attendants.

Seeing Jiang Chen walking towards them, they had strange expressions. Obviously they all knew him, the one who had defeated the Gaos' pride in the competition of the Sacred Institute.

"Don't mountain people know how to knock?" A pretty woman glanced at him and rolled her eyes with disdain.

It seemed that the three seniors sitting there didn't intend to speak, so Jiang Chen said, "Who knows whether you're enemies or guests? Besides, I know how the Gaos treat their guests."

The Gaos were irritated. The three seniors frowned.

"Son," Gao Yue shouted.

"Mother, what do they want?" Jiang Chen asked directly.

"Alas, Gao Yue, look at where you're living. Look at your son. Where is your pride as the young lady of the Gaos?" an old member of the Gaos said. His hair was grey, his wrinkled face full of pity.

"Third Uncle, people here are nice. My son is also excellent," Gao Yue said gently.


The woman that had spoken felt like she had heard a joke. She scorned, "I don't see any excellence in him. Rather, he's the Gaos' shame."

Gao Yue was unhappy to hear such a comment.

A senior of the Gaos said, "Lily, shut up."

But she didn't stop. She said again, "I was telling the truth. He's a Gao descendant, but he doesn't have even a little bit phoenix blood. It's a mistake to marry with someone mediocre."

"Girl, what nonsense are you talking about? Our young lord's achievements are beyond your imagination!" Fan Tu, following Jiang Chen in, said in fury.

"Huh, he destroyed the Black Dragon City, which didn't even have a Venerable, and overturned the dynasty with the aid of his school, didn't he? Is that a big deal? If the Gaos wanted, all the groups in the Fire Field would have to submit to us," Lily said with disdain.

Fan Tu turned red in anger. He clenched his fists tight.

"Uncle Fan, don't argue with her. The Gaos are like this," Jiang Chen said without showing them his face.

"Kid, we're putting up with your disrespect for the sake of your mother. Don't take a mile since we're giving you an inch," Third Uncle said angrily. He had never liked Jiang Chen and his father.

"I haven't taught a certain disrespectful someone a lesson yet for the sake of my mother," said Jiang Chen.


Lily flew into a rage. She came up to Jiang Chen behind the chairs, pointing at him and ready to speak.

"You insulted my father."

But Jiang Chen spoke before she did. His eyes turned red. A gloomy killing intent was gushing from him.

"I stopped Uncle Fan, but it doesn't mean I'll ignore what you said."

When the last word was spit out of his mouth, a strong killing intent filled the whole hall. Lily was petrified.

Pah! Pah! Pah!

Jiang Chen slapped hard across her soft face with the back of his palm. Her pretty face was swollen immediately.

"What the hell!"


The Gaos' three seniors all flew into a rage. They got to their feet, moving to teach Jiang Chen a lesson.

"Uncles, you're in the Southwind Ridge, not your own clan land."

Gao Yue's cold voice came together with a fierce fire, which stopped them from approaching Jiang Chen.


The three seniors calmed down and looked towards Gao Yue.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

When Lily had finally come to herself, she behaved like she had lost her senses. She dashed towards Jiang Chen madly.

She was in Cloud Five of the Reaching Heaven State, not weak at all. Otherwise, she wouldn't have behaved so arrogantly.


Aggression appeared in Gao Yue's beautiful eyes. The fire that hadn't completely extinguished yet swept over the insensible woman.


The Gaos couldn't have been more careful. They acted at the same time and saved Lily.

The hall was a mess. The ground was full of ditches resulting from the fire. The tables and chairs had all been burned.

"Gao Yue, your son went too far!" Third Uncle said in a fury.

Jiang Chen laughed at them and said, "She's been speaking rudely since I came in. Every word she said hurt my ears. And you didn't even try to stop her. Is that fair?"



Gao Yue wanted to stop this farce. She said, "Third Uncle, your men crossed the line first. My son isn't the one to blame."

Lily didn't buy it. She stared at Gao Yue in anger. It seemed she was going to curse Gao Yue, but the senior next to her stopped her.

She looked at Jiang Chen bitterly and told him it wasn't over yet.

Jiang Chen didn't give a damn. He said, "Why are you here? Get straight to the point."

The three seniors glanced at each other. Third Uncle came forward and said, "Gao Yue, your father is very sick. He doesn't have much time left. He wants to see you."

Jiang Chen was surprised that this wasn't about the detoxification.

Then he recalled that Gao Tian'ai had told him the lord of the Gaos was looking for doctors to save his life. He assumed that in the end, the lord hadn't found any.

"How did he get sick? With his father's state and position, how could that happen?"

Jiang Chen could ignore his so-called grandpa, but Gao Yue couldn't.

Because he had never met his grandpa, but Gao Yue always felt like she owed the Gaos and her father. That was why she had lost her manners as soon as she heard the news.

"You'll get more details when you see him. If it weren't so urgent, we wouldn't have come here in person. Come back with us. It's a special occasion. The restriction banning you from the Dragon Field doesn't count," said Third Uncle.

"Okay, I'll go with you."

Gao Yue had no reason to refuse them. Jiang Chen couldn't stop his mother from seeing her father one last time, either, but the whole thing didn't seem right to him. He rolled his eyes and suddenly said, "It seems you already know that the poison in my mother's system was detoxified, don't you?"

The question came so suddenly that even Gao Yue, still in a daze, looked up at him, puzzled.

The three seniors' reactions answered his question, although they hadn't said a word.

"Let me ask you one more thing. If my mother's poison hadn't been detoxified, would you have come here, even if grandpa was dying? Is it necessary to come with so many people to pass on a simple message? Are you planning on forcing her to go if she rejects you?"

If the previous question had surprised the Gaos, the last question made them pale.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》